end of (my) week

May 28, 2009

Hi all, it’s been a few days, yea? Lately I’ve been feeling so creative, I’ve been working on some other things, which in turn has inspired me to blog! I’ve been feeling a lot of different looks, and here is a trio for you. I’m seriously regretting not taking out my piercing for the third one, but it’s ok. I’d gotten so use to using it, it was second nature to see it on my face! lol. Some notables are the frickin’ fantastic Shade Throne earrings (<3 Undo), NINIKO‘s new bow top, Esme Milena‘s new poses (not for sale yet, but I really hope she makes more and opens up shop…they are fantastic), the Kalnins‘ shoes everyone’s been in love over (srsly, from first sight…I was so enamoured with them it took me days and days to wear them…this happens sometimes with things I like too much, lol), ROT‘s authentic Doc Martin/Combat boots (not new, but worth mentioning since they are the best out there, imho), LaGyo‘s ‘Space Cuties’ choker (like all Gyo’s things, it’s edgy, girly and totally cool), [ glow ] studio‘s lashes (I’ve been meaning to post about them for ages, probably the most exciting place for lashes out there), Au Jus poses (small shop, new to me, and I like them) and booN‘s GIC128 hair (which is one of the newer styles, and completely saucy/cute and sooe wearable- I love the side curls). *phew* I had to do my loves in list form, to prevent you from reading a novel. ;) 

Well, there’s lots of new things to come soon, and I’m exciting for some of the upcoming releases including BP* and LeLutka. (Bettiepage and Minnu have been posting tantilizing teasers on their flickrs and I’m really excited about it!!!) I’m out of town, for real, this weekend. (No bailout disaster camping, no way!) I’ll see everyone on Monday! =D Love, Abra

ps. I forgot to talk about Eva‘s Bubble Dress, which I wore 3 days in a row…with all three layers on, then as a skinner version with the top ‘puff off’ and then finally as a shirt. I wore it dressy, goth and casual…it’s so versatile! 3 days has to be a record for me. As James observed, “it’s the perfect combination of sculpt and flex. Check it out.



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Hai! I told you I’d be back in no time with mah next tomboy look! This is a look I love so much, I dunno why! I think I’m so excited for summer and being outdoors and camping!! I love to go out into the woods and just hike and forget about the city for a while and I’ll be going later today for 2 nights. \o/ This look was dubbed my “cute little homeless japanese girl” look by one of my friends, and I guess that could work too. lmao. But srsly, I have had a lot of fun with this look, and I have my current tomboy phase + Love Soul‘s hippie releases to thank. It’s been fun to dig into ‘the closet’ and dredge up all my old ‘fantasy woodlands’ accessories, which work so beautifully as camping/granola/hippie accessories as well. I also have to express how much I am loving my Junwave hippie wrap hair, omg they even made it from ‘hemp’- love it. I dunno what all the fuss is about tomboys and Disney lately, but all I have to say is l.o.v.i.n.g  i.t.!!! I think it’s fun to play with a look and take a theme that isn’t usually attached to fashion and make it work. Camping is dear to me & so is style, so there you go. (btw, my RL tent is VERY stylish…MSR people, it’s a fantastic brand!)

As for the look’s creation, it took a while to achieve. (read: patience.) I had to edit a lot of the accessories together to get them to fit on the attachment points. I wanna thank Toast Bard (a la Fashionably Dead <3) for making such cool (and mod, tytyty) hair accessories for !Lamb, as they worked perfectly as accessories in my ‘just rolled on the forest floor’ ‘do. (We’re sticking to RL inspiration here, in the woods there is always moss, twigs, cobwebs in my hair! o.o) The Woodland Winds hair wraps are something I’ve had since my ‘blue elf skin noob-a-licious days’ and I still adore them. If I have any elven, fantasy readers out there, “Hello!” and check out WW for some sexy leather outfits. I have more accessories than I’d like to account for in the writing part of this, lol, but rest assured I love them all. I hope you enjoy this funneh look! xD Love, Abra

ps. I’ll be gone for the weekend, so see you on Monday!!

