Ballet Rock Scene

October 27, 2008

10.27.08 | Ballet Rock Scene

A little bit rock, with some ballet inspiration. The pink ruched top and leggings add a bit femininity to an otherwise tough outfit. The boots are a bit ballet inspired as well, their tops lending an almost legwarmer look to the leg.- now everyone is talking about these boots, and the coolest thing about them is you’re able to wear them 1001 ways. Tougher, as I’ve done, posh, ultra-modern, girly- you’re limited only by your imagination.

I’m really enjoying the skins from Skin e liciouz as of late. Famous for their black eye skin (which I adore), I finally took the plunge with notice of their 30% off sale. I love the lips of the Mila skin. Plump, matte and youthful. The makeup is the perfect balance of softness to contrast the tougher look of the jacket. The hair is a group gift for Seven Ultra Lounge’s VIPs. I also posted about it over at free*style. I love it that much! It’s from George Street, who I’ve known about for a while. They’re right by La Syphilide, and I’d stopped by before. They’re a real small shop as of now, only 4 hair styles in total. But all are lovely, unique and extremely well made. You’ll be seeing more styles on here soon- my wish is to see more make their way onto the seen asap.

Also wanted to mention the bangle-cum-armband, it’s from one of my favorite places to get plain, well made nails- Serenity Day Spa. I have a thing about having my nails done, and as you’d imagine I have been many places for nails. Something about Serenity keeps me coming back. For one, I love the design of the shop- instant calm on arrival. It really is a spa! You can go and get a massage, which I think is a cute touch. The building is gorgeous, full of bright light and warm woods. And the selection of products is quite nice. I saw the bangles and the price was right- L$50- so I scooped up all my favorite colors. I was happy when I noticed I could slip them up my arm- perfect fit! My petite shape means bangles look best when worn above my wrist. They are simple enough to wear all the time, yet their spiral shape adds a bit of interest, which is why I turn to them time and time again.


10.27.08 | Ballet Rock Scene

10.27.08 | Ballet Rock Scene

10.27.08 | Ballet Rock Scene


Hair: ‘Obstacle 2’ in Raven by George Street

Skin: ‘Mila natural light 2’ by Skin e liciouz

Jacket: ‘Lady Minx’ Jacket in black by Mimikri

Shirt: ‘Dalini’ in Apricot by Decoy

Leggings: ‘Roma leggings’ in black by Mimikri

Belt: ‘Au Di Leather belt’ in gold by [Armidi Gisaci]

Boots: ‘Soho Boots’ in Black Suede by Maitreya

Glasses: ‘Lifestyle Aviators’ in White Gold by [Armidi Gisaci]

Bracelet: ‘Rose Quartz Bracelet’ by Serenity Day Spa

Gloves: ‘V Gloves’ in black by Vett’s Boutique

Bag: ‘Focsani’ bag in gold by [Armidi Gisaci]


Circus Dolly

October 23, 2008

soft chilly mood

I love this outfit. I feel pretty and soft, wild and edgy, girly, untamed and somewhat strange. The contrast is what I live for. You could very easily take this dress and create a proper, pinned-back, girlish dolly, with a big bow tied up in her curly Qs. I myself would rather take it to a different place.

Nonko makes some of my favorite Kimonos and Lolita dresses in SL. Their lush colors, unique patterns, cute ruffles and feminine touches…they had me the moment I set my eyes upon them. I’ve switched out the shoes to something more extreme- I have to say, I really adore super high, ball-of-the-foot-aching, ballet heels. There’s something so pretty and so wacky about them, and I’m always looking for more. The hair has got to be one of my all-time favorites, ever. It’s huge and wild and beautiful. Nonko herself had it commissioned for her Egoist kimono. Now that is two egoist hairs that are in my wardrobe (the other being from 69), though I assure you, it is merely a coincidence. xo

Circus Act

from the back




Hair: Egoist by LALA Moon
Skin: Williow in Light by Rockberry
Dress: Cirque by Nonko
Heels: Ballet heels in Black by *GiGi*
Hat: Tiny Top Hat by Elate! (freebie)
Hair Ornament: From Kiss set by Nonko

The real girl

October 20, 2008

tha real girl

I made this outfit a few days ago and have been wearing it since then- a record for me. So comfy and cozy it is, this is what I wear out to Sunday brekkie in RL. Comfortable doesn’t have to lack in sexy/cute/prettiness. All it takes is a little creativity and some great pieces.



