Hi y’all. I’m back from the dust. Feb/March are super busy for me, thus the dead stop in updating. RL first, yo. I still love you though, very much, & I still love to blog. (Addiction? Nah. Art, bitches.) Thrown together a little number 4U. Old, new, simple, obtuse. I like it all, and I’ve piled it on here.

Uhm, I’m going to be gone for another 2 weeks starting on Friday. If I can make updates from the road, I will. But bet your bottom dollar, they’ll be on my flickr stream, so check there first. This blog will spring to life again with the coming season, I’m a bulb waiting to bloom, people. Love yaaaa, Abra

ps. Being ‘gone’ has been really inspring! I encourage all of you to ‘get out’ for a bit & ‘get lost’ in the world around you.

pps. Aside from the confusion it gives me, I am digging the new SL2.0 features. Now Emerald people, get on that viewer like hot shit. Gotta make a baby for us, Emerald 2.0. Pronto, pronto!

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