The best way to contact me

is to send me a notecard or IM in world.

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otherwise, you are welcome to email me at:

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If you haven’t heard back from me in a few days

please follow up through a notecard or IM.

Sometimes I’m flooded and messages are missed!

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~ about review copies ~

Better Imagined is a style book

showcasing my personal fashion looks, which are

sometimes inspired by a theme, and sometimes not.

I also feature items that I find really cool and interesting,

events that I am looking forward to participating in,

and occasionally I do reviews for products as well.

. . .

If you would like to provide me with a review sample,

please send it in world to me and

please, please let me know when you send it

or else I may not know for a while.

One thing to note,

is that I am sometimes unable to review

all that is sent to me.

. . .

I’m a one woman band.

What that means is I’ll try my hardest

to feature your product in a timely manner,

but RL comes first.

Thank you for understanding. <3

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Thank you! <3

xo, Abra

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ps. I only write about what I love,

so if you happen to see your creation featured on my site

just know that I adore your work.

If you’re not on here, please send me a lm.

I may not have discovered you,

for myself, just yet. :))

*You can also find me at:

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Pupe Girl

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*I also write for:


!Skin Love!

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