Oh Coco

December 11, 2008


lush luxe luff


A little post I threw together…I should title it, “What I wore today…” since this outfit wasn’t put together especially for the blog. I think there’s a certain fascination surrounding the ‘normal goings on’ of people. I always love when I get a peek into someone’s ‘normal daily life’ or their handbag. I suppose this is dipping my toe into that idea pool. I do wear my blogged outfits, so you know, just a lot is worn off the blog. Mostly it has to do with time, blogging takes a lot of time. Ask any blogger how much time the spend on a post, and the results will surprise you. Why do we do it? Out of our love for it, our readers, the pleasure of helping out. Some like the attention too, but I’ll tell you the truth, I can walk around safely without getting noticed for the most part. My motivation is love love love. xo



coochie coochie

what you don't see...

Take the plunge!


Hair: “glamour_long” by docomo (color change..hunt gift)

Skin: “Double-Shot” in Peaches 07 by * LF CHAI 

Eyes: “Fog Blue Eyes” by -KM- (totally dreamy color, a favorite of mine :)

Jacket: “FurCoat” in leopard by *~PureStyle~*

Shirt: “Carmela Bustier Top” in Nude by MichaMi (part of outfit)

Nails: “french-white*pink” by =Love Magic= (now defunct)

Pants: “Field Jeans” in Black/Gold by Digit Darkes

Belt: “Chain_Belt” by *::UM::* 

Boots: “Nomad Boot” in tobacco by >TRUTH< 

Ring: “everbloom” by paper.couture

Nose ring: “Harvest Nose-stud Thanksgiving bronze (with glow)” by *Sanu (future release!)

Sunglasses: “Lifestyle Aviators” in White Gold by [Armidi Gisaci] 

Bag: “2009_croccodile” in silver by Baiastice

2 Responses to “Oh Coco”

  1. Lauryn Arado Says:

    Abra love the belt and the shades! Cool outfit!

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