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Peace. Goodness. Purity. A fresh start. Tonight at midnight, another Christmas. And soon to follow, 2009. Merry merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and joy & happiness a plenty to you all, now and in the coming year. xoxo


hats off to you

take 2





Outfit 1:

Hair: Shop Seu

Skin: MMS

Dress: {Zaara}


Outfit 2:

Hair: Shop Seu

Hat: Curio Obscura (freebie)

Skin: MMS

Dress: The Black Canary

Shoes: Tesla

Monocle: Sanu


Outfit 3:

Hair: Shop Seu

Skin: MMS

Dress: Ghost

Monocule: Sanu

Shoes: DeLa


Bunneah Love

December 20, 2008



Hehehe…I normally don’t post ready made outfits since I showcase my own, and for that, I think my crush on Katat0nik’s work has gone ‘secret’ until now. Her dresses fulfill the little girl in me as well as the artist: impeccable, eternally cute, completely original work. I’ve yet to meet a girl who hasn’t fallen in love with the colorful, dolly dresses and for good reason. A friend inspired me to post about the new Bunny Dress, when I ran into her in the store, humming and hawing about which shoes/hair/stockings to wear with the new set. There are ways to add your own original touch to big statement pieces like this, ways to make the look cuter, more feminine, or quirkier. I myself love statement pieces and am drawn to lush colors, eye pleasing patterns and odd, original wears. There are a million and one ways to wear this dress, you can even ditch the blouse altogether and add a new one. Other gloves, or nail polish and prim nails instead. Maybe a hat or headdress. And those Lazy Places boots we all love so much. So, if there is a piece of advice I can give you, it’d be to brave it out and go for the statements sometimes. I’ll always keep a (large) stash of versatile basics in my wardrobe, but in there too are feather boas, bright prints, sequins (yup.) and many Katat0nik dresses. Nothing can replace a good statement! Viva!!








Hair: “Gyanburu” in Black by  !Mingo!  (Cutie Land hunt gift!) 

Skin: “Heidi” in 02 Sugar Eyeliner by Den Dou (Black Swan Winter Event Item)

Dress, Blouse, Gloves: “Snow Bunny” in Blue by Katat0nik

Tights: “Flower Tights” by Cube Sugar (freebie!)

Shoes: “Tuli Pumps” in Steel by Shiny Things

Ring: “Pink Rose Ring” by (Elate!) (subscribo gift and gorgeous!)

Whiskers: “*White Kitty Whiskers” by Curious Kitties (Part of a set)

Bunny: “Sleepy Rabbit” in White/Large by HPMD

Eyes: “Shallow Water” in Medium by Poetic Color (some of the prettiest eyes in SL, check out the store for a pair of gorgeous, free Christmas eyes! Which, personally, I will wear year round!)

Poses: {Bingo} (thank you Katx!! <33) & Vista Animations

Odd Little School Girl

December 15, 2008

 too much buttered rum...


I love this outfit. What with my new favorite skin by MiaSnow (Jasmine!!!), the cool GriBon skirt (it has 3 built-in belt color options) and the Lazy Places Holiday boots (‘nough said!), I am one happy girl. Sometimes my outfits have no rhyme or reason, I just throw on what I like until it feels right, and this was certainly that type of outfit. In the end, I have this sort of odd looking school girl look. Funny how people fall in love with certain things, as this may not be my most favorite’d outfit by some, it’s one I wore for a day and a half RL time, which says a lot about how much I like it. hehehe. Hope you enjoy! xoxo


oral fixation

my day

had to document this



Skin: “Jasmine Evening Out” in #5 by MiaSnow

Hair: “yuka chignon”  in brown by BP* (aka. a total and complete favorite, if you hadn’t noticed!)

Earrings: “Fauna Earrings” in #3 by Sanu* (new set coming soon! ps. there is a hunt going on @ the store!)

Shirt: “Glam Tank” in Gray by MichaMi

Sweater: “Knit Cardigan” in Gray by BP*

Necklace: “love necklace” by Kookie

Neck Pouch: “Neck Porch” by Plod (former group gift, it drops acorns if you like it to!)

Leggings:”sep2008 wool tights” in ARGYLE/ black 0 by BP*

Boots: “Myth Boots Satyr Holiday Edition” by Lazy Places (I prefer the split, Goat hoof!)

Shoulder Pet: “Reindeer Chihuahua” by Pink Fuel (POE hunt gift!)

Candy Cane: “Holiday Candy Cane” by Lazy Places (mine came with my LP Holiday boots, but you can also get one- along with 3 other ‘mouth accessories’- at the Axis Mundi Christmas tree!)

Nails: “red golden stars” by ** Skin e Liciouz (I love this style! It’s cute, fun, french-mani style prettiness)

Ring: “everbloom” by paper.couture (the ubiquitous favorite)

Eyes: “Octane Golden Sun” by Tokeo Plastik (Christmas Gift = freebie @ store! And gorgeous!)

