jingle rock.

December 10, 2009

Gala Phoenix of Curio is about to release this amazing new holiday skin called Elf!* As per her usual, you get 12 different makeups (6 themes with 2 variations) and 2 shades of the theme tone, per pack. The skin itself is so very cute and flawless, with a dimpled pout, rounded cheeks, and a bitty elf nose- for those of you that like a smaller nose, rejoice! Elf’s nose is much smaller than any previous Curio skins. I didn’t change my shape for this skin, my nose is just ‘elf-sized’ now. ;p Some of the makeups are holiday for sure, all the names are, but honestly you can easily wear this skin year-round, and I plan to myself.

This cute hair is by Surf Co. and it’ll be released very soon as well. It’s color change and the sculpting work on it is top notch for sure! Emma Gilmour has made 4 different hair styles, in 15 different shades, and I must say…they’re really good. You need some Surf Co. hair, y’all. btw, shop the Surf Co./Artilleri sale!! Things are 50% off and more!!

I am off to finish the Down the Chimney Hunt. See y’all soon. Love, Abra

*Surprisingly enough, I did not base my look off the new Curio Elf skin, Gala just has impeccable timing. She has to be a mind-reader, I swear!


=Outfit Details=
hair + hat: Surf Co. Pam Long + Bangs in Caramel
skin: Curio Elf in Sundust/Light/Fire Engine 1
eyes: poetic color fairy eyes in christmas fairy/bright (free in-store gift)
lashes: BP* Lashes of Toy (old group gift)

sweater: Artilleri Marius knit sweater in green
shorts: Artilleri Ingrid Highwaist skirt/shorts in red
leggings: Doppelganger Inc. Candy Cane Long Johns in red (get them at The Black Market!)
socks: Doppelganger Inc. Button Me Up Wetlands in split pea
boots: Surf Co. Elsa boots in Stjordal

earmuffs: Saikin ear muffs sagagiku
earrings: Schadenfreude Jingle Bell earrings
scarf: Artilleri Taylor scarf in stripes, red/white
gloves: DoMoCo Stub Gloves in red
tail: Gritty Kitty Fawnication in brown (part of set)
pet: Pink Fuel Reindeer Chihuahua (old 2008 gift)
(in flickr pic leading to this post: Pink Fuel Reindeer (old group gift))

poses: {SMS}, esme for (pda)


4 Responses to “jingle rock.”

  1. DButton Says:

    Gah! Love this skin so so much! When is it supposed to be released?

  2. Abra Exonar Says:

    Hi DB! Should be released soon, if not tonight, probably tomorrow! :))

  3. Aislynne Melnik Says:

    Hi DB! I’m just getting around to doing some shopping for this look. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing anything in search for Saikin … do you have the name of the creator? Maybe I can hunt her down that way! Great look!

  4. Abra Exonar Says:

    Sure Aislynne! It’s saikin Inaka! :))) Located in the booN store! <3, Abra

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