{Beautiful Girls} Nile Shape

 {Beautiful Girls} Nile Shape

As some of you know, in December I quietly started a little cottage shop called {Beautiful Girls} where I sell my pretty little shapes & poses. I’ve held off on formally introducing the line on Better Imagined since I was lacking a home in & out of world, but that has changed! {Beautiful Girls} now has it’s own blog, where you can find the latest news and preview the new releases. Since {BG} is a ‘nomad’ business at the moment, it’s great to have some sort of place to house the label. 

{Beautiful Girls} is pretty unique in that I’ve set out to make the prettiest shapes** I can and for the present time, am selling them as a ‘Pay what you wish or what you can’ item. I started making my own shapes from day one and found it fun to make them and pass them out to friends. This is the idea behind {BG}, my hope is that by having them for sale, I’m able to do what I’ve always done on a bigger scale. Which is pretty cool and exciting for me. :))

My first release was ‘Odette‘ and she debuted @ the now defunct Hotel Dare Free Shizzle Forest. (*tear.) This shop was put on by Free*Style and since I am a writer there I decided that instead of selling the shapes on OnRez, I’d offer them at the shop. Well it took a little bit for us to find a new place, but Apatia of the Starlust Hotel came to the rescue and offered Free*Style a stupendous spot @ Horst! You can’t believe the excitement we felt on move in day. For me, it doesn’t get much cooler than Starlust and I totally fangirl the place. lol. 

So now that we’re all moved in, I’ve again put Odette up for sale and I also have a second offering: Nile. I’m pretty pleased with this shape, she’s beautiful and thick and sexy. I think you will like her a lot, as she goes with many skins and style types. I’ve put together some looks with Nile, styling details below. I hope you enjoy {Beautiful Girls} as much as I enjoy creating them. :)) xoxo

Visit Nile’s release page @ {Beautiful Girls}

TP to Free*Style @ Horst & ‘Pay what you wish’ :))


  {Beautiful Girls} Nile Shape

{Beautiful Girls} Nile Shape

{Beautiful Girls} Nile Shape

{Beautiful Girls} Nile Shape


** Trust me, as I mentioned to Esme, even if I wanted to make them ugly, it’d be hard! xD

Outfit Details:
{Outfit #1}
Hair: “Glamour_Long” by Docomo (old hunt gift)
Skin: “Suzana” in Pale Freckles 22 by LionSkins
Necklace: “Amethyst Nest” by Paper.Couture
Shirt: “Eve” in Cornflowers In Me by Ornamental Life
Skirt: “Porto Cervo” by Beauty Avatar (part of outfit)
Shoes: “Studded Leather Sandals” in Brown/Brown by Boing Fromage

{Outfit #2}
Hair: “Ayase” in Dark Chocolate by Zero Style
Skin: “Jasmin” in 01 Fair by Laqroki
Lingerie: “Lily of the Valley” in Be My Honey by Ornamental Life

{Outfit #3}
Hair: “Eeka” in Black Cherry by Inorite
Skin: “Belina” in Cinna/Earth by Bebae
Dress: “Almada” in Sea by Beauty Avatar
Shoes: “Coron” in Aqua by (Luce) (I dunno if this shop is still around! =o)

{Outfit #4}
Hair: “Rita” in Pearl by AOHARU
Skin: “Double Shot” in Peaches 07 by Chai
Earrings: “Old School” in White Gold by Fabulous
Shirt: “Penguins and Wagons” in Pharaoh’s Girl by Ornamental Life
Jeans: “Classic” in Charcoal by {Zaara}

{Outfit #5}
Hair: “Ponytail” in Coffee by Revolve (tinted darker)
Skin: “Suzana” in Pale Freckles 10 by LionSkins
Dress: “Wrap Tank Mini Dress” in Gray/White by Ce Cubic Effect
Boots: “Ballet Boots” in Black by A-Bomb

{All Outfits}
Nile shape by {Beautiful Girls}
Eyes by Poetic Eyes


 Krispie Kringle | One

The prettiest, pouffiest, most festive gown ever! I love!


I’ve been stumbling across so many delicious holiday inspired outfits, I was compelled to round them up into a post to share with y’all. :D This may or may not be Volume One, depending on RL time on SL and whether or not I hit my holiday overload capacity sooner or later. Enjoy!! xo


Krispie Kringle | Two

Krispie Kringle | Three

Sweetly naughty little elf. I stole the cookies. Mmmm…


Krispie Kringle | Four

Candy cane waltz


Krispie Kringle | Five

Edelweiss’ 5 Holiday looks!