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OK Rainbow

May 23, 2009

Ok, I’m still sort of in my tomboy mode and have another look soon to prove it, but for now I’m pausing to bring you a pretty bright, colorful and feminine number. It’s also a bit quirky too. *wink. I’ve had this kimono for months now, and was planning and planning to post with it…and then of course I go off on my trip and promptly forget about it, until NAO. DownDownDown‘s items caught my eye thisquick, in some obscure Japanese mall, somewhere on the grid. I came to find that DDD has had a location at one of my fav cute sims cioccolata, all along! Anywho, DDD’s clothes are a mix of tradition, art and punk, with bold color and patterns. There are some accessories, shoes (a cute freebie pair of geisha shoes that I meant to show until I found my HP caterpillars…), and these cool fluorescent light bulbs that I wanna build a skybox for- they are sooo cool.

With the DDD Kimono, I’m wearing Deja Vu‘s new ponytail style. Gosh, I love their glammy, sexy hairs and this new one, “Mint,” is no exception. My boots are from a Hotch Potch freebie that’s been going around the feeds. I’ve been meaning to post about them for weeks, but you know how it goes…they are lovely tho, aren’t they? Who doesn’t love “The Hungry Caterpillar” book?! The eye piece was my first monocle from way back when and I still looove it. My lil buddies are from Rebel Xtravaganza and El’n, because every rainbow geisha needs buddies. I dunno if you can see my lunchbox or my super cool BooN ring, but they are worth checking out too! Ok, gotta run! Love, Abra


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May 20, 2009

I’m keeping it short and sweet today…I have a beloved friend in Oregon and this goes out to him. This is the way he dresses, and just how you dress when you’re there. We pick blackberries and roast pig and go morel picking. Nahms. <3 ya J. Hope you enjoy today’s look, it has some stuff from yesterday’s look but is much more ‘normal’- to me at least! ;D Love, Abra

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Tomboy Android

May 18, 2009


Hi all, well I tried so hard- so so hard- to be pretty and feminine today, but all I wanted to do was dress up in long shorts and baggy tees. (I was well meaning too, when I went to Kalnins to get the new heels Uma featured today, but all that did was remind me of the fantastic sneakers I picked up from there a while ago. lol. *sigh) Of course, I was feeling a little quirky too, and remembered I hadn’t worn my sweet Kurotsubaki Tree Leg and my badass Chapeau tres Mignon Daffy hat. (I told you I would, remember?) Then I pulled on some AVZ android arms and the look was off and running! Which I sure hope won’t cause to to go off and running, because let me tell you now, this is not a look for everyone. You have got to like a good quirk factor and you have to have humour. As for me? I love it! You probably already knew that, since now and then I’ll throw you a curve ball of a strange look. *winks. I’d also been meaning to purchase these Kurotsubaki short pants, ever since that day when I finally got to meet three of my flickr favs in world! Yay! I love that. Anyway. that day I was having trouble deciding what color I wanted (all?), so I held off until I knew (brown! of course! this is a pretty brown.) I also wanted to save one of the most exciting things about my look, for last: my new !Tarnished skin by one of my SLfavs, my friend December. I’ve mentioned her stuff in the blog quite a bit, most recently the cute Minnie Mouse-inspired dress she made, but I’m SO excited about this skin release because her skins are what initially drew me to her line. Her skins have always been beautiful, original and striking and this new one, “Dot,” is my favorite so far! (It even beat out Midnight Snowstorm, but it was a hard pressed decision, let me tell you.) Dot is super cute and so wearable! I’m smitten and you can be sure to see more of this skin on me in the future, especially when the other makeup variations come out. Horray! Hope you enjoy the look. :)) Love, Abra

ps. My photoshoot was real fun, so more photos for you! xD


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Black Volume

May 18, 2009

I’ve been a fan of AU V since my noob days in the old Vain sim. Well, Jare is back with new stuff scheduled for release in late May. I’m already loving how it’s shaping up and can’t wait to see the rest of the new collection. If delicately dramatic clothes are you’re thing, make your way to AU V. Also if you have a preoccupation for ruffly skirts, shoulders and necks. I know I do. There’s only the previous collection for sale now, but oh it’s tasty. Have patience the new stuff will be here soon.

