gramma colors.

October 31, 2009

This post is for my gram, since she loves bright colors such as these. :D I’m wearing Whippet & Buck‘s new Boatneck top and Trousers, which are lovely and classic and so durn versatile, like what you’d expect from their line. ROT released another pair of Doc Martin style boots and I’m super excited about the new colors/patterns. They’re color changing and so well textured. <3 AnyKey Munster designs beautiful jewelry for LeLutka and also owns his own shop, The Golden Fleece. I really love the eyes there, as well as all the jewelry, and last time I was there I picked up a little Obosnui friend. He’s cute huh? Just don’t poke his nose, he doesn’t like it. ;P Sweet Newreem is opening a DUBOO glasses shop in Elliott! Be sure to visit as her glasses are super adorable creations! Happy Halloween everyone! <3, Abra

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October 29, 2009

Hi all <3 Sorry for the lack of postage, omgah, I’m so behind on what I have planned here. ‘Tis the season for sneezin’ and I caught a cold. >.< *achoo on u* RL has been hectic and add a flu bug onto that and things in my house have come to a screeching halt. Thankfully, I was able to find a moment to pop on, visit the Albero Autumn Fest, and post this look. The former is chock full of festival exclusives and discounts and you much check it out! The latter consists of my current favorite comfy clothes, and is very RL inspired, especially as of late…omg thank the world for yoga pants or I wouldn’t have even left the house for food! I’ve been wanting yoga pants in sl for a while, they’re one of those things I love irl and peculiarly, did not see nor own in world. I was talking to Emma of Surf. Co. about it and was basically like, “you must make these!!!” Thankfully she complied, and made them very well indeed! They very much go along with her shop’s cute n’ comfy aesthetic. She’ll have a 3 pack up for Fifty Linden Friday‘s, starting at midnight, so remember to participate! Another thing I love is Amerie Spitteler‘s Short Parka. I love the subtle animal print and the black and gold colors. I love black with gold and I think that, although the combination is totally glamourous, it works well in elevating a comfy look like this, making it more appropriate for street wear for us lazy ducks who can’t seem to muster up the energy to find a hair brush, let alone a pair of jeans. One more thing, my Doozer has been outdoing herself over and over with her new releases at Shade Throne. I love her new Wolfe shades and all the African inspired jewelry I’ve been too sick to debut. But please, check it out and check back for a future feature. Now there’s a tongue twister for you. <3xo, Abra

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Hi <3 It’s part deux of Designer’s United #2. Check out all the Crow inspired goodness and be sure to stop by the event, on October 25th (that’s this Sunday!) @ the Cupcake sim, and check out the goods for yourself! You will not be disappointed! xo, Abra

[OH], Deviant Girls, Beetlebones, [ glow ] studio, DUBOO

Beetlebones, Split Pea, DUBOO

MODD.G, Chabinns, This is a Fawn

So Many Styles, BALACLAVA!!

LaGyo, Miss 80s

Singing Moth

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Deviant Girls

Hi all!! Designer’s United is back on October 25th and with a new theme: Crows! This theme is especially exciting on a personal level as crows and ravens are my favorite birds. If you remember, the first installment of Designer’s United, in August, had a Jellyfish theme and was chock full of amazing and inspired pieces. We can expect that same level of excitement and inspiration with the coming event, and I’m happy to have the chance to showcase some of the delightful pieces that are in store for us! As Jellyfish was a perfect theme for the end of summer, Crows are so fitting a representation for the deep darkness of the Autumn months. Let us begin.

Deviant Girls

!DADA! + LMK (aka. P-K)

There is an amazing array of designers participating in Designer’s United 2, some of my favorite names!!

Beetle bones
Boing Fromage
chicada by nilGiha
[glow] Studio
Milk Motion
Singing Moth
So Many Styles
Split Pea
This is a Fawn

Participating Designers are: Aitui, Balaclava, Beetle bones, Boing Fromage, chicada by nilGiha, Couverture, Duboo, [glow] Studio, JMMai, LaGyo, Milk Motion, Mocha, ModdG., Narwhal, !Ohmai, P-K, Pig, Singing Moth, So Many Styles, Split Pea, Sugarcube, This is a Fawn, Tyranny, Waffles, Vive9

Soooo exciting!!

Pig + Milk Motion

Designer’s United 2 will take place at the Cupcake sim from October 25th – November 3rd. There’s more to come on D.U. from me…this is only part one!! Stay tuned! Love, Abra

Milk Motion + [ glow] Studio


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life or something like it.

October 18, 2009

Cutie pie, $1L skin from LIFE. \\o// for cute free skin on Sunday. xo, Abra

u slouch.

October 17, 2009

Hi all…this is my lil hobo look, if you will. It’s so warm and cozy! I love these Amerie’s Naughty Loose Pants…and she just released some longer ones too! Although I have to say I like the shorter ones because you can play with tall shoes and socks, which = more fun for me. Chabbins Vintage Bag is another fine release from this adorable shop, I love worn leather so it makes me very happy. Doppelganger Inc.‘s Button Me Up socks have been getting some good attention lately, and I just love how simple and different they are! What a great idea! I love !lamb‘s Mango shade of hair…this was an old 50L Fridays item, and I love modifiable hats with hair…it’s easy to switch out the hat that way. \o/ Other things here, Zaara‘s lovely new ruffled tanks, AOHARU‘s Military Coat (oldie but so good, especially in this color and white!), and Tres Blah‘s new eyes…the dark Violet ones are so stunning. Hope you’re having a good weekend all! xo, Abra

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My autumn pallet continues…I think if I had to choose, I’d pick black over brown, hands down, any day of the week. But when you need that warmth, brown really is the color you need. Although black and cream go well together too, the vibes are entirely different and wouldn’t have worked here. Also, I think Zaara does a fantastic brown, from her Black Swan Swansong event dress to this fantastic Larin skirt, the shades are spot on, just the right amount of warmth. I love how this skirt drapes too, and the high waist with belt. I waited practically a year to wear this excellent Shai blouse in an outfit (my has it ‘aged well’), it was waiting for this skirt. <3 Life is good. xo, Abra

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