Easy does it

June 10, 2009

It’s so summery here, I have yet to put on more than the thinnest cardigan to go out at night. It’s fantastic. As a result, I’m short of clothes and words here, another ‘lite look’ that I hope you enjoy! Love, Abra

ps. I’m so so so excited for CHOICE 2009!! Formerly the badass CSR series, it’s back and it’s going to be fantastic.


– – –

hair: Jade in Gold Blonde by Maitreya (one of those lovely, unused hairs I discovered in invo while…shopping, go figure)
skin: June in Doe 1 by Curio (do you own it yet, well do you?)
rings: Space Invader by AVZ // Pow Pow by Shade Throne (the first is for my love of atari arcade games @ diners, the second is the bitchin’ new release of Undooz)
shirt: Loose Shirts in Black by NINIKO (made the short hem even shorter, also the shirt, and reshaped)
shorts: Rolled Denim in Dark by Surf Co. (such a summer favorite!)
shoes: Rifts in green/red by Hoorenbeek (I love these irl and isl)
tattoo: TIki Totem by Alexitimia (someone make more calf tattoos please, they are perfect with summer shorts!)
ears&horns and bag: Fawnication in Brown; Hoot in Black both by Gritty Kitty (I have given in to the Fawn ears, why not I say! The bag is G.K.’s new release and a homage to my Gram who collects owl statues. Esme showed it well too.)
nails: Floral Orange by Gisele (free, great metallic/soft colors)
joint by Northern Lights (only smoke the best)

*CURRENTLY: My ‘Feel Good’ playlist, baby gala apples (not related to phoenix..bad joke), dried whole bananas (how hippie can you get?)

*SL WISH LIST: A really well made, modern nylon tent. Has anyone out there found one? // A Divinci helicopter, just because!

7 Responses to “Easy does it”

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  2. Titian Macbeth Says:

    Really like the way you modded the shirt Abra and the shoes are driving me crazy!!

  3. Abra Exonar Says:

    Titian, ehehehe! Aren’t the shoes great?! I love them irl, too. I’m so happy Hoorenbeek has taken the time to bring them into SL. Just a year ago, I didn’t have sneakers like these, the range that is available now is like “WOW!” And thank you for the shirt/mod comment! It fits my curves better when it’s ‘hiked up’ a bit! xD <33

  4. you are just too cute! i love this outfit. i’d totes wear it in RL, and those SHOES, my new favorite.

  5. Reagen Says:

    Hey Abra! That pow ring is adorable, but I am having a super hard time finding it. I am at some scary militia sim, and some scary guy is trying to recruit me. So any help would be super awesome at this point. <3 Rea

    • Abra Exonar Says:


      Oh my!!! You poor thing!! LOL@the guy trying to recruit you!! Ok, so the ring came from Shade Throne. I’m not logged in atm, but the creator is Undo Hermano and there is a tp address in her picks! Good luck hun, and carry a big stick, ok? :D <33Abra

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