June 11, 2009

Hi all. About time I made a ‘proper outfit’ as those lite looks are wayyy too easy for my schlazy-lazy summer bum mindset. I wanted to go soft, girly and white, but organically enough, the idea evolved into something new. Polina-Kaestner‘s corset dress is such a great piece to have in one’s ‘closet,’ as is this this great, ruffled denim jacket from Bellange. I bought it at some obscure sim a while ago and it’s been tucked away in a rogue folder, waiting to see the light of day. Why I haven’t seen it on the feeds is beyond me… Bellange has some super cute things, I also picked up some ruffly shirts, $30L fishnet tights and a uber-cute winter coat. (There is no seasonal rest for the stylish, people.) My Shit Luck shorts are just polished enough to tie everything together; an ‘open front’ option comes with the shorts and you can buy suspenders that go along with the shorts as well. (Those are sold on the side.) Kookie‘s heels have been on my brain for far too long and I’m so happy I finally pulled them out today. I wore the sandals in a previous look and couldn’t get the tint ball to work. Well, it’s actually easy! Much easier than adjusting prim lashes. (D:<) They are by far my fav sculpted feet/shoes at the moment, mixing modern/sleek design with a little bit of funky style (aka. the curved heel and platform base). I swore I’d never wear fully sculpted feet, but you know how they tell you, never say never. Accessories = Royal Blue‘s heartbreakin’ rockin’ chunky as ^%$# heart (<333 it), LaGyo‘s equally fab & chunky ‘famous ring’ and a long time invo. survivor, my hustla clutch. I think it was my first purchase at Fabulous, oh soo long ago. That says a lot because invo. comes and goes, and only the good stuff makes the cut during spring cleaning! haha. Enjoy your night! Love, Abra

ps. to all the virtual smokers: go to Picnic to get a smoke like mine. I don’t know about you, but I can’t own enough quality smokes. They have menthol and lovers flavor sets. And the machine is cute.


– – –

hair: Maitreya Jade in Natural Blond
skin: :GP: Petal [Dark] June in Doe 1
corset: (P-K) Corsetted Dress
bikini top: Armidi Tricote Nada Top in Beige
jacket: Bellange denim JK dark
ring: LaGyo Famous ring in Gold
necklace: (Royal Blue) Love Stone Pendent in Onyx and Gold
shorts: *Shit Luck* Button Short in Dark Gray
tattoo: ::Alexitimia Tattoo:: Tiki Totem in Faded
shoes: *Kookie* Chic Heels in Creamy Latte
ciggie: Picnic lovers smoke
bag: .::FabulouS::. Hustla in Snake

*CURRENTLY: I can’t wait for Hair Fair 2009, woot!

*SL WISH LIST: A green grocery with all kinds of granola-crunch type-food. So I can put rice milk in my slfridge, yo.

8 Responses to “Shorty”

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  3. Nina Becker Says:

    pretty and fun outfit!
    the jacket is awesome!!

    and i can’t wait for hair fair too \o/

  4. GG Sideshow Says:

    That jacket is sooo cute!
    You look delicious Abra :D

  5. Abra Exonar Says:

    Nina thank you! \o/ wooo! Hair Fair, I am so stoked. It’s gonna be crazyyyy and so fun! <33

    GG, awww you make me blush! Thank you. Yes the jacket rocks, shame on me for taking so long to pull it out of invo. Just how good would ANY summer dress look under it?! <33

  6. surialexstyle Says:

    I’m loving this styling on this Abra…well done!

  7. Petitelittlegirl Pinklady Says:

    Abra, where can I get the jacket? I tried searching for Bellange and nothing comes up … thanks

  8. Abra Exonar Says:

    Thank you Suri!!! <333

    PLG, here's the SLurl to the shop: Thanks for reading <3

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