Roughing It

December 12, 2008

pile it on!

@ home


I love glamour and style. I also love the outdoors and nature. This is a fun, fantastic outfit with a little bit of rough edging. I wouldn’t have it any other way! ;))

My Irish Cottage made a good backdrop for the shoot. It’s always fun (in my opinion, the *best*) to shoot at home. It’s just such a warm, comfortable way to get things done. ;p

The skin is from the fabulous [/ NoLabel /] store, which I adore. Everything in the store is amazing and you won’t be disappointed.  The skin is a new favorite for sure, as are the Poetic Colors eyes. A-mazing and unequaled in SL. The bag is from the new Cachet line everyone’s talking about, and with good reason. It really is that good! The rest is a compilation of favorites. You can never go wrong, so long as you love what you wear! xo


hello hi/low

Oh my...I must sit down...

large purses

'ello yellow buttons


Hair: “natural_layer” by docomo (hunt gift)

Skin: “Gen_1 Rose”  in Royal by [/ NoLabel /]

Eyes: “Grey Sea” by Poetic Colors

Shirt #1: “Dr. Duane, Country Vet Plaid” by *Thimbles* 

Shirt #2: “turtle sweater” in Red by *KUROTSUBAKI*

Jacket: “PeeeCOAT/women/Secret” in Gold by GriBon (Limited Edition)

Scarf: “Muffin Top Dress Red Scarf” by -Veschi- (part of outfit)

Gloves: “Wool Gloves” in Red/Omake by *+creo+* (free!)

Bracelet: “Pyramid Bracelet” in Black / Wine  by ::69:: 

Shorts: “Bloomers” in Red by ~Scribble~ 

Belt: “Stattsbelt” by .’.GC.’. (GriBon)

Leggings: “sep2008 wool tights” in red-black polka dot by BP*

Boots: “Leather Boots” in Black by [BUKKA]

Bag: “SAGGY BAG” in antilope fur/orange by Cachet

Ring: “Snowdrop Ring” by *Sanu

Oh Coco

December 11, 2008


lush luxe luff


A little post I threw together…I should title it, “What I wore today…” since this outfit wasn’t put together especially for the blog. I think there’s a certain fascination surrounding the ‘normal goings on’ of people. I always love when I get a peek into someone’s ‘normal daily life’ or their handbag. I suppose this is dipping my toe into that idea pool. I do wear my blogged outfits, so you know, just a lot is worn off the blog. Mostly it has to do with time, blogging takes a lot of time. Ask any blogger how much time the spend on a post, and the results will surprise you. Why do we do it? Out of our love for it, our readers, the pleasure of helping out. Some like the attention too, but I’ll tell you the truth, I can walk around safely without getting noticed for the most part. My motivation is love love love. xo



coochie coochie

what you don't see...

Take the plunge!


Hair: “glamour_long” by docomo (color change..hunt gift)

Skin: “Double-Shot” in Peaches 07 by * LF CHAI 

Eyes: “Fog Blue Eyes” by -KM- (totally dreamy color, a favorite of mine :)

Jacket: “FurCoat” in leopard by *~PureStyle~*

Shirt: “Carmela Bustier Top” in Nude by MichaMi (part of outfit)

Nails: “french-white*pink” by =Love Magic= (now defunct)

Pants: “Field Jeans” in Black/Gold by Digit Darkes

Belt: “Chain_Belt” by *::UM::* 

Boots: “Nomad Boot” in tobacco by >TRUTH< 

Ring: “everbloom” by paper.couture

Nose ring: “Harvest Nose-stud Thanksgiving bronze (with glow)” by *Sanu (future release!)

Sunglasses: “Lifestyle Aviators” in White Gold by [Armidi Gisaci] 

Bag: “2009_croccodile” in silver by Baiastice


December 9, 2008


Dreamland | Two


A sleepy time outfit. ;)) I did a series of photos on my flickr and received a few requests for what I’m wearing, which inspired me to make a lil post about it. Short and sweet and to the point: this look will keep you warm and cute without sacrificing any cheeky humor in the process. Cheers! xo



Dreamland | Three

Sleepy Tyme


Dreamland | One

peeping tom squared


Skin: ‘Willow’ by Rockberry (D-list hunt)

Hair: ‘Autumn loose braid’ in Brown by BP*

Pajamas: ‘Sassy Trapdoor PJ’s’ in Pink by Skin Flicks

Underwear: ‘StripeInnerSet’ in Purple by *Edelweiss*

Earmuffs: ‘Bunny Earmuffs’ by Chapeau tres Mignon

Necklace: ‘Bunny Necklace’ by [Pink Fuel] (Color change!)

Nails: ‘french-white*pink’ by =Love Magic= (now defunct)

Slippers: ‘Bunneh Slippers’ by Sanu (Color change!)

Bunny: ‘Sleepy Rabbit’ in White L by HPMD

 Krispie Kringle | One

The prettiest, pouffiest, most festive gown ever! I love!


