The sun is shining

June 8, 2009


I’m going to start a new thing, called ‘lite look’ here. Basically this is more off the cuff dressing from time to time. I was suppose to have been doing this for a while, under the “everyday me” category, but I like concept dressing. This is a way to work the other side of my style as well as showcase some things I haven’t worn on here. (It’s amazing how much hasn’t made it on O.O Life of a blogger…) Nothing is new in here, but I want to mention the Faire skin and LaGyo Beauty earrings. Why Faire’s skin hasn’t gotten more attention is beyond me. Maybe it’s a hard skin to fit a shape too, but to me it’s so unique and different. It makes me excited to have it in my invo. Do you see that mouth? Oh my, it’s so cute and lovely! And the earrings! I love the sea foam green rocks (fav colorrrr!) and how they are big hunka hunkas of lovin’. Statement pieces rule, dood. <3Love, Abra

ps. Excuse the crap matching on the toes, the skin ball wasn’t working. (whutta name…) Anyway this is a ‘lite’ look which means I can be a little lazy <3

Chop Chop, more after the click…

– – –


hair: Blue Velvet in Break of Dawn by Clawtooth (only available thru RFL season)
skin: The Affair in Cherry from Faire
glasses: Onyxia in Red by Artilleri
ring: Clover from Untone
earrings: Beauty from LaGyo
bikini: Flower Bandeau by AOHARU (get it for like $70L @ the Creators Pavilion summer sale, I think 6/6-6/21 (??)) =D
jeans: Flair Leg in Purple/Red by BP* (love affair from the start with these!)
tattoo: Toast by MiaSnow (it’s the mostest!)
shoes: Sand Sandals in Creme by Kookie
bag: Ibiza bag by Stitch by Stitch

*CURRENTLY = Design*Sponge = good design + good living.

*SL WISH LIST: Pointe Toe Ballerina shoes in pink satin, please!

5 Responses to “The sun is shining”

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  2. titianred Says:

    Ah, so cute! How did I miss that hair at Clawtooth? Not at the Tableau store maybe…. can you help??

  3. Abra Exonar Says:

    thank you titanred, the hair is indeed at the store. It’s upstairs in the Clawtooth store. If you like the color I have on, it’s not in the main vendor, but in the RFL vendor to the side. :)

  4. Emi Bade Says:

    I love how you wear the tatoo <33
    You have really cute styles *kisses*

  5. Abra Exonar Says:

    Emi thank you!! I love your style as well =D *kisses* <33

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