Hair: Jade in Golden Blond by Maitreya 

Skin: Lyla Tan from Redgrave

Hoody: Hooded Parker in Burnt Umber from Ce Cubic Effect

Tank: Minden in 8 from Beauty Avatar

Leggings: Tartan in Red from Kookie

Boots: Muggys in Brown from Kookie

Necklace: SW Necklace in Gunmetal from [ICoN]

Bracelets: Pyramid Bracelets in Black/Wine from ::69::

Ring: Pink Opal Ring made by Masquerade Ball (IM for info as shop as dropped off the grid)

Nails: French Manicure in pink/white from Love*Magic Nails

ps. Don’t have time for slurls today, but I’ll try to do them when I can. ;) <3

Smooth edges

October 14, 2008

10.14.08 | Three


I’ve had this outfit in my mind for a bit. I got this jacket ages ago, as far as SL time goes, and have been wanted to wear it forever. I was smitten at first glance, but somehow if I like something *a lot* I sometimes hide it away for a while. Psych Anal/ysts, go at it. My SL closet mirrors RL in that I have a bunch of gorgeous things I haven’t been able to pull out and wear because of time/weather/laziness/lack of coordinating shoes…

Of course any stylish girl has her favorites and any that say differently are full of it. That is part of it too, for sure. I’m stuck on this hair right now and loving it, completely a smitten kitten. (another packed away treasure, from hair fair no less…don’t laugh!) I was in such a dark and bloody phase a few weeks ago, now that all the Halloween stuff is here, blond feels right. haha. Clean, pulled back, sleek (but not too sleek, must leave room for a few fly aways), fabulous blond. Fashion is as much a reaction to the current condition/events as it is a personal expression. I wouldn’t say I’m a rebel, but I do get bored. 


10.14.08 | Five


With this outfit I wanted some edge, but without being masculine in any way. Been there, done that last month and it’ll come around again, just not now. Today I was craving a little sass, touches of color, texture…


10.14.08 | Six


I am a stickler for matching metals, I guess I’ll never own a trinity gold ring! ;P Well, it all depends on it’s style and the mood I’m in but..*ahem* oh yes… I modded my boots and belt to match my earrings. I am in a gold/warm metals mood for fall. These earrings are from my new favorite jewelry shop, *UnTone* (see below post as well). For me, good places/things seem to hide themselves in front of my face until the time is right. How I missed this place, right next to *MilcaHolic*, is anyones guess. ?!? Since I’ve been to the awesome *MH* 1,000 times. A funny thing it is. But all is fine, I have my earrings, they are gorgeous and I am happy.


10.14.08 | Four


Speaking of *UnTone* there are some gorgeous head pieces that I am eyeing. Ohhh…I have the perfect dress. I must gush, it’s not spoiling anything if it’s good right? They have some mismatched pairs of earrings too, I love the whole idea of ‘twins’ as Camper shoes has so perfectly presented it. Similar, matching, but individuals in their own right- they are lovely.


10.14.08 | Two


Oh oh oh, be proud of me, this is my first time wearing prim lashes. You’re surprised? Well, I didn’t like how they are static because it looks strange when one blinks. Snow Rabbit does have a special lash/face light/toaster HUD that removes that problem, but SL’s new upgrade created a bug so it’s off the market for a revamp. *le sigh* All that aside, my new skin needed some serious lashes to make up for the lack of liner/smokeyness. I must say the effect is gorgeous! I know, I know…prim lashes rock…big secret…not. But let a girl have her fun! They’re so pretty I’ll even excuse the looong arse time it took to adujst them (much too long) and the whole blinking issue. 

