the mother road.

August 28, 2009

My friend Renn Luik of Garage R.H. has made a vintage diner setting named The Mother Road. An ode to Route 66 and a kick back in old Americana, TMR is my favorite new place to take photos. I especially love the vintage inspired signage that you just don’t see enough of these days. Go take a look, grab a coffee, light a smoke and play some pinball. There are some souvenir shirts for sale in the diner and a cool bike shop down the street, which is in the works. xo, Abra


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February 18, 2009

 Postcard from Second Life.

I’ve been wanting to post about my friend Dice Beattie’s two sweet clothing lines for a while now and finally have the chance to do it today. I like Dice’s funky designs and bright, fresh colors. He has two lines he works on, one more casual and the other more high fashion. Roll the Dice is Dice’s more casual wear line, think tees with cheeky lettering and jeans you can throw on and wear with anything. Beats by Dice Beattie is his more high fashion line, with dresses and gowns, in his trademark bright solids and patterns. Check them both out as you’re sure to find something awesome to satisfy your sweet tooth. I am off to pack!! xoxoxo

Postcard from Second Life.

Postcard from Second Life.


All clothing by Dice Beattie.
Hair by Le Lutka.
Shoes by GiGi Shoes.
Legwarmers by Action.
Ring by Nonko/i-Candy.
Earrings by Fabulous.
Nails by Love Magic.
Skin by MinaJunk.

Bloom in Autumn

October 7, 2008

Flower Power

Tis wayyy past my bedtime, I am being so bad! ;P I took these photos because I realized I didn’t have a wordpress profile picture. Had to fix that.

Night Flower

This dress is so darned gorgeous I couldn’t resist writing about it. How could I? It’s amazing x a ba-gillion.

In Bloom

It’s creator is Eshi Otawara and I must confess that everything she makes turns me into a big puddle. Slipping on one of her haute couture creations is wearing an art masterpiece. She pays a great deal of attention to detail, and that delights me. I also own one of her tux gowns, in Gold, which is equally stunning. (see here.)


This dress, called “Hibiscus Dream”, comes with three different body suits. I am wearing the painted one in these photos. There are also petal and leaf patterns. Each is beautiful and gives the dress a new twist.

For now, all my love goes to this dress. Surprisingly fitting with this Paper Couture hair, yes? I am enjoying the whole impossibly-glamours-yet-inspired-by-nature theme.

Knobbed Knees

Last time I checked she had some freebies in the store too. They might still be there, I’d book it to the store asap if I were you. They’re suppose to be super secret but I can give you a hint or two, to get you started. One is worn around your neck, the other is a pair worn on your legs. Easy enough right?


Easy as falling in love with this dress. <3 at first sight.


“Hibiscus Dream by Eshi Otawara” from Chambre du chocolat @ (227, 180, 26)

‘Birds and Wildflowers’ Powdered Wig from Paper Couture @ (59, 66, 28)

Miss Luvah

Ladies! A few words for y’all: Booty Shorts on sale! L$25! Until tomorrow!

I love these, they are hot and sexy and a bit trashy. And that makes me laugh. :D

They are made by AyYaiYai @ (110, 99, 143) and, in honor of A.Y.Y.’s sweet new store remodel, the owner Kailiana Anatra has put both versions up for sale @ L$25 until tomorrow. Sweet joy! Both versions come in a bunch of denim colors as well as black and white. At this price you can scoop up all your favorite colors! The new version also comes with some nice beat up wear marks on the ass. 


o hai

Her skins are also on sale for the sweet deal price of L$50! Take the teleport elevator upstairs and check them out. (It’s in the very front of the store, btw. Click the button.) She has some cool, colorful and avant garde makeups and the price is right. Play play play!

Smokey Eyes

While you’re there check out the super cute Retromatic dress, also L$25. It reminds me of something Missoni would put out and that makes me smile. I didn’t get a picture of it yet, but I will.

There is also some $$ camping in the store as well as 3 lucky chairs! I won the cool ‘Randomize’ pant package #2 and there are some cute prints in there that I’ll post about soon.

Hurry, sale ends soon!


‘Booty Shorts #2’ in 6 from AyYaiYai @ (110, 99, 143)

‘Pale 8’ Skin from AyYaiYai @ (110, 99, 143) [3rd pic]

‘Wrap Top’ in Black from REDGRAVE (214,206, 22)

‘Tall Boot’ in Black Croc from Stiletto Moody @ (38, 45, 35)

‘Ania’ hair in Brown Caramel Blend from Damselfly Hair Salon @ (143, 232, 28) [1st pic]

‘Charlotte’ hair in Ash from Little Heaven @ (140, 154, 23) [2nd pic]

Camping madness

October 6, 2008

Still Camping @ 69

Halloween is proving to be a very generous holiday, especially in SL. I am currently camping away at ::69:: (49, 180, 511) for some amazingly cute Halloween themed treats. I have one left so come on down and say hello! If you aren’t part of the group you’ll have to wait until the 7th to join for your camping goodies. This is to allow current members to get their candy on first.


 Camping @ 69

For me camping starts off so innocently. I’ll check my email, maybe look at some Flickr photos, upload some too. And of course, blog!


 What to do while camping @ 69

Then it gets dirty once I discover that my inventory is a complete mess and I must clean it and try on everything that I have ignored or haven’t gotten around to wearing yet. All those file names…I’d nearly forgotten what that was, etc. etc. 