I’ve been stumbling across so many delicious holiday inspired outfits, I was compelled to round them up into a post to share with y’all. :D This may or may not be Volume One, depending on RL time on SL and whether or not I hit my holiday overload capacity sooner or later. Enjoy!! xo


Krispie Kringle | Two

Krispie Kringle | Three

Sweetly naughty little elf. I stole the cookies. Mmmm…


Krispie Kringle | Four

Candy cane waltz


Krispie Kringle | Five

Edelweiss’ 5 Holiday looks!


Krispie Kringle | Six



Krispie Kringle | Seven



Krispie Kringle | Eight



Krispie Kringle | Nine



Krispie Kringle | Ten

For those planning on dressing down for the holidays, I ask you, why not make it festive as well? 


 Krispie Kringle | Eleven

Either way you do it ladies, you have two styles to choose from. :))


Krispie Kringle | Twelve

In my humble opinion, one cannot have enough naughty Santa outfits…


Krispie Kringle | Thirteen

or Santa’s Little Helper outfits, either. :))




Look One

Hair:  “amikomi chignon hair” in dark brown by BP*

Skin: “Vivian” in smokey2/pale by *REDGRAVE* 

Earrings: “Love & hugs Earring” by (Adorned)

Dress & Leggings:  “Befana: by ::: B@R :::

Boots: “Mandy Ankle Boots” in Cream by Skin Flicks

Shrug: “Sculpted Stole” in Black Velvet by Adam n Eve 

Nails: “Red Gift Nails” by ..::MAI::.. (freebie)


Look Two & Three

Hair:  “ChristmasHair!” in Licoriceeeees by Skullfuct @ Black Maria

Skin: “Pale skin in Bombshell” by MiA

Hat: “Mini Tophat” in Green by ~Scribble~

Necklace: “Alphabet Pendant ‘A'” by Ume Mode

Horns (Large): “Raindraa Horns” by : ::: B@R :::  (part of outfit)

Horns (Small): “Candy Cane Horns” by MIASNOW (in store freebie!)

Outfit: “Christmas Elf!” by Church of Luxe (Subscribo Freebie!)

Shoes: “coron” in shiny gloss red by (LUCE) 

Cookie: “Cookie” in Christmas by [Whimsy] (dollarbie!)


Look Four

Hair: “Una” in Blonde by Bewitched

Skin: (same as look #2)

Dress & Gloves: “Candy Cane Gown”  by MP Haute Style (Group Gift!)

Shrug: “Sculpted Stole” in Red Velvet by Adam n Eve 


Look Five

Hair: “Curly Bob” in Blonde by *REDGRAVE*

Skin: “Gen 1 Rose” in Royal by [/ NoLabel /]

Dress, Socks & Boots: “Claris” by *Edelweiss* 

Snowflake & Pose: “Christmas” by NeILOW (In Store Freebie!)

Headdress: “feather headband” in white by un jour


Look Six

Hair: “Curly Bob” in Light Brown by *REDGRAVE*

Skin: “Gen 1 Rose” in Royal by [/ NoLabel /]

Hat, Dress, Socks & Boots: “Merry” by *Edelweiss* 

Snowflake & Pose: “Christmas” by NeILOW (In Store Freebie!)


Look Seven

Hair: “Curly Bob” in Light Brown by *REDGRAVE*

Skin: “Gen 1 Rose” in Royal by [/ NoLabel /]

Hat, Dress, Socks & Boots: “Holly” by *Edelweiss* 

Snowflake & Pose: “Christmas” by NeILOW (In Store Freebie!)

Look Eight

Hair: “Juliana 1” in Golden Blonde by [Aden]

Skin: “Willow” in Light A by RockBerry

Hat, Dress, Socks & Boots: “Comet” by *Edelweiss*

Rabbit: “Sleep Rabbit” in Large White by HPMD

Look Nine

Hair: “Sausage Curls” by Curio Obscura 

Skin: “Willow” in Light A by RockBerry

Headband, Dress, Cape, Boots: “Stella” by *Edelweiss* 

Rabbit: “Sleep Rabbit” in Medium Brown by HPMD

Tree: “Christmas Tree” by ~ Scribble ~


Look Ten & Eleven

Skin: “Willow” in Light A by RockBerry

Hair: “Orie” in Smoked Walnut by Zero Style

Outfit (White Stripes): “Holiday Wrap” by :::B@R:::

Outfit (Red): “Present for you” in Red by LITTLE HEAVEN

Headdress: “Flower Garden Headdress” in Red by !!Wild O


Look Twelve

Hair: “L” in Choco by Eat Rice!

Skin: “Willow” in Light A by RockBerry

Complete Outfit:  [Ruffian by FP] Sexy Santa Outfit – Boots – Bangles


Look Thirteen

Hair: “Quiet Seduction” in Noir by Sky Everett Designs

Skin: “Vivian Tan” in Deep Brown by *REDGRAVE*

Complete Outfit: “Santa’s Naughty Helper” by House of Nyla (Gift!)