Krispie Kringle | Six



Krispie Kringle | Seven



Krispie Kringle | Eight



Krispie Kringle | Nine



Krispie Kringle | Ten

For those planning on dressing down for the holidays, I ask you, why not make it festive as well? 


 Krispie Kringle | Eleven

Either way you do it ladies, you have two styles to choose from. :))


Krispie Kringle | Twelve

In my humble opinion, one cannot have enough naughty Santa outfits…


Krispie Kringle | Thirteen

or Santa’s Little Helper outfits, either. :))




Look One

Hair:  “amikomi chignon hair” in dark brown by BP*

Skin: “Vivian” in smokey2/pale by *REDGRAVE* 

Earrings: “Love & hugs Earring” by (Adorned)

Dress & Leggings:  “Befana: by ::: B@R :::

Boots: “Mandy Ankle Boots” in Cream by Skin Flicks

Shrug: “Sculpted Stole” in Black Velvet by Adam n Eve 

Nails: “Red Gift Nails” by ..::MAI::.. (freebie)


Look Two & Three

Hair:  “ChristmasHair!” in Licoriceeeees by Skullfuct @ Black Maria

Skin: “Pale skin in Bombshell” by MiA

Hat: “Mini Tophat” in Green by ~Scribble~

Necklace: “Alphabet Pendant ‘A'” by Ume Mode

Horns (Large): “Raindraa Horns” by : ::: B@R :::  (part of outfit)

Horns (Small): “Candy Cane Horns” by MIASNOW (in store freebie!)

Outfit: “Christmas Elf!” by Church of Luxe (Subscribo Freebie!)

Shoes: “coron” in shiny gloss red by (LUCE) 

Cookie: “Cookie” in Christmas by [Whimsy] (dollarbie!)


Look Four

Hair: “Una” in Blonde by Bewitched

Skin: (same as look #2)

Dress & Gloves: “Candy Cane Gown”  by MP Haute Style (Group Gift!)

Shrug: “Sculpted Stole” in Red Velvet by Adam n Eve 


Look Five

Hair: “Curly Bob” in Blonde by *REDGRAVE*

Skin: “Gen 1 Rose” in Royal by [/ NoLabel /]

Dress, Socks & Boots: “Claris” by *Edelweiss* 

Snowflake & Pose: “Christmas” by NeILOW (In Store Freebie!)

Headdress: “feather headband” in white by un jour


Look Six

Hair: “Curly Bob” in Light Brown by *REDGRAVE*

Skin: “Gen 1 Rose” in Royal by [/ NoLabel /]

Hat, Dress, Socks & Boots: “Merry” by *Edelweiss* 

Snowflake & Pose: “Christmas” by NeILOW (In Store Freebie!)


Look Seven

Hair: “Curly Bob” in Light Brown by *REDGRAVE*

Skin: “Gen 1 Rose” in Royal by [/ NoLabel /]

Hat, Dress, Socks & Boots: “Holly” by *Edelweiss* 

Snowflake & Pose: “Christmas” by NeILOW (In Store Freebie!)

Look Eight

Hair: “Juliana 1” in Golden Blonde by [Aden]

Skin: “Willow” in Light A by RockBerry

Hat, Dress, Socks & Boots: “Comet” by *Edelweiss*

Rabbit: “Sleep Rabbit” in Large White by HPMD

Look Nine

Hair: “Sausage Curls” by Curio Obscura 

Skin: “Willow” in Light A by RockBerry

Headband, Dress, Cape, Boots: “Stella” by *Edelweiss* 

Rabbit: “Sleep Rabbit” in Medium Brown by HPMD

Tree: “Christmas Tree” by ~ Scribble ~


Look Ten & Eleven

Skin: “Willow” in Light A by RockBerry

Hair: “Orie” in Smoked Walnut by Zero Style

Outfit (White Stripes): “Holiday Wrap” by :::B@R:::

Outfit (Red): “Present for you” in Red by LITTLE HEAVEN

Headdress: “Flower Garden Headdress” in Red by !!Wild O


Look Twelve

Hair: “L” in Choco by Eat Rice!

Skin: “Willow” in Light A by RockBerry

Complete Outfit:  [Ruffian by FP] Sexy Santa Outfit – Boots – Bangles


Look Thirteen

Hair: “Quiet Seduction” in Noir by Sky Everett Designs

Skin: “Vivian Tan” in Deep Brown by *REDGRAVE*

Complete Outfit: “Santa’s Naughty Helper” by House of Nyla (Gift!)