Also, it’s been a while since I wore ballet heels. Too long. Here’s Adam n Eve’s version, which isn’t new but definitely the most feminine one I’ve come across. <3Love, Abra

Details after the cut!

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Shades of RFLuv

May 15, 2009

Hi all! I come to you today, reminding you of the RFL Indie Rock Carnival going on until the end of this weekend. De-prim, brave the lag and come to dance, shop and support the American Cancer Society! This Whippet & Buck dress is one of the many beautiful things up for grabs, with all proceeds going to the ACS. How cool is that? I love so many things about this dress! The color for one, is subtle and soft which keeps the frilly layers from going ‘over the top.’ When I swagger about, the dress has great movement. (read: no jiggly prim layers!) And I love that each tier of ruffles is separate, so you can wear the dress as a short top, tunic or it’s original dress length. These girls are genius I tell you. And btw, the whole line is this good, so if you haven’t made your way down to the store yet, I’d do so immediately following your dance-a-thon @ RFL.

I decided to pair the dress with Royal Blue‘s new release ‘gradiant tights.’ I like the way the skirt’s tiers of color play off the color-shift of the tights. Marni did a great job on something so simple, which goes to show you that good, well-made basics (with a little twist), will always rule the world. Royal Blue’s new collection is another definite must see, so add that to your list as well. (See: rose skirt, garter tights, heart necklace, chunky platform heels, drools…) 

My headband and big diamond ring are from LaGyo, which is a new favorite jewelry store of mine, a place I found through one of my favorite new blogs, Brinksie. Gyorgyna is so incredibly creative and she makes some of the most unique pieces I’ve seen in SL. I have so much more I want to show you from her store, but until then, check out Brinksie’s feature on LaGyo and look up the jellyfish earrings which are freaking brilliant. Brilliant, I tell you.

The bangle bracelets and earrings I have on are from Zaara‘s new jewelry release, which is high on my ‘things you must own in SL’ list. 11 pieces, 2 color sets and each piece is a stunner. I wore some of the other pieces last night to SCD’s Prom (where Miss Uma rocked the awards, I might add. Congratulations Uma!!) and later to Esme‘s great set @ RFL. 

I’m excited to say I’m wearing UnTone‘s newly rereleased Clover ring. It was one of those pieces I was kicking myself for not getting before, (I had a lapse in judgement during a shopping trip) so thank you soo much Cocomitsu for rereleasing them! They’re also trans, so they make a sweet spring gift for all the birthday people out there.

Also, notice something different? I added a simple shadow to my picture today! While this may not impress most of you out there, I myself am pretty delighted with it, as most of all the photos I’ve posted here have been taken in-world and posted ‘straight up’ without any editing. Which somehow surprises most people- thanks! (I will say that, on occasion, Picnik has been very, very good to me. ;-}) This whole ‘post-editing’ step is very new to me as are most of the ‘simple’ things in photoshop, so please bear with me as I learn more and apply it here. I’d like to give a big, huge thanks to Anya, who’s helped me find some good tutorials and laughed at my ‘photoshop illiterate’ jokes! (You are the best, thank you!)

I also want to add a little extra thing in here from time to time, just things that I’m finding in world or on the web. Sometimes I find some really cool stuff and I wanna share it with you!! It’ll always be at the bottom, following the ‘***’ ;).

Thanks all, and TGIF!!! Love, Abra


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