birds flying high, you know how I feel

July 16, 2009

I’m really loving Irie Campese’s new releases from So Many Styles. As you already know, I love ethnic pieces and Irie does a spectacular job bringing african flair to high end fashion. Long skirts, knits and chunky beads make frequent appearances, much to my delight. Her new releases are very sexy and lady like, all at once. I was inspired to throw together a look, using pieces from the new collection.

Another inspiration for me are the colors red, white and blue. Call me patriotic if you like, but I can’t help it, the color scheme has style. I threw in a handful of my favorite pieces of NAO, adding up to one lady day outfit and a more tomboyish one. Check it out.

Read on…

As mentioned above, I’m just loving the new So Many Styles release, as much or even more than the last. My love for this line keeps building and build. Irie keeps making more and more of what I like. Clothes for ladies with an ethnic bent. I’m fanning myself as I type this…gosh I love her line! This skirt, these tights and this necklace are all new favorites of mine, as are the corsage tank dress and military inspired hot pants, you must check them out!
I’ve had this Nano*style hat for a while and I love how the weaving plays off Mirone’s woven bag. The hat comes in a handful of colors, each as cute as the next. And if I remember correctly, they’re reasonable priced as well.

My Chronokit Comet watch has made a few appearances on the blog, and for good reason. It has a million and one settings to keep actual time, it’s texture changes color to match virtually any color scheme and it’s classic, well-built lines are timeless and go with anything: jeans, a fancy dress, a suit…Chronokit is a store I mention over and over, and it’s the workmanship that gets me every time. I think the clocks and furniture are unrivaled in their quality and style. There are some free plants available at the store so be sure and check it out if you’ve never been, or even if you have! :)

Heather of Rockberry just released her version of Devon Aoki’s face. Ok, I know this is, what the 6th or so Aoki inspired skin we’ve seen on the grid but: a) imho, it’s the most flattering one yet, especially on my bones and b) it’s flawlessly made. My big gripe with most of the Aoki skins out there is that the nose was super-weird at certain angles. As in, looking straight on, a person’s nose looked perfectly straight, but move 30 degrees to either side and their nose looked really strange and crooked. I, being the nose person that I am, just couldn’t get past that detail. Second, some of the shading was a bit strong for my personal tastes. And lastly, a lot of the skins were so well done that all I saw was Devon’s face when I tried on the demos. @_@ She’s gorgeous, but if a face is too obviously from someone else’s, I loose interest in wearing it. I have this same issue with Redgrave’s Scarlett, *shrugs.* When I first tried on Heather’s take of Aoki, I was immediately pleased. Although it’s Devon-esque, it’s definitely less-so than any of the other’s I’ve seen. As are all of Rockberry’s skins, Aoki is very soft and feminine and easy to wear. All 6 of the makeups are natural with a hint of sexy, and each comes with a clevage version as well as a ‘normal’ version. The skins come in an affordably priced package with a shape and brows included. BA-DA-BING!

Mirone‘s Miu Edman has also recently released some new pieces. These cool summer hairstyles, of loose, slightly messy ponytails are very well executed. I know this style is making multiple appearances from labels on and off the grid and Mirone’s are especially easy to wear. (Those little, wispy front pieces are, depending on your forehead shape, hard to fit sometimes!) Miu also released this great summer straw bag. It comes in 3 colors and is resizable. My one recommendation would be the ability to add in poses or a build-in AO, but for pictures, one can easily make it work!

JDDM of THEDOGS recently released these Hedi Scarves as part of an already brilliant collection. Check out my favorite layered Hedi chains, here. I mentioned before that THEDOGS reminded me of Hedi Slimane and I asked JDDM about it, apparently Hedi is an inspiration. Great minds think alike, folks.

I’m sure you all know AOHARU is having a summer sale until the 20th. I know three of you out there just gasped and went, “WHAT?!” So yes, this is the truth. I picked up this nice scrunch sleeve top for 50% off! You can get this and everything else in the collection for 50% off for about 3 1/2 more days, so if you haven’t been, hurry up already!

