Hi all, I have an inspired look for you today, built on some new releases and a few favorites. I’ve been wanting to build a look with Milk Motion‘s pants since their release, and it took a bit of time for me to find how I wanted to wear them. I made a pact with myself, that I won’t force myself to post something because it’s new or popular, etc. Only if I’m ‘feeling it,’ if that makes sense. I do this for two reasons: 1) I’ll showcase it as best I can then and 2) This is a lookbook. I share this with you because, as a blogger, to bloggers and fashion affectionados alike, above all, I delight in seeing something worn well and creatively. I realize there are a lot of different types of blogs out there, some mainly do reviews and so the point of them is to showcase ‘fresh stuff,’ so them excluded. (And I thank them for all the hard work and notifying they do for us.) For the rest of us, who cultivate lookbooks, my message to you is take your time and do it how you like it. If your point is to showcase your personal style, nothing will ever be too soon or too late, so just have fun with it and remember to play! Of course, we all have excitement in new finds, that’s different. Just no pressure, this is all in good fun. ^..^

Moving on, by far my favorite new hair by 69 is Beni. I love the striped beret and the sassy, straight-haired bob. It’s one of those hairs that adds just the right dash of personality to a look, and it’s equally fitting when worn with a one-off minidress or pin-straight black jeans. I’m so happy to see 69 back, btw, it’s been ‘too long’ of a wait for me, as I really love Kumii’s work and she does a durn good hat hair!

Giana of GiGi Couture wore these awesome Italiano shoes in her new (fab) jeans ad and I had to find out where to get them! Good timing on our parts, as they were just released today. I love their leather covered platforms and studding and all the options that come with them. (The shoe changes to black/red/white/brown.) Definitely a statement shoe (but not obnoxiously so), and one that is just classically edgy enough to be ‘forever current.’ Also ‘yay’ for awesome new shoe brands! If this is the first release for this brand, I’ll surely want to see more from Italiano.

DeLa released this Chanel clutch recently, and I love it! A classic, hard-shell shape with a feminine bow. One of those things you can dress up or down and wear with both pants and dresses. It makes a great party clutch, but even more so, adds some femininity to my tomboy pants and hard-nosed shoes.

The Albero summer fest is going on and there are some great new items out from some of my favorite stores like Fishy Strawberry and RunoRuno. You can’t really see it, but under my shirt is Barbee‘s Albero exclusive bikini. The red color is refreshing, since most of barbee’s line is black and white. Also on offer are these great new loose, drapey cardigans and I love them! I’ll be featuring them in a look soon, for sure.

One last note, the Harajuku Box skin fair is going on until the 28th, so be sure to stop in and grab all the limited edition offerings from Curio, Blowpop, League, 5th & Oxford, My UglyDorothy (pictured) and more. There are some mega cute skins available and you have to check them out. I like fairs like this, because it really brings designers out of their box and you see a lot of makeups you wouldn’t normally expect. Wewt. <33Love, Abra

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I love this look. It’s simple and feminine and it perfectly encompasses summer for me. Breezy, softly flowing fabrics, soft colors, good textures… This look is completely modest, but also very sexy. I love when that happens. <33Love, Abra

ps. Skyhawke Sodwind & Sophia Harlow create some beautiful portraits. If you’re looking for a good photographic team, look no further. I was lucky enough to get a sitting with them, and here is the final result. Check their website for more details.

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Hi all! Another simple outfit with all the things I’m loving atm…and no, I couldn’t change my socks and shoes. I am in love, OK? ;P

Everyone’s going fishy for strawberries, me included! I love this dress and it’s been a big hit amongst the blogger gang. For good reason, it’s sexy, cute, summery and layerable! Very well executed Fae! You can pick up your own in white (or black!) at Fishy Strawberry!

Nylon Outfitters just released some new skins and they are rockin’! 4 tones x 12 makeups + tintable brows = a whole lot of lovin’! The facial features are very similar to the last (NO) skin release, but the shading is more dramatic and, I think, summery. Like you spent a lot of time out in the sun. I’ve really grown to love the shading and it’s a new fav for sure! Another big perk is Nylon isn’t afraid to use bold makeup on her skins, which is SO refreshing! I was lame in the fact that I chose to wear the ‘plain’ skin in this post…but it’s so durn pretty that I had to. But you gotta check out the bolder shades as well, think bindis, graphically bright eye makeups, bold lips….yum. I did a little comparison below, of the latest and previous release, so we can see the evolution of the face. =D Take a look! <33Love, Abra

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Hi I’m back from my mini-trip and feeling good. Here’s a little tipple of an outfit that I wore to LaGyo‘s Circus Collection launch party tonight (plus and minus a few things, due to deprimming). It’s a funky little outfit I call my own. Almost not circus-y, unless a punk ass runaway bride could make the show. About the collection: I’m deeply in love with Gyorgyna’s new collection. It’ not freakish or bright like a carnival, but deeply rich and glamourous and detailed like, say, a Cirque du Soleil performance. Dripping jeweled necklaces, embellished bangles, oversized earrings, lots of metal and precious stones and eye decorations! I am a very happy woman! 