I’m in a chatty mood because I’ve missed y’all <3<3 Glad to be back, mah lil pumpkins. xo


‘La pequena chaqueta’ jacket in yellow by LeeZu Baxter Designs

‘Minden’ camisole #11 by Beauty Avatar

‘classic jeans’ in moss by Zaara

‘Azaghal female teeth belt’ by Husky GFX (modded a lil)

‘Tsubaki earrings’ in gold by *UnTone*

‘bloom boots’ in violet by Maitreya (modded a lil)

‘moscow skin’ in light/4b by Minnu Model Skins (MMS)

‘ribbon hair’ in gold blond by MMS (modded a bit)


=(^_^)= Just a quick hi and a quick post. I have not forgotten about my lil cozy blog! RL has been busy and I’ve been settling into F*S. I gots more to come, lots is cookin’, but until then, here’s an outfit made of some of my favorite things as of now. 

I’ve seen this Fishy Strawberry mini-hoody around a lot, but that isn’t going to stop me from wearing mine. It’s so darn cute! My jeans are from Embellished and they are sexy/kyoot, flattering, nice pockets and dirt cheap! I love them so much I’m going back for more colors after I finish posting this.

I love my Kookie muggys! I like wearing heels because I’m short, but I think I’m a flats convert now. And I have to tell you about my earrings, they are from an amazing jewelry shop, *UnTone*. I seriously, seriously want to own everything in there and had soo much trouble deciding until I saw these earrings. Love at first sight, I scooped them up along with the matching necklace. A little bit ethnic, refined and gorgeous. The details & construction are perfect in my book. Check them out, but only if you can spend because you will!

The tube top is a today-only freebie @ Boom, see my Free*Style post for more details.

More updates to come soon! Luv ya. <3<3


‘mini hood’ in pink by Fishy Strawberry

‘Jenny tube top’ by Boom

‘Emme dark blues’ jeans by Embellished 

‘muggys’ in brown by Kookie

‘BH Turquoise’ earrings by *UnTone* 

‘ribbon hair’ in gold blonde by Minnu Model Skins (MMS)

‘lyla’ skin in smokey 3 by Redgrave

Kookie 50% off Sale :))

October 9, 2008

Kookie Shoes

Kookie Lemon is one of my favorite SL shoe designers, and she’s also a great friend. I think she fell and hit her head because she’s marked all her shoes down to 50%! These shoes are GORGEOUS and the price is right for what you get. I don’t know how long the sale will last, so if I were you I’d book it down to her store asap and shop shop shop! <3 TP to Kookie.

In other news, I am now a writer for Free*Style!! woot woot. I am so excited about this, Creamy and her crew do an excellent job of bring all the best affordable SL fashion to our fingertips and I’m really looking forward to adding my spice to the pot. 

Check out my first post here. I’ve found some beautiful Halloween skins and a purdy dress, all free of course! ;))

Gypsy Queen

October 8, 2008

Bohemian Dream


Say the word Bohemian and I get warm tingles up and down my spine. There’s something very magical about the lifestyle, and the fashion that is associated with it. Beautiful fabric prints, lots of flowers, old leather, and a multitude of boots. Sounds a lot like my style actually!

I’ve yet to find many SL stores that make Bohemian clothing, let alone do it well. There are many shops that sell fairy silks, wench outfits, and I’ve seen a few typical gypsy outfits in stores. Though some of these items are close to what I’ve been looking for, none of it is truly authentic. (Even the gypsy outfit, everyone knows real gypsies don’t dress like that!) Most of this clothing is made for the fantasy sims and/or Halloween/costume parties. So I get very excited when I see clothing I can pair with my jeans/boots/coats and wear out in everyday SL living.


The Graduation


The store I think of when I think Bohemian SL is Stitch by Stitch. The owner and artist behind the store, Sevenstar Amat, comes from true gypsy roots and her work is inspired by that of her childhood and the handmade crafts and sewing of her Grandmother. Her clothing is infused with feminine details, beauty and romanticism. I am completely smitten.