Coke, of Urban Bomb Unit, just released another addition to the PornStar line, the lowtop style! These flawlessly made, chuck inspired kicks are rockin’ I must say! For one that owns wayy too many chuck inspired sneakers, well, these are sooo good, I had to add another to the collection. You may already have a pair like this. You may love that pair to death. Dude, I feel you, but seriously…there is always room to love these!

I love my Sh*t Happens over-the-knee tube socks soooo much. I feel so Jr. High, so 70’s, so track and field, so American Apparel model, in these socks. They’re rockin’ and they go with everything. I also love my This is a Fawn tank top, a new release from OMGWTFBBQ’s line. (Her stuff gets cuter and cuter with each new release!)

Last but not least, Artilleri‘s newly released Johanna shorts rock my world! I love their vintage high-waisted look, I love their cuffs, I love the four colors they come in. I want to wear them with bikini tops and tunics and flannel and leggings until they just falll apart. *smooches* <33Love, Abra

ps. If you do like realistic celebrity skins, check out Lazolli‘s MJ and Cher skins. They’re very well done and good for photos.

pps. For those of you that had trouble finding the FU sneakers from the last post, I finally located the place I purchased them at, and the SLurl is! Now all your dreams of profane, shit-kicking sneakers can be fulfilled! <3

– – –


hat: Nano*style Caperin in Beige ribbon
hair: BP* Summer Braid in 2009-5
skin: Curio June in petal/frex/light/zenia2
earrings: Sue Stonebender‘s Diamond Studs (from the Jill in a Box newbie package, no joke!)
necklace: So Many Styles Pearl Necklace in black
tank: !Tarnished Pearl top in pink
watch: Chronokit Comet Lady’s
skirt: So Many Styles Flower Highwaist Skirt in red/grey
belt: Argrace belt (part of Natural white lady’s shirt; a favorite wide, high-slung belt!)
tights: So Many Styles Pattern Tights in grey
shoes: ETD Starley Pumps in black (classic and well made, a wardrobe essential)
bag: Mirone Rattan bag in dark

hair: Mirone Faye in black
Rockberry Aoki in A natural
Sue Stonebender‘s Diamond Studs (from the Jill in a Box newbie package, no joke!)
THEDOGS Hedi scarf in red tartan
This is a Fawn  Scoop Back Tank in grey
AOHARU BT_RollUpOpenShirt_Check005
BAKER’S Skull Ring (old favorite)
(yummy) Fanny Pack Extreeeme! in classy lady white
Artilleri Johanna shorts in black
Sh*t Happens Red Tube Socks
Urban Bomb Unit (UBU) PornStar Lo-Tops
poses by Kuso (thanks to Jesse for reminding me of this place, or I’d not have gone back!)

*CURRENTLY: Drinking tea & rice milk (double fisting, baby) and eating blueberries. That’s how I roll.

*SL WISHLIST: Sculpted ballet shoes, pointe shoes, in pink satin with pink satin ankle ribbons. I dream of them still.

9 Responses to “birds flying high, you know how I feel”

  1. Trace. Says:

    Adorable <3
    I do think there are a LOT of Devon skins but this one didn't even make me think of Devon til you mentioned it.

  2. Chance Says:

    Oh I want ballet slippers too! And you are the casual look queen!

  3. love those styles! <3
    especially second style is really my favorite!

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  9. Abra Exonar Says:

    Trace thank you! Yes this is the least Devon like of them all I think, but it doesn’t take away from how adorable it is…I think it adds to it actually!!! ;D

    Wowowow Chance thank you sooo much *blushes* and yes…I am still holding out for pointe shoes! *waits patiently* <3

    Newreem, thank you very much! I love the second one too..I love to dress up, but there is something so satisfying about good, well-made, well-worn casual wear xD <33

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