Hi, it’s Abra! I haven’t been here in AGES, however I wanted to check in with you! I’m now blogging at “Lately Great” – follow me here to check out all my new looks! XO, Abra



May 1, 2010

New post! Over @ http://aexo.tumblr.com/


April 28, 2010

Hi! I’ve posted a new post over at my new site: http://aexo.tumblr.com/

Follow me over there! :D <3, Abra

New Beginnings. =D

April 18, 2010

Hey All. I have started posting again.

I lost the drive for a while and thought I was just tired of blogging. Turns out, I was just bored of wordpress and it’s limitations. For now, tumblr will do, and you can find me there. Archives will stay up here, no worries there. Cheers and xo’s to you. xo, Abra


Hi y’all. I’m back from the dust. Feb/March are super busy for me, thus the dead stop in updating. RL first, yo. I still love you though, very much, & I still love to blog. (Addiction? Nah. Art, bitches.) Thrown together a little number 4U. Old, new, simple, obtuse. I like it all, and I’ve piled it on here.

Uhm, I’m going to be gone for another 2 weeks starting on Friday. If I can make updates from the road, I will. But bet your bottom dollar, they’ll be on my flickr stream, so check there first. This blog will spring to life again with the coming season, I’m a bulb waiting to bloom, people. Love yaaaa, Abra

ps. Being ‘gone’ has been really inspring! I encourage all of you to ‘get out’ for a bit & ‘get lost’ in the world around you.

pps. Aside from the confusion it gives me, I am digging the new SL2.0 features. Now Emerald people, get on that viewer like hot shit. Gotta make a baby for us, Emerald 2.0. Pronto, pronto!

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double double.

February 10, 2010

I’m back. Illness & computer problems aside, the small break was kind of nice. I do this because I love it, and coming back, I’ve had the chance to reflect on that sentiment and it’s true. That’s why I’m still doing what I do. :)

I have a lot to catch up on, including a few reviews. I wanna sing to the heavens about Dutch Touch‘s Sjors skin. Iki Ikarus is a skin master and wow, wow, has she come a long way since her first skin. Sjors is gorgeous and boasts my favorite lips and freckles in SL. If you haven’t slipped it onto your bones yet, please do so. Now. Love, Abra

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playing hooky.

January 21, 2010

details below…
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