cream puff.

October 5, 2009

Another busy week irl, but how could I keep away from my imagination? I saw these Bare Rose pointe shoes on Esme’s blog, and flipped. For any of you that have read my past SL Wishlists (at the bottom of my posts), know how much I’ve desired a pair isl. I danced as a child, now I dance here too! Hope all is well! xo, Abra

details below.

*Outfit Details:
hair: Mirone Adie chestnut
skin: Exodi Lilu Dove in Vamped

poncho: Couverture Printemps Poncho in pink
skirt: Emery Banana Skirt
leggings + shoes: Bare Rose Toe Shoes

scarf: +J+ Wild Petal Scarf
gloves: Picnic Lace Gloves

poses by IZUMIYA, [ glow ] studio

*SL Wishlist: More time! <3

*Currently: Eating chicken noodle soup, ogling over my new rl watch, scheduling a pedi/massage. (!!)

One Response to “cream puff.”

  1. Linka Says:

    I adore this look Abra! beautiful :))))

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