Grey Matter

December 4, 2008

 Grey Matter | Five


One of my favorite things about the blog is being able to tell you about cool new places I’ve stumbled upon. This is the case with ~ Scribble ~. I was in Harajukubox looking for furniture, when I stumbled upon Radio Signals’ super cute little shop. It’s one of those places that make me really excited. There is clear vision, interesting items and everything is done custom and really, really well. After a little shopping I discovered she has a whole sim (!!) dedicated to her vision. It just opened a week ago and is already looking fantastic The whole place is dark, but warm, lots of black and white with bits of color here and there, from her products mostly, with little surprises thrown in. My kind of place!! I had the pleasure of meeting Radio who I instantly adored. She even played some Björk for me while I shopped. (Some people just know how to rub me the right way. ;)

I immediately bought the tiny top hat. (I have this whole mini-collection going, they really do go with everything..) And the laid back hat w/hair. She also has amazing lights, like lamps which plug into and out of the wall with a click, a cute christmas tree with color change festivities, and a dock complete with lighting. If I ever get hitched in SL, it’s going to be on that dock. haha. There’s more to come, including clothing!! Until then, scoop up the yoyo, the slip on shoes, the bloomers, the long socks…I know I have. Explore, take pictures, stop into the cafe and write on the chalk board. (btw, I’ve never seen a chalkboard like this in SL before.) While you’re at it, go upstairs into the next building and check out the amazing Neko ears and tails made by Radio’s friend Philo, they are so cute and really well made and come with cool accessories like piercings. Meow. ~ Scribble ~ is definitely one of my favorite new sims, and I am certain we will be hearing a lot more about Radio and her vision in the future. 

Inspired by the scenery, I decided to make a greyscale outfit to photograph on location. How could I pass up a shoot in this sim? It’s gorgeous. Hope you enjoy! xo


 Grey Matter | Seven

Grey Matter | Four

Grey Matter | Three

Grey Matter | Six

 Grey Matter | One



Hat/Hair: ‘Stitch Knit Black Cap (Pony)’ in Blonde by ~Scribble~

Headphones: ‘K-501 12 S’ by Five Minutes After

Skin: ‘Willow’ in Light by [RockBerry]

Jacket: (faux) ‘Fur Coat’ in Zebra by *~PureStyle~*

Shirt: ‘Asymmetric Pleat Top’ in Sliver by >Truth<

Pants: ‘Skinny Pants’ in Black by [/ NoLabel /]

Belt: ‘Dark Bella Morte Belt’ by Kyoot Army [KA] 

Socks: ‘Mokomoko Socks’ in charcoal by *UnTone Quilt*

Shoes: ‘Tuli’ pumps in Black by (Shiny Things)

Ring: ‘Skull Ring’ by BAKER’S

Nails: Black Nails by J’s (previous freebie)

Bag: ‘Gym Bag’ in Gray by Cachet

Yo-yo: ‘Cloud Pets Candy YoYo (Licorice)’ by ~Scribble~

Cookie: ‘Gingersnap’ by MiaSnow (holiday freebie + skins!)

5 Responses to “Grey Matter”

  1. Grady Echegaray Says:

    Great shoot and styling Abra!

  2. Agreed, I love the pictures, outfit, sim, and Abra!
    I am so looking forward to attending your wedding on the docks someday :D

  3. Lyric Dresler Says:

    Hi there, I really loved this look and bought the Asymetrical top from Truth. While the jacket layer is great, the shirt + panty “tucked” layer has an enormous gap. Does yours have this also? I sent Truth a notecard and picture and still no response :/

    • Abra Exonar Says:

      Hi, I noticed this too, however there are two “underwear” layers provided and I used the 2nd one and it covered higher and was perfect! See if there is another layer in your folder as well. :))

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