u slouch.

October 17, 2009

Hi all…this is my lil hobo look, if you will. It’s so warm and cozy! I love these Amerie’s Naughty Loose Pants…and she just released some longer ones too! Although I have to say I like the shorter ones because you can play with tall shoes and socks, which = more fun for me. Chabbins Vintage Bag is another fine release from this adorable shop, I love worn leather so it makes me very happy. Doppelganger Inc.‘s Button Me Up socks have been getting some good attention lately, and I just love how simple and different they are! What a great idea! I love !lamb‘s Mango shade of hair…this was an old 50L Fridays item, and I love modifiable hats with hair…it’s easy to switch out the hat that way. \o/ Other things here, Zaara‘s lovely new ruffled tanks, AOHARU‘s Military Coat (oldie but so good, especially in this color and white!), and Tres Blah‘s new eyes…the dark Violet ones are so stunning. Hope you’re having a good weekend all! xo, Abra

details below

– – –

*Outfit Details:
hat: Sey WWatch Cap Skull
hair: !lamb Stargaze in Mango (50L Fridays, edited off the hat)
skin: Redgrave Leona Pale Natural
eyes: Tres Blah Violet Eyes

jacket: AOHARU Military Coat Khaki
shirt: Zaara Mishti Tanks in Charcoal
pants: Amerie’s Naughty Loose Pants in Khaki
socks: Doppelganger Inc. Button Me Up Socks in Mountain Valley
shoes: UBU Urban Bomb Unit PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops

gloves: En Svale Gloves in Beige
bag: Chabinns Vintage Bag

poses by 193 Short, Slash Me Poses, [ glow ] studio

*SL Wishlist: More cute prefabs!

*Currently: Eating homemade chili from a friend, drinking tea, loving working out.

5 Responses to “u slouch.”

  1. Ms. Robbiani Says:

    wooow… I never would have guessed that was a Redgrave skin. You looks so cute, like a puppy.

  2. Mai Moonwall Says:

    this is so cute and stylish!!

  3. December Says:

    Looove the jacket! :D

  4. Linka Says:

    Abra we are last 2 on the pixel world which still remeber about Leona.
    You look cutest in this hair color;)))


  5. Great pics, you are so cute when you go baggy! hee! LOVE the hat especially. And you make me wish for colder weather! <333

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