On the Shade Throne

March 18, 2009

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February 10, 2009

Trixie | 4

Trixie | 1


Bubblegum, tie-dye pop. Falalalala…!!! I really love Church of Luxe and was inspired by their new release dress. After putting it on, I thought the outfit needed some color to it and I didn’t want to add another top so I modded together the belt of one COL dress to the skirt of another. Voila! My kooky look. ;p

I’ve been following Mayden Couture’s Flickr for a while now and was lucky enough to get a preview of the new line. I’m wearing the new Mayden Couture “Cley” skin and I adore it. You may have seen some of the other skins around and the whole line is shaping up to be just brilliant. The best news is they open today, and I’m totally heading over to pick up some more nummyness. Yay!

The ultra cool Dango Jewell dropped me her new releases and I couldn’t be happier with them!! Cute jeweled clutches in an array of colors and patterns. Because straps can be tricky in SL, I’m always looking for a good clutch to take the complication out of wearing something. I especially like these for their chunky, jeweled flap which adds just enough glamour and texture to really catch the eye.

I’m wearing my favorite rose ring by Elate! (I totes had to get the fat pack because I love them so much.) Their default attachment point is the right hand, which is cool because most rings go on the left. Saves me editing it!! Also, LeeZu’s flower headdress has been sitting in my inventory for a while, originally bought for a different outfit and completely forgotten about. :/ But it’s so fantastic, I was incredibly excited upon rediscovery as it’s super interesting and goes perfectly with this look, ftw!

I’ve mixed my favorite paper.couture pearl necklace with [ICoN]’s new Valentine’s release for a chunky/funky necklace. I love how [ICoN]’s comes with two different necklaces, one at the spine attachment point and one at the chest. So you can layer them or mix them with different necklaces as I have done here. Also, stop by [ICoN] and join the group to get a cute Valentine necklace for sale (for free) to group members only. I missed y’all, hopefully I can find a little more time this week to blog before it gets crazy again! =))) xoxo

ps. I really miss blogging a lot! RL has been hectic and busy, etc. etc. and it seems every time I want to post, something else gets in the way. For the next 2-3 weeks, posting here will be sporadic but after that it’s back to the schedule of regular nummyness. <333


Trixie | 3

Trixie | 2



Hair: “Noce” in Light Brown by Fascino

Hair Flower: “Natty Scarf Pin” by LeeZu Baxter

Skin: “Cley” in #7 by Mayden Couture (opening on February 10th)

Nails: “Deep Dream” in Plum by Bijou

Sunglasses: “Retro” in Neon by VintageWear

Ring: “Pink Rose” by Elate!

Necklaces: “Heart” in Pink by [ICoN] // “Pearl Strand” by paper.couture (part of set)

Clutch: “Dynasty” in Streetlife by Fabulous

Dress: “Amour” “Martina” in Tie-dye by Church of Luxe (belt of “Amour” attached to skirt of “Martina”)

Socks: “Knee Socks” in Olive by En Svale (free @ store)

Shoes: “La Jalousie Suede Boots” in Mystique by Gbberish**

Poses: Pididdle; Lotta

Too much/too young

November 7, 2008

Too much/too young | Six

My RL friend laughed when he saw this post. He says this is spot on, my daily look. I would concur, and yet I love pearls, I love leather, I love sneakers, I love jeans. (And I totally need a pair of sunglasses on most days for reasons that will go undiscussed here..) I dig good accessories and for the most part, I like a lot of them. This can change at any time and usually does, but my general rule is ‘more is more.’ Hey, it works for me.

To me this is an easy to wear outfit, with a lot of great pieces and a ton going on. It’s almost busy, and how a person can save busy outfits from going over the edge is to keep everything in the same tonal range or pick items that really compliment each other. The tee is a new fav, from AyYaiYai. I also picked up their cassette tee which is equally fun and totally unisex. There’s also this burger one out there on the grid, and I’m kicking myself for not getting it, only because all the shops can get jumbled in my head. (A new mission, for sure.) For me, if I really like it and it’s at a ‘non-main’ shop, I buy it. Or else it’s basically pixel dust to me. The world is big, SL is bigger. Smooches xo

Too much/too young | One

Too much/too young | Seven

Too much/too young | Eight

Too much/too young | Three

Too much/too young | Four

Too much/too young | Five

Too much/too young | Two


Hair: ‘Yuka chignon’ in Brown by BP*
Skin: ‘Lyla Pale Natural’ by Redgrave
Jacket: ‘Short Leather Jacket’ in Brown by Ce Cubic Effect
Shirt: ‘Geisha Kitty’ tee by AyYaiYai
Jeans: ‘Classic’ in Charcoal by { Zaara }
Sunglasses: ‘Retro Shades.2’ in Neon by VINTAGEwear
Earrings: ‘Tsubaki’ earrings by *UnTone*
Necklace: ‘Pearl Strand Necklace’ by paper.couture
Gloves: ‘V gloves in Brown’ by Vett’s Boutique
Belt: ‘Key Belt’ single belt by Little Heaven
Bracelet (L): ‘Terra Bangle in Opal’ by TOSL
Bracelet (R): ‘Metal Bangle Bracelet in Fall Colors’ by Love Chic
Ring: ‘Everbloom ring’ by paper.couture
Bag: ‘Pochette’ in Indigo by No Face
Shoes: ‘Porn Star Xtra Hi-Tops’ by Urban Bomb Unit (UBU)