My skin is LAQ‘s new release, Claudia, a face that I just covet, though it’s release hasn’t gotten as much coverage as April. If April is the softly glamourous, ethereally delicate one, then Claudia is her refined, lushly exotic first cousin. Glowy-soft and so pretty in the style that could only be LAQ, Claudia is radiant with plush lips, dark brows and lightly tanned skin. I think her features would serve well in a fairer shade as well, with lighter brows…but this may just be a preference of mine since I am usually more ‘milky.’ The dark tone only makes me want to indulge in this face more- all summer long. 

This kickin’ hairdo is by Undo of Shade Throne, and is one of 4 hair styles she is releasing today. All 4 styles come in 4 staple colors: dark platinum blond, blood red, chestnut brown and inky black. Just like Undo’s whole line, her new hairs exude glamour and attitude, two essentials of fashion. The concept behind the styles is ‘wet hair,’ as if you got out of the shower, pool or ocean- this can easily be translated into a good night’s bed-head or sexy tousled locks. Grab one or, if you’re smart, all of them. imho, they’re that good. <333Love, Abra

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Hey y’all, I’ll be away until the 5th or 6th, so no updates until then. ^___^ I leave you with a dirty, ratty, tomboyish look that I am loving. What more to say?! I love THEDOGS, Shade Throne, NinikoBoy (and Niniko too. it’s fun to wear boys clothes though..), Surf Couture, LLP, GoK, Alexitimia

These boots made me dizzy and filled me with joy! New, hot, buckled, ankle boots! Like sweet honey to my ears…I’d never seen or heard of grasp before, but I sure do love their boots and wallets! So well made, so rockin’ good. yum yum yum! My hair is Doozer of Shade Throne‘s premiere hairdo, out soon I hope! My flight goggles are made by Kumaki, and the texture and details are just great. (I love the way the leather strap flips out, this always happens irl, bahaha.) Royal Blue‘s leggings aren’t super new, but I think I need to see more people wear the contrast leggings, omg how I love them!!! I saw Falastear Aeon and was reminded of Little Heaven. Sweet goodness, I loved this place when I was a baby here. I still do, although the newer build scares the bejezzus out of me each time I’m there. The leg pouch and tools are from the Herb Hunt outfits. LH makes great theme outfits as well as goth clothes and if you need a ridiculously sexy/thissideoftrashy look, go, go, go there. I wasn’t going to indulge in a Devon Aoki skin until Lazolli‘s came around. I really love the look of each of the skinsout there, each has it’s own cool & lovely twist, but Lazolli’s is the one to wear in my case. And of course, my watch is chronokit, some of the best watches in sl, hands doooown.

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet yeah…make you wanna move your dancing feet now, enjoy the sun, folks! <333Love, Abra

ps. Sanu is having a Treasure Quest. Click here, go hunt, be happy!!!

pps. Morrigan Denimore of The Black Canary is starting a Lolita magazine, the first in SL!! He’s looking for contributors and also, people to join the Lolita photo contest! IM him for the notecard on how to enter!


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Hi. I wasn’t going to post today, then the fantastic sim Drowsy opened and I had to post a little about it. I’ve been waiting in anticipation for it’s opening, and it’s even better than I expected. If you haven’t explored it yet, I’d do so soon as many beautiful sites and opening gifts await you. Check out the gift list below, if you want some direction.

I’d also like to mention my hair, a new favorite, funky style by Irollic. I hadn’t been to Irollic for a while, and was so happy to discover these fantastic braids. Each color comes with two style variations; in the other, the braid wraps around the front of the neck in a really cool way. Also, Gala Phoenix has released new makeups in the newest fact ‘June.’ I’ve really been loving this skin, and I’m so grateful for more makeup variations. Gala’s really on a roll as far as creative, beautiful, wearable colors and textures. I could have taken this dress to a sunny location, but I hadn’t been to House of Munster in a while and couldn’t resist the meat hooks. lol.


I made my way over to the Kalavinka Gallery in Rhizome, and picked up some of the most beautiful paintings. There’s also a free 2009 calender there and it’s beautiful enough to be a work of art in itself. I’m not sure how often this gallery changes, but last time I was there the paintings were different. Also, some $1L art from ArtMeter, at another part in Rhizome. It’s easier if you just take the slurl here. If you go to KIN-DZA-DZA, you can pick up more gifts, art and a cute little skybox. And at Epicurean, I found a pretty set of lingerie for $5L. I’m still sim hopping like nobody’s business and will report the findings soon. Love, Abra



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