designer’s united, part 1.

October 21, 2009

Deviant Girls

Hi all!! Designer’s United is back on October 25th and with a new theme: Crows! This theme is especially exciting on a personal level as crows and ravens are my favorite birds. If you remember, the first installment of Designer’s United, in August, had a Jellyfish theme and was chock full of amazing and inspired pieces. We can expect that same level of excitement and inspiration with the coming event, and I’m happy to have the chance to showcase some of the delightful pieces that are in store for us! As Jellyfish was a perfect theme for the end of summer, Crows are so fitting a representation for the deep darkness of the Autumn months. Let us begin.

Deviant Girls

!DADA! + LMK (aka. P-K)

There is an amazing array of designers participating in Designer’s United 2, some of my favorite names!!

Beetle bones
Boing Fromage
chicada by nilGiha
[glow] Studio
Milk Motion
Singing Moth
So Many Styles
Split Pea
This is a Fawn

Participating Designers are: Aitui, Balaclava, Beetle bones, Boing Fromage, chicada by nilGiha, Couverture, Duboo, [glow] Studio, JMMai, LaGyo, Milk Motion, Mocha, ModdG., Narwhal, !Ohmai, P-K, Pig, Singing Moth, So Many Styles, Split Pea, Sugarcube, This is a Fawn, Tyranny, Waffles, Vive9

Soooo exciting!!

Pig + Milk Motion

Designer’s United 2 will take place at the Cupcake sim from October 25th – November 3rd. There’s more to come on D.U. from me…this is only part one!! Stay tuned! Love, Abra

Milk Motion + [ glow] Studio


details below.

*Outfit Details:

hair: !lamb Unbirthday in Ink
skin: Exodi Lily in Dove/Death Becomes (from Exodi Hunt)
eyes: Tres Blah Violet Eyes

neck ruffle/top/skirt/leggings: Deviant Girls Crow’s Nest
shoes: ROT Test Boots

gloves/nails: SiniStyle Taped Fingers & Black Nails
cuff: Shade Throne The Baddest Cuff in Black

poses by [ glow ] studio

hair: DP*yumyum Barber*yumyum #18 in black
skin: Redgrave Leona Pale in Gold
nails: Gisele in floral orange (free)

wings: Atomic Hybrid Basic Wings in black
shirt: !DADA! Crows Sitting on Hight Voltage Cables in gold (part of outfit)
skirt: Persona Feathers set (part of outfit)
fishnets: Blowpop Seamed Fishnet Tights w/Panty in black
shoes: LMK (aka. P-K) Crow Heels w/Feathers

poses by SLC

hair: DP*yumyum Barber*yumyum #18 in black
skin: Milk Motion Colette in Crow

outfit: Pig Land of Makebelieve
shoes: ANEXX Buckle Wedge Boots in gray

horns: Wasabi Pills Inferno Horns (sooo amazing!!!)
poses by Long Awkward Pose

hair: P-K Gemma bun in Evene
skin: Redgrave Leona in Pale Smoky
lashes: [ glow ] studio Face decor Crow
nails: J’s black nails (free)

cardigan: Milk Motion my crow cardigan in grey
skirt: Madsy Peplum in Black
shoes: N-Core High School Xtreme Heel in black

necklace: Milk Motion my pearl & feather necklace
Milk Motion my tree of crows

skybox: Aitui 30 Miles From Here

3 Responses to “designer’s united, part 1.”

  1. Linka Says:

    hey Abra. Great post. I love first and the last look. Kisses

  2. Wow…nice post..your were the horns very well. :D

  3. Oops..typo…you WEAR the horns very well…I need more coffee this morning!

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