 What to do while camping @ 69

And the evolution of my outfit continues. I become the mad woman (or madly dressed woman) sitting next to you while we wait for our candy. Feel free to say hello as I try on clothes like I’m alone in my bedroom.


 What to do while camping @ 69

You see, I admire you and your patience. You sit so nicely in the chair, while politely ignoring this fashion tornado next to you. Sometimes you even say hello and ask me where I got that hair, boots, etc. You are too kind. Thank you.

I gots me the loot!

Thank you to Kumii Yoshikawa @ ::69:: for giving us all some amazing camping prizes. Everything is so colorful and well made. You can’t help but fill with the happiness of a child when you put on hair like this!

Things to do while camping:

  • email
  • writing/blogging
  • flickr uploads
  • unpacking boxes (god willing, there are building allowances where you are)
  • shopping, yes…I am too funny right? Pan the camera, grab some demos and try on some stuff.
  • IMs, of course. Entertain me my friends!
Sometimes while camping I discover a new favorite outfit, which is always fun. (Today I discovered, as Ms. CoolJoke @ free*style mentioned, that Mijn Boa’s skins are delightful, etherial perfection! Pick them up at the Free Shit that Doesn’t Suck store @ Hotel Dare {181, 158, 22})
And I am a time saver, why not shop while you’re sitting around? I prefer in-world activities because too many times I have been doing something else (say, blogging) and I have forgotten all about my camping activities. It’s quite heartbreaking to open the window and discover you are 30 seconds too late and have been kicked out of the chair. *le sigh
Happy camping everyone! :D

Hi October

October 4, 2008


O fall, how you sneak up on a girl! Well that’s okay, I forgive you. Because I like the weather, and also because I love to layer and you give me good excuses to do just that. This DP*yumyum coat is very yum yum. I love the pattern/embroidery on the front, the toggle closures, the warm hood. Paired with simple things it does wonders on it’s own. Sometimes it’s good to pile on the statement pieces, but for now, here, I like this jacket as the focal point. And it holds it’s own so beautifully.

ps. The lovely & talented Morgana is doing a sweet photo project called ‘Lagoon’ over at flickr. Yours truly volunteered to be a part of it, how could I resist? Take a look and send a message her way if you’re interested in participating.


‘hood jacket’ in rose from DP*yumyum @ (109, 147, 26)

‘fisher leggings’ in white from Fishy Strawberry @ (182, 171, 22)

‘Rouen’ denim mini #05 & ‘Minden’ camisole #08 from Beauty Avatar @ (127, 157, 24)

‘J’ hair in black from Kurotsubaki @ (240, 66, 601)

‘Posh Leather Boots’ in black from Pixel Mode @ (173, 79, 47)

‘forest green’ contacts from Nomine @ (142, 131, 306)

Wow, she’s breathing!

October 4, 2008

don't mess

Hi Lovlies,

It feels like it’s been forever. Probably because it has. I have had so much trouble with my internet lately, or maybe it was Flickr, something… I haven’t been able to upload any of my photos to Flickr without the dreaded *bonk* response. Heartbreaking really. Maddinging too. 

Anyhoo, I’ve seem to have fixed this problem by drop-kicking my old internet provider for a faster one. This means more Better Imagined with less wait time. And that is something to celebrate isn’t it? ;)) Now, on with the show as I have SO MUCH to catch you up on.

feeling a lil slithery

This picture and the one at the top of the post were both taken at Plunder, a way cool airship shopping extravaganza in the sky. They have some cool shops there, and it’s also where I bought my top, belt and jeans. The top is from Kyoot Army and I had been eyeing it at the main shop for a surprisingly long time (I have little willpower when it comes to cute clothes, so how I held out on this shirt is beyond me.) The belt is also from K.A. and the detail is amazing. A good belt makes jeans feel special. :))

The jeans are from Desert Moon Clothiers and I like their distressed, worn, faded look. You get a skinny pair to tuck in boots and the pair I am wearing for L$125. Not bad I’d say. I’m thinking of getting the distressed grey wash as well. We’ll see how long I last.

The boots are from Bax and they seem to be making the circuit of all the girls in the know. I’d ran across them while sim hopping, a huge billboard of them looming the horizon. Let’s just say it was love at first sight. Mind you they aren’t cheap- L$700- but they are a classic shape done well, they have a bunch of color change options, some lace socks to adorn the tops (I have yet to play with those yet), and a heel click adjustment. When it comes to shoes, you get what you pay for, and these you’ll have forever. They also come in suede but I think the black patent is by far the most swoon-worthy.

Hair is Sky Everett and if you’re a hair junkie you’re already addicted to her styles. A little bit dramatic in an Elvira sort of way, a little fancy, and way sexy. I wear her hairs with everything, all the time. Sometimes with nothing too. ;))


Visit Plunder Airship Outpost @ (177, 180, 251)

‘Dark Bella Morte’ belt & ‘Snake Charmer’ shirt from Kyoot Army @ (190, 223, 21)

‘Lost Jean X’ from Desert Moon Clothiers @ (213, 86, 47)

‘Black Patent Ankle’ Boots from BAX @ (226, 174, 114)

‘Quiet Seduction’ in Raven from Sky Everett Designs @ (39, 62, 39)