playing hooky.

January 21, 2010

details below…

.Outfit Details.
Limited Edition Hair [modded]: Lamb (Lamb Bellic), Previous Stumblebum Brigade Skin: Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg), Earrings: Muism (Icemocolo Voom), Glasses + Necklace: Shade Throne (Undo Hermano), Blazer: COCO (cocoro Lemon), Shirt: LeeZu! (LeeZu Baxter), Bra: Emery (sunami Beck), Leather Pants: Aurora Shop (FUGEES Teardrop), Socks: Glow Studio (Linka Demina), Group Gift Shoes: Surf Co. (Emma Gilmour), Gloves: YV (Yvette Vultee), Poses by (Jumah Monday)

6 Responses to “playing hooky.”

  1. Love it so, so much. I am going to get those lace stockings right now i heart lace.


  2. Thema Felix Says:

    You look fabulous!

  3. Really nice ^^
    I love the accesories

  4. Esme Milena Says:

    this is so cutes<3

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