Bunneah Love

December 20, 2008



Hehehe…I normally don’t post ready made outfits since I showcase my own, and for that, I think my crush on Katat0nik’s work has gone ‘secret’ until now. Her dresses fulfill the little girl in me as well as the artist: impeccable, eternally cute, completely original work. I’ve yet to meet a girl who hasn’t fallen in love with the colorful, dolly dresses and for good reason. A friend inspired me to post about the new Bunny Dress, when I ran into her in the store, humming and hawing about which shoes/hair/stockings to wear with the new set. There are ways to add your own original touch to big statement pieces like this, ways to make the look cuter, more feminine, or quirkier. I myself love statement pieces and am drawn to lush colors, eye pleasing patterns and odd, original wears. There are a million and one ways to wear this dress, you can even ditch the blouse altogether and add a new one. Other gloves, or nail polish and prim nails instead. Maybe a hat or headdress. And those Lazy Places boots we all love so much. So, if there is a piece of advice I can give you, it’d be to brave it out and go for the statements sometimes. I’ll always keep a (large) stash of versatile basics in my wardrobe, but in there too are feather boas, bright prints, sequins (yup.) and many Katat0nik dresses. Nothing can replace a good statement! Viva!!








Hair: “Gyanburu” in Black by  !Mingo!  (Cutie Land hunt gift!) 

Skin: “Heidi” in 02 Sugar Eyeliner by Den Dou (Black Swan Winter Event Item)

Dress, Blouse, Gloves: “Snow Bunny” in Blue by Katat0nik

Tights: “Flower Tights” by Cube Sugar (freebie!)

Shoes: “Tuli Pumps” in Steel by Shiny Things

Ring: “Pink Rose Ring” by (Elate!) (subscribo gift and gorgeous!)

Whiskers: “*White Kitty Whiskers” by Curious Kitties (Part of a set)

Bunny: “Sleepy Rabbit” in White/Large by HPMD

Eyes: “Shallow Water” in Medium by Poetic Color (some of the prettiest eyes in SL, check out the store for a pair of gorgeous, free Christmas eyes! Which, personally, I will wear year round!)

Poses: {Bingo} (thank you Katx!! <33) & Vista Animations

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