laundry day.

September 20, 2009

Hai. I made a very light look today, all because of noju‘s newly released socks. They were originally sold as part of an outfit and I’d been wishing they were sold alone and in more colors. Well guess what? They’re now available now in 4 tonal packs & a rainbow of colors. Wish granted! ❤, Abra

details below.

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hair, no fair

June 20, 2009

Hey y’all, a quick little post that doesn’t have to do with Hair Fair (because you don’t need another), but does have to do with hair. The iconic Gibson Girl hair from Miriel‘s will be off market soon, since Miriel’s sim is seeing it’s last day today (the 20th). I may have mentioned this a while back, after speaking with Miriel in IMs. I actually asked if any new hair was coming out, alas I spoke too soon… If you don’t own Gibson Girl, I’d get it now. Imho, it’s the best classic bun/updo in SL, totally timeless and something that’s as current now as when it was released. There’s something so proper- and yet, so sexy- about GG. So go take a break from Hair Fair lag, and stock up while you still can!

In other words, I just wanted to say how enamoured I am with the shop The Dogs. I think JDDM could very well be on his way to becoming an SL equivilent to the likes of Hedi Slimane and such. I am such a Hedi Slimane fan, some of the sexiest men’s clothing ever…now some of the sexiest photos, come from this man’s work. (funny enough, I later discovered the bracelet is named Hedi!) Sexy, well made accessories that are both completely masculine and absolutely unisex. The scarves are big and bigger and something I totally wear everyday irl (seriously) and the jewelry and hats can only be compared to the likes of Megg of Chapeau tres Mignon and LaGyo. (Uma rocked it stampunk bunneh style.) Perfectly enough, these three stores, along with the always fantastic Mimikri & four Yip, are located together in what I’ll now refer to ‘alternative/avant garde/indie/bizzaro/sexxah shopping heaven.’ If you haven’t been, go, and go with lots of lindens at that.

Also wanted to mention MANNA, which has gotten a lot of coverage from it’s spot at the Albero accessories fair. I picked up the adventure boots and belt…total love = leather, detailed accessories and that wanderer spirit. If you like a little rugged, steampunk, cute girl in the woods style, MANNA is a place for you.

And Glow Studio‘s ‘free’ socks that come with the Jack earrings persuaded me to buy the earrings themselves!! Ahhh so cool, I love the print and the cut outs…I only hope for more prints in this unique sock style…and YFT‘s baggy half-pants have been an unspoken love for a while. They have that perfect amount of sexy sag to go with anything and everything…tomboy enough to be authentic, feminine enough not to set it over the edge…

Now if only I could tp somewhere, being stuck at home sucks. *shakes fist at sl*
<333Love, Abra

ps. Upon try-on #53 or so, Vive9‘s Belle finally grew on me. I’m not a total covernt like a lot of people (it’s my shape, not the skin’s fault), but it’s cute enough on ma’ strange bones! ;p

pps. UZURI is having a skin sale! 50% off from 3:30am Sat to 3:30am Sun. Here’s me in UZURI. If you like beautiful dark skins, you should own a UZURI skin, for sure!

From Saturday 3.30 am to Sunday 3.30 am:

You know the drill, details after the C.U.T…!!!

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Hi. I wasn’t going to post today, then the fantastic sim Drowsy opened and I had to post a little about it. I’ve been waiting in anticipation for it’s opening, and it’s even better than I expected. If you haven’t explored it yet, I’d do so soon as many beautiful sites and opening gifts await you. Check out the gift list below, if you want some direction.

I’d also like to mention my hair, a new favorite, funky style by Irollic. I hadn’t been to Irollic for a while, and was so happy to discover these fantastic braids. Each color comes with two style variations; in the other, the braid wraps around the front of the neck in a really cool way. Also, Gala Phoenix has released new makeups in the newest fact ‘June.’ I’ve really been loving this skin, and I’m so grateful for more makeup variations. Gala’s really on a roll as far as creative, beautiful, wearable colors and textures. I could have taken this dress to a sunny location, but I hadn’t been to House of Munster in a while and couldn’t resist the meat hooks. lol.


I made my way over to the Kalavinka Gallery in Rhizome, and picked up some of the most beautiful paintings. There’s also a free 2009 calender there and it’s beautiful enough to be a work of art in itself. I’m not sure how often this gallery changes, but last time I was there the paintings were different. Also, some $1L art from ArtMeter, at another part in Rhizome. It’s easier if you just take the slurl here. If you go to KIN-DZA-DZA, you can pick up more gifts, art and a cute little skybox. And at Epicurean, I found a pretty set of lingerie for $5L. I’m still sim hopping like nobody’s business and will report the findings soon. Love, Abra



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Sea Foam Wipeout

June 12, 2009

Just a lite look for an evening snack, yay for cute, easy to throw on outfits such as this! I like Apple May‘s little dress = perfect for summer layering over bikinis, longer skirts, leggings, nothing…;) Still obsessed with Kookie‘s shoes, srsly I have some repressed sculpted-prim-feet energy going on. I can’t take them off! LaGyo just released a badass ethnic collection with huge earrings and cuff bracelets. I love this line so hard, so be sure to check it out. Also: lovin’ TekuTeku‘s new Flow hairdo and Earthstones‘ perfectly-summer-perfectly-hippie hairbeads. They come with a L or R option and a leather headband that goes across your forehead. A well done upgrade from an earlier model I’ve loved (by a different designer). Also, check below in ‘currently’ and join up with the NOH8 project Trace has put together. It’s fun and of course, a most noble cause. <3Love, Abra

ps. Now the ‘more’ tab here = tutorials and help. Check it out as there may be something you find useful!


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Easy does it

June 10, 2009

It’s so summery here, I have yet to put on more than the thinnest cardigan to go out at night. It’s fantastic. As a result, I’m short of clothes and words here, another ‘lite look’ that I hope you enjoy! Love, Abra

ps. I’m so so so excited for CHOICE 2009!! Formerly the badass CSR series, it’s back and it’s going to be fantastic.


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The sun is shining

June 8, 2009


I’m going to start a new thing, called ‘lite look’ here. Basically this is more off the cuff dressing from time to time. I was suppose to have been doing this for a while, under the “everyday me” category, but I like concept dressing. This is a way to work the other side of my style as well as showcase some things I haven’t worn on here. (It’s amazing how much hasn’t made it on O.O Life of a blogger…) Nothing is new in here, but I want to mention the Faire skin and LaGyo Beauty earrings. Why Faire’s skin hasn’t gotten more attention is beyond me. Maybe it’s a hard skin to fit a shape too, but to me it’s so unique and different. It makes me excited to have it in my invo. Do you see that mouth? Oh my, it’s so cute and lovely! And the earrings! I love the sea foam green rocks (fav colorrrr!) and how they are big hunka hunkas of lovin’. Statement pieces rule, dood. <3Love, Abra

ps. Excuse the crap matching on the toes, the skin ball wasn’t working. (whutta name…) Anyway this is a ‘lite’ look which means I can be a little lazy <3

Chop Chop, more after the click…

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