October 29, 2009

Hi all <3 Sorry for the lack of postage, omgah, I’m so behind on what I have planned here. ‘Tis the season for sneezin’ and I caught a cold. >.< *achoo on u* RL has been hectic and add a flu bug onto that and things in my house have come to a screeching halt. Thankfully, I was able to find a moment to pop on, visit the Albero Autumn Fest, and post this look. The former is chock full of festival exclusives and discounts and you much check it out! The latter consists of my current favorite comfy clothes, and is very RL inspired, especially as of late…omg thank the world for yoga pants or I wouldn’t have even left the house for food! I’ve been wanting yoga pants in sl for a while, they’re one of those things I love irl and peculiarly, did not see nor own in world. I was talking to Emma of Surf. Co. about it and was basically like, “you must make these!!!” Thankfully she complied, and made them very well indeed! They very much go along with her shop’s cute n’ comfy aesthetic. She’ll have a 3 pack up for Fifty Linden Friday‘s, starting at midnight, so remember to participate! Another thing I love is Amerie Spitteler‘s Short Parka. I love the subtle animal print and the black and gold colors. I love black with gold and I think that, although the combination is totally glamourous, it works well in elevating a comfy look like this, making it more appropriate for street wear for us lazy ducks who can’t seem to muster up the energy to find a hair brush, let alone a pair of jeans. One more thing, my Doozer has been outdoing herself over and over with her new releases at Shade Throne. I love her new Wolfe shades and all the African inspired jewelry I’ve been too sick to debut. But please, check it out and check back for a future feature. Now there’s a tongue twister for you. <3xo, Abra

details below.

*Outfit Details:
hair: 69 NEGUKO in Plush Brown
skin: Blowpop Elizabeth in fresh cream look #5 (original Elizabeth)
tattoo: Aitui Minimalist Thrice We Were Accused in Fresh
nails: J’s Black French in bf01

jacket: Amerie Spitteler’s Short Parka in Black
shirt: Striped Capsleeve in White
pants: Surf Co. Yoga Pants in Black
shoes: Hoorenbeek Jogging Women’s in Black/Gold

glasses: Shade Throne Wolfe in Black 2
necklace: Chapeau tres Mignon Fawn
watch: Kalnins Trust


One Response to “achoo.”

  1. Euni Kira Says:

    super cool. me likey!! <3

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