Roughing It

December 12, 2008

pile it on!

@ home


I love glamour and style. I also love the outdoors and nature. This is a fun, fantastic outfit with a little bit of rough edging. I wouldn’t have it any other way! ;))

My Irish Cottage made a good backdrop for the shoot. It’s always fun (in my opinion, the *best*) to shoot at home. It’s just such a warm, comfortable way to get things done. ;p

The skin is from the fabulous [/ NoLabel /] store, which I adore. Everything in the store is amazing and you won’t be disappointed.  The skin is a new favorite for sure, as are the Poetic Colors eyes. A-mazing and unequaled in SL. The bag is from the new Cachet line everyone’s talking about, and with good reason. It really is that good! The rest is a compilation of favorites. You can never go wrong, so long as you love what you wear! xo


hello hi/low

Oh my...I must sit down...

large purses

'ello yellow buttons


Hair: “natural_layer” by docomo (hunt gift)

Skin: “Gen_1 Rose”  in Royal by [/ NoLabel /]

Eyes: “Grey Sea” by Poetic Colors

Shirt #1: “Dr. Duane, Country Vet Plaid” by *Thimbles* 

Shirt #2: “turtle sweater” in Red by *KUROTSUBAKI*

Jacket: “PeeeCOAT/women/Secret” in Gold by GriBon (Limited Edition)

Scarf: “Muffin Top Dress Red Scarf” by -Veschi- (part of outfit)

Gloves: “Wool Gloves” in Red/Omake by *+creo+* (free!)

Bracelet: “Pyramid Bracelet” in Black / Wine  by ::69:: 

Shorts: “Bloomers” in Red by ~Scribble~ 

Belt: “Stattsbelt” by .’.GC.’. (GriBon)

Leggings: “sep2008 wool tights” in red-black polka dot by BP*

Boots: “Leather Boots” in Black by [BUKKA]

Bag: “SAGGY BAG” in antilope fur/orange by Cachet

Ring: “Snowdrop Ring” by *Sanu

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