Daphne, ILY!

June 27, 2009

Today, Fishy Strawberry releases it’s first ever skin: Daphne. I’m so incredibly excited about this release, and I think Fae did an excellent job! Daphne comes in 3 skin tones, each in 11 makeup variations, with black, brown and blond eyebrow options, and with or without a hairline. OMG!! Yes, she dun gone and thought of everything…

Daphne’s face is super cute. Super. Cute. Think strong Brows, flirty eyes, juicy, kisssssable lips and dimples! Omg, the world’s most perfect dimples!! /me swoooons… Daphne’s body is softly sculpted, with even lighting throughout. Think soft, glowing, perfectly moisturized skin. (Not ‘greasy’ or ‘oiled’, and certainly not ‘flat.) Her bum is cute and I love the little mole on the right breast! (not pictured, so you can discover it for yourself…)

There’s also a ‘deluxe demo’ in an exclusive makeup in the Fishy Strawberry subscrib-o-matic, so join up and check the history for it. Try it on, fall in love, go back for more…that’s the way it works folks! <333Love, Abra

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The sun is shining

June 8, 2009


I’m going to start a new thing, called ‘lite look’ here. Basically this is more off the cuff dressing from time to time. I was suppose to have been doing this for a while, under the “everyday me” category, but I like concept dressing. This is a way to work the other side of my style as well as showcase some things I haven’t worn on here. (It’s amazing how much hasn’t made it on O.O Life of a blogger…) Nothing is new in here, but I want to mention the Faire skin and LaGyo Beauty earrings. Why Faire’s skin hasn’t gotten more attention is beyond me. Maybe it’s a hard skin to fit a shape too, but to me it’s so unique and different. It makes me excited to have it in my invo. Do you see that mouth? Oh my, it’s so cute and lovely! And the earrings! I love the sea foam green rocks (fav colorrrr!) and how they are big hunka hunkas of lovin’. Statement pieces rule, dood. <3Love, Abra

ps. Excuse the crap matching on the toes, the skin ball wasn’t working. (whutta name…) Anyway this is a ‘lite’ look which means I can be a little lazy <3

Chop Chop, more after the click…

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end of (my) week

May 28, 2009

Hi all, it’s been a few days, yea? Lately I’ve been feeling so creative, I’ve been working on some other things, which in turn has inspired me to blog! I’ve been feeling a lot of different looks, and here is a trio for you. I’m seriously regretting not taking out my piercing for the third one, but it’s ok. I’d gotten so use to using it, it was second nature to see it on my face! lol. Some notables are the frickin’ fantastic Shade Throne earrings (<3 Undo), NINIKO‘s new bow top, Esme Milena‘s new poses (not for sale yet, but I really hope she makes more and opens up shop…they are fantastic), the Kalnins‘ shoes everyone’s been in love over (srsly, from first sight…I was so enamoured with them it took me days and days to wear them…this happens sometimes with things I like too much, lol), ROT‘s authentic Doc Martin/Combat boots (not new, but worth mentioning since they are the best out there, imho), LaGyo‘s ‘Space Cuties’ choker (like all Gyo’s things, it’s edgy, girly and totally cool), [ glow ] studio‘s lashes (I’ve been meaning to post about them for ages, probably the most exciting place for lashes out there), Au Jus poses (small shop, new to me, and I like them) and booN‘s GIC128 hair (which is one of the newer styles, and completely saucy/cute and sooe wearable- I love the side curls). *phew* I had to do my loves in list form, to prevent you from reading a novel. ;) 

Well, there’s lots of new things to come soon, and I’m exciting for some of the upcoming releases including BP* and LeLutka. (Bettiepage and Minnu have been posting tantilizing teasers on their flickrs and I’m really excited about it!!!) I’m out of town, for real, this weekend. (No bailout disaster camping, no way!) I’ll see everyone on Monday! =D Love, Abra

ps. I forgot to talk about Eva‘s Bubble Dress, which I wore 3 days in a row…with all three layers on, then as a skinner version with the top ‘puff off’ and then finally as a shirt. I wore it dressy, goth and casual…it’s so versatile! 3 days has to be a record for me. As James observed, “it’s the perfect combination of sculpt and flex. Check it out.