Imagine my delight when she kindly provided me with my favorites from her stores, so that I may present them to you. These clothes are so pretty and so fun. And as I always say, fashion should be fun! S by S’s clothing encompasses this idea perfectly.


Roses on her feet


These shoes are a freebie (!!) at Sevenstar’s Tengchong Juicy sim store. (Sorry for the mix up everyone ;)) I suggest you TP there asap and scoop them up, lest you miss them completely. They are gorgeous.


Romance for Autumn


I wouldn’t have considered myself a hat girl until I saw S by S’s Rose beret. It’s a beret covered in roses. (!!)


So I can knit at the drop of a pin


The dressmaker’s hat comes in two colors and it’s details are unbelievable! Knitting needles, bits of ribbons and a thimble poke out of the top and shimmy around when you move. :))


Where the seamstress keeps her pins


I saved my new love for last. It’s hard to choose favorites amongst this grouping, because all of it is so lovely. Though if I had to, I have to say there’s something about this print that makes me completely head over heels. I love the jewel tones, the simple, well-done craft work, the billowy skirt and especially this gorgeous folk style fabric. I would gladly wear this dress while lounging on a pillow swathed in the same fabric, while holding an umbrella made of the same fabric and reading a book covered in this print. I love it that much.


Folk Lore


Do stop by one of Stitch by Stitch’s locations and scoop up some Bohemian Gypsy Loveliness as soon as you can. Clothes like these put an instant smile on a girls face, and you can’t help but skip down the street while whistling to yourself.



*Picture 1

‘violet night’ dress from Stitch by Stitch @
‘real toe ankle belt sandals’ in black from J’s @ (207, 232, 22)
‘diana’ hair in black from Atomic Kitty @ (105, 92, 33)

*Picture 2

‘graduation skirt’ from Stitch by Stitch @
‘Di tube top’ in Dark Red from [Pink] Outfitters @ (80, 37, 43)
‘Foux Fur Fox Stole’ from Chapeau tres Mignon @ (183, 193, 21)
‘pompadour hair’ in purple brown from Shop Seu @ (190, 89, 27)
‘bollywood earrings’ in Silver/Ruby from Yak & Yeti’s @ (69, 192, 58) [freebie!]
‘Viniani’ heels from Armidi @ (137, 127, 25)
‘red golden stars’ nails from Skin e Liciouz @ (137, 18, 24)

*Picture 3

‘special editon shoebox roses’ shoes from Stitch by Stitch @ (38, 76, 21) (165, 124, 24) [available as a freebie at the Tengchong Juicy Sim store]

*Picture 4

‘Rose Beret’ from Stitch by Stitch @ (134, 170, 36)
‘bird shirt’ part of extra white birdy wings set from Yip’s @ (157, 201, 28) [worn throughout]
‘Momento Locket’ from Yummy @ (94, 162, 17) [worn throughout]
‘Okappa’ hair from BP* @ (204, 88, 25) [worn throughout]

*Picture 5

‘dressmaker’s hat’ in anthrazit from Stitch by Stitch @ (134, 170, 36)

*Picture 6

‘dressmaker’s hat’ in rosewood from Stitch by Stitch @ (134, 170, 36)

*Picture 7

‘only you’ dress from Stitch by Stitch @
‘real toe tassele wedge sandals’ from J’s @ (207, 232, 22)
‘amikomi chignon’ hair from BP* @ (204, 88, 25)

[worn throughout]
‘Lyla’ skin from Redgrave @ (214, 206, 22) [My favorite ever since Faiye <3 took me there, this skin looks amazing on every face shape. Seriously.]
‘Chestnut eyes’ from E’s @ (97, 225, 70) [Not ‘real’ looking but beautiful, soft, clear and great for photos- or anytime really. If you go to this shop, you automatically are giving a blue pair of these eyes! go go go ;))]