Two rockin’, brand new places to shop. Today the Black Market opens their pirate themed extravaganza. Exclusive items are there and more are to come, with new items every few weeks. Yesterday Hodgepodge opened, and if you go there you’ll find some great opening gifts set out around the sim.

Also, Cybernetics is having a $1L sale on all their skins. All. xo, Abra

details below.

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Rusted Queen

January 8, 2009




I told you about Tarnished in my NYE post and I am back with more goodness from Miss December Larkham. I am lucky because not only is she a very unique and talented designer, not only does she make cushy, pouty, sexy lipped skins, but she is also a wonderful friend of mine. I was so excited to see this dress in the making, and counted the days until it’s arrival, and here it is! It’s called ‘Rusted Crow’ and is a black swan inspired gown. Crows (Ravens, if we are to count grains of sand) are my favorite bird and I have a personal love for all things with a bustle and so this dress holds a piece of my tender heart. It’s probably one of the most unique-yet- tradional gowns you’ll find out there, completely holding it’s own while drawing from the past. I decided to take it out on a limb with dreads, SOREAL’s to be more specific, another shop that I have a huge crush on (doesn’t everyone? those shoes!). And let me also mention this skin, I had to hold off on mentioning it right away, we save the best for last, yes? It’s also by Tarnished and it’s called…tahh dahh- Abra! I love the oooshy-gooshy lips, twins of Midnight Snowstorm’s, the skin of the NYE post. The metallic is so beautiful and can be taken in so many directions: ethnic as I have done here, futuristic, soft and feminine. The look is unmistakably Tarnished, and so pretty and different, yet completely wearable. (The skin is in it’s final stages and you’ll hear about it as soon as it goes up for sale, until then, scoop up a Rusted Crow and prance around in all your fancy glory!) I really love how this look turned out, funktastic poshy formal: the Rusted Queen! xo



Postcard from Second Life.




Hair: “Original Rasta Bun” by SOREAL

Skin: “Abra” by Tarnished (upcoming release, available sooner than later!)

Eyes: “hot mocca” by poetic eyes

Lashes: “photoshoot” by LeLutka (aka. MMS)

Earrings: “Polished Wood Hoop” by paper.couture 

Dress: “Rusted Crow” by Tarnished

Raspberry Peacock

November 3, 2008

Raspberry Peaock 

This post is all about the dress. (Ok and the jewels too!!) I love this dress. I love the new collection! We can always use another post on it. It’s pure lovely goodness. That is all. xoxo

ps. Did you hear that Sweetest Goodbye is having a 30% rez day sale until midnight? Oh yes!


Skin: ‘Ganesha in Quartz’ by [the oBscene]

Hair: ‘Sakura curly bob’ in blonde by Redgrave

Dress: ‘Lush’ by paper.couture

Jewelry: ‘Faceted Parrot Stone’ set by paper.couture

Beachy Keen

October 5, 2008

Beach Bum

After the last autumn flavored post I thought I would return to the beach for a while to soak up some sun. I love this outfit! It’s kiddish while showing off my curves. Fun fun. 

These boots are a new release from Kurotsubaki and they are cuter than can be! The little feathers and laces on the sides are a nice touch, as is the leather banding. Scoop up a pair in your favorite color and wear them with tucked in pants, leggings and skirts, long skirted dress…all autumn long.

Wait, wasn’t I suppose to talk about the beach?


‘Tsunagi’ in dark grey & ‘Feather Boots’ in black from Kurotsubaki @ (240, 66, 601)

‘Tartan’ leggings in Red from Kookie @ (30, 69, 24)

‘Momento’ Locket from Yummy @ (94, 162, 17)

‘Pyramid Bracelets’ in black/wine (set of 2) from ::69:: @ (49, 183, 511)

‘J’ hair in black from Kurotsubaki @ (240, 66, 601)