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November 20, 2008

Brrrrr.... | Eight


Another weekend getaway, to somewhere very, very chilly. I’ll be out of my element for sure, but good things are to come! I’m excited about some RL layering opportunities I’ll have, as well as visiting a place I’ve never been before. In honor of weekend trip #2, here is a cutesy outfit featuring all the winter classics: gloves, scarves, sweaters, earmuffs, boots. And hot cocoa!! =(^..^)=

The pants are *BOOM* and I featured them a while back at Free*Style. It was actually an accident that I got my hands on them early, but ’twas a happy one as these pants are the best!! A favorite for sure! What with the rich colors, the tweed texture and the wide cuffs, they’re the perfect non-boring ‘basic’ for any girl’s closet. (Aranel you did an excellent job on them, and ty <3<#3) I hear that *BOOM* will be having a lil mini hunt for the pants this weekend, so keep your ears perked- you’ll definitely want, wait need, a pair!

I love this scarf because it wraps around the body so nicely, and the sweater is beyond cute. It comes with some seamstress cuffs as well, if you like to be more decorated. >_< Finding this belt made me excited because it’s cute, chunky and comes in a bunch of colors, plus it’s MOD! Ahh, being so small, it’s hard to find a good fitting, cute belt. Thank goodness for this beauty!

Well, wish me a safe flight. I’ll be back on Monday, safe and sound, newly inspired and filled with hot cocoa and marshmallows. xoxo

ps. Dahlia I am coming to your land, full of maple syrup and Tim Hortons. Horray!!


Brrrrr.... | Seven

Brrrrr.... | Four

Brrrrr.... | Three

Brrrrr.... | Five

Brrrrr.... | Two

Brrrrr.... | Six

 Brrrrr.... | One


Skin: ‘Sakura Light’ in Natural by Redgrave

Hair: ‘004 +L+’ in  cafe color / chocolate by Revolve

Sweater: ‘Ohariko Sweater’ in Black by =EkoEko=

Pants: ‘Fall Tweed’ in Cranberry by *BOOM*

Belt: ‘Chunky’ in Copper by Adam n Eve

Boots: ‘Brown Suede Ankle Boots’ by BAX

Gloves: ‘Wool Gloves’ in Red Omake by *+creo+*

Scarf: ‘Draped Scarf’ in Classic Plaid by Tyranny

Bag: ‘MN Bag’ in White by [ICoN] (part of set)

Bear: ‘Big Toy Bear’ by =Feather=

Earrings: ‘tsubaki’ by *UnTone*  

Earmuffs: ‘Bunny’ in White by Chapeau tres Mignon

Too much/too young

November 7, 2008

Too much/too young | Six

My RL friend laughed when he saw this post. He says this is spot on, my daily look. I would concur, and yet I love pearls, I love leather, I love sneakers, I love jeans. (And I totally need a pair of sunglasses on most days for reasons that will go undiscussed here..) I dig good accessories and for the most part, I like a lot of them. This can change at any time and usually does, but my general rule is ‘more is more.’ Hey, it works for me.

To me this is an easy to wear outfit, with a lot of great pieces and a ton going on. It’s almost busy, and how a person can save busy outfits from going over the edge is to keep everything in the same tonal range or pick items that really compliment each other. The tee is a new fav, from AyYaiYai. I also picked up their cassette tee which is equally fun and totally unisex. There’s also this burger one out there on the grid, and I’m kicking myself for not getting it, only because all the shops can get jumbled in my head. (A new mission, for sure.) For me, if I really like it and it’s at a ‘non-main’ shop, I buy it. Or else it’s basically pixel dust to me. The world is big, SL is bigger. Smooches xo

Too much/too young | One

Too much/too young | Seven

Too much/too young | Eight

Too much/too young | Three

Too much/too young | Four

Too much/too young | Five

Too much/too young | Two


Hair: ‘Yuka chignon’ in Brown by BP*
Skin: ‘Lyla Pale Natural’ by Redgrave
Jacket: ‘Short Leather Jacket’ in Brown by Ce Cubic Effect
Shirt: ‘Geisha Kitty’ tee by AyYaiYai
Jeans: ‘Classic’ in Charcoal by { Zaara }
Sunglasses: ‘Retro Shades.2’ in Neon by VINTAGEwear
Earrings: ‘Tsubaki’ earrings by *UnTone*
Necklace: ‘Pearl Strand Necklace’ by paper.couture
Gloves: ‘V gloves in Brown’ by Vett’s Boutique
Belt: ‘Key Belt’ single belt by Little Heaven
Bracelet (L): ‘Terra Bangle in Opal’ by TOSL
Bracelet (R): ‘Metal Bangle Bracelet in Fall Colors’ by Love Chic
Ring: ‘Everbloom ring’ by paper.couture
Bag: ‘Pochette’