Odd Little School Girl

December 15, 2008

 too much buttered rum...


I love this outfit. What with my new favorite skin by MiaSnow (Jasmine!!!), the cool GriBon skirt (it has 3 built-in belt color options) and the Lazy Places Holiday boots (‘nough said!), I am one happy girl. Sometimes my outfits have no rhyme or reason, I just throw on what I like until it feels right, and this was certainly that type of outfit. In the end, I have this sort of odd looking school girl look. Funny how people fall in love with certain things, as this may not be my most favorite’d outfit by some, it’s one I wore for a day and a half RL time, which says a lot about how much I like it. hehehe. Hope you enjoy! xoxo


oral fixation

my day

had to document this



Skin: “Jasmine Evening Out” in #5 by MiaSnow

Hair: “yuka chignon”  in brown by BP* (aka. a total and complete favorite, if you hadn’t noticed!)

Earrings: “Fauna Earrings” in #3 by Sanu* (new set coming soon! ps. there is a hunt going on @ the store!)

Shirt: “Glam Tank” in Gray by MichaMi

Sweater: “Knit Cardigan” in Gray by BP*

Necklace: “love necklace” by Kookie

Neck Pouch: “Neck Porch” by Plod (former group gift, it drops acorns if you like it to!)

Leggings:”sep2008 wool tights” in ARGYLE/ black 0 by BP*

Boots: “Myth Boots Satyr Holiday Edition” by Lazy Places (I prefer the split, Goat hoof!)

Shoulder Pet: “Reindeer Chihuahua” by Pink Fuel (POE hunt gift!)

Candy Cane: “Holiday Candy Cane” by Lazy Places (mine came with my LP Holiday boots, but you can also get one- along with 3 other ‘mouth accessories’- at the Axis Mundi Christmas tree!)

Nails: “red golden stars” by ** Skin e Liciouz (I love this style! It’s cute, fun, french-mani style prettiness)

Ring: “everbloom” by paper.couture (the ubiquitous favorite)

Eyes: “Octane Golden Sun” by Tokeo Plastik (Christmas Gift = freebie @ store! And gorgeous!)

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