Camping madness

October 6, 2008

Still Camping @ 69

Halloween is proving to be a very generous holiday, especially in SL. I am currently camping away at ::69:: (49, 180, 511) for some amazingly cute Halloween themed treats. I have one left so come on down and say hello! If you aren’t part of the group you’ll have to wait until the 7th to join for your camping goodies. This is to allow current members to get their candy on first.


 Camping @ 69

For me camping starts off so innocently. I’ll check my email, maybe look at some Flickr photos, upload some too. And of course, blog!


 What to do while camping @ 69

Then it gets dirty once I discover that my inventory is a complete mess and I must clean it and try on everything that I have ignored or haven’t gotten around to wearing yet. All those file names…I’d nearly forgotten what that was, etc. etc. 


 What to do while camping @ 69

And the evolution of my outfit continues. I become the mad woman (or madly dressed woman) sitting next to you while we wait for our candy. Feel free to say hello as I try on clothes like I’m alone in my bedroom.


 What to do while camping @ 69

You see, I admire you and your patience. You sit so nicely in the chair, while politely ignoring this fashion tornado next to you. Sometimes you even say hello and ask me where I got that hair, boots, etc. You are too kind. Thank you.

I gots me the loot!

Thank you to Kumii Yoshikawa @ ::69:: for giving us all some amazing camping prizes. Everything is so colorful and well made. You can’t help but fill with the happiness of a child when you put on hair like this!

Things to do while camping:

  • email
  • writing/blogging
  • flickr uploads
  • unpacking boxes (god willing, there are building allowances where you are)
  • shopping, yes…I am too funny right? Pan the camera, grab some demos and try on some stuff.
  • IMs, of course. Entertain me my friends!
Sometimes while camping I discover a new favorite outfit, which is always fun. (Today I discovered, as Ms. CoolJoke @ free*style mentioned, that Mijn Boa’s skins are delightful, etherial perfection! Pick them up at the Free Shit that Doesn’t Suck store @ Hotel Dare {181, 158, 22})
And I am a time saver, why not shop while you’re sitting around? I prefer in-world activities because too many times I have been doing something else (say, blogging) and I have forgotten all about my camping activities. It’s quite heartbreaking to open the window and discover you are 30 seconds too late and have been kicked out of the chair. *le sigh
Happy camping everyone! :D