White Light, or goodness comes in 3’s

December 25, 2008


moon goddess


Peace. Goodness. Purity. A fresh start. Tonight at midnight, another Christmas. And soon to follow, 2009. Merry merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and joy & happiness a plenty to you all, now and in the coming year. xoxo


hats off to you

take 2





Outfit 1:

Hair: Shop Seu

Skin: MMS

Dress: {Zaara}


Outfit 2:

Hair: Shop Seu

Hat: Curio Obscura (freebie)

Skin: MMS

Dress: The Black Canary

Shoes: Tesla

Monocle: Sanu


Outfit 3:

Hair: Shop Seu

Skin: MMS

Dress: Ghost

Monocule: Sanu

Shoes: DeLa

2 Responses to “White Light, or goodness comes in 3’s”

  1. I love them all, but outfit #2 is effing brilliant!
    Always a source of inspiration, Abra <3

    • Abra Exonar Says:


      Haii! Thanks so much for your compliment! #2 was one of those outfits that just came together so easily. It’s amazing what we find, buried away in our closets! :)) I’m so happy you like it! Thanks for stopping by hun <33

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