August 22, 2009

[ HUG ] is one of those great shops a person finds on random. I came across it while randomly sim hopping in July, then promptly went on vacation before I could tell you about it. The concept of the store is great. A big, floating cardboard box is the main floor, with two drobak* houses floating above as the second story. Right now, there are a limited amount of items for sale, but all are well made and super charming. The Bubble Laundry is my favorite new alternative to a kiddie pool, it comes with three poses, a color change innertube and a flurry of big, shiny bubbles which can be turned on/off when you click the water. It is sculpted perfection. The Nostalgic Set consists of 4 chairs, 1 table, 6 trays of varying sizes, 2 glasses of water and the cutest apple bowl. All items are copy and the whole set is only $160L. (Yeah, I know.) The Hot Chocolate comes by itself, and in three different versions. I especially like the one that releases steam smiley faces. The Pastel Candles are an in store gift, just click the black sign which offers you many things. You can also get a good windlight setting, too. The [ HUG ] box is just the candle’s packaging, but I collect cute boxes so it’s a keeper. On the main floor there is a preview book of skins to come, and they look gorgeous. I’m really looking forward to their release, although I’m not sure when that will be. Hopefully soon! As of now, they are still being worked on so we must be patient. When the release comes you will certainly here it here! xo, Abra

ps. Check out this build. It’s so pretty it makes my eyes water.

details + more pictures below.

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August 19, 2009

Clematis is one of my favorite new plants stores. It opened in June and I came across it in July, before I went on vacation, but ran out of time to write about it. So I made my way back to the shop last night, and ran into the sweet owner iitomo, who was working on a new (and very cute) release. The store sells a host of asian region plants, home decor, a few lamps and clothing items that are well made and adorable. A good number of them are scripted to open/close their blooms or turn on/off to be used as a light. iitomo has put out a good bunch of gifts for anyone who stops by, and they are very well made and in generous quantities. If you happen to come to the store for the gifts, might I add that you also browse what’s for sale. The items are well worth it and as always, I urge you to support the many talented designers out there! xo, Abra

ps. iitomo just started a Clematis group, so join the group for news of upcoming releases and gifts! You can find it listed in my profile, for ease of finding it. :)

details & more pictures below…

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August 18, 2009

There’s a new prefab shop on the market! I’m really excited about fable. and if the first release is any indication, this shop will be a definite go to for well-made, well-textured, charming homes. The first release is a small, one room skybox, perfect for those who are in need of a good studio, office or starter home. It’s small enough to fit on a 512 sq. m. plot, and low prim enough to furnish! When you click the ceiling, it brings up a scripted menu and you get to choose from 4 different texturing options: animals, morning, hello sun, goodnight. This is a totally adorable build and I’m looking forward to more releases from fable. xo, Abra

more pictures & where to buy, below

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Hi all! Ok this post is for Doozer of Shade Throne, who suggested I post this look. Thanks Dooze, for the inspiration! A lot of great things are in my inventory, and the most frustrating thing about having them, is I cannot find them!!! This was the case for my skirt and top in this look. I bought them back in October and promptly lost them. I’d think about them on occasion and search and search…finally, yesterday, I found them! WIN! I also found a furniture set I thought was ‘eaten’ by the system. Score! I dunno what it was about yesterday, but I’m loving it!

The top/belt/skirt set is from Minority, this cute shop that specializes in folk outfits of the asian continent. I remember being so excited when I came across this shop, because I am completely passionate about folk wear irl and I thought, “finally!” when I found this ethnic clothes shop. In the tradtional look, I really went all out ethnic, whereas the modern look is what I’d wear irl!!! In fact, quite often I’ll make a paring of a bold ethnic piece with other, simpler basics to make a street-ready, urban, worldly look that is my style. You can certainly do this in world as well!

Domestic V had a special deal today, for a few hours the new Moon Spirit Skin was only 50L. I really appreciate the realism that DomV skins provide in sl. As Lili mentioned, they’re not Barbie perfect. They have a little bit of chappy lips, rougher textured skin and lots of freckles. I know how this sounds…not so hot, but honestly, I think the down-to-earthness of this skin makes it incredibly sexy. There are a a few more new skins out, all are 100L and are quite desirable in my eyes.

Ohhh, and just as you’ve seen on the feeds, Bare Rose‘s new bag rocks! go go go get.

On the home front, I had to gush about this amazing skybox I stumbled upon while on one of my random tp sprees. It’s from Xeniversity and the place is big so here’s the direct tp! The lighting, the tall ceilings, the textures, the sculpted ceiling pipes…ohhhh, make this skybox very special!!! I love it! If I get the inclination to redo house again, this will be at the top of my list!

I’m picking when it comes to prefabs, they have to be *just right.* I do like this one, ‘the hermit’ from Hydro. It’s so cozy, you just may become a hermit yourself, haha. Just joking. It’s cute, quaint, and light-filled, and you’re friends will be begging to come over and chill.

Also, check out these amazing freebie trees from PSYCHOSOMATIC REBUILDERS! I was so excited to come across them, with their unique, cartoony, whimsical shapes and low primmage…they’re irresistible! Ok, I may get one more post in before I go on another mini trip until Sunday! So stay tuned! :D <333Love, Abra

ps. This look, this modern look, is probably closest to my rl style as ever and prob my fav outfit if I had to pick!

*cute little cut…look below for details…
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Homes Round-Up

March 27, 2009

Hai. I mostly blog about fashion here, but what you may not know is I have a big love for homes and furniture. I think fashion very much translates into the home through personal style and expression, and a home is just an extension of one’s tastes, hobbies and lifestyle. I love having my little place in SL, to go hang out, change, take pictures, etc. Certainly, having the right set-up is vital for anyone. I went through a handful of homes before settling on my current digs, which I am totally in love with. I thought I’d round up some of my favorite places for you. Hope you enjoy! xo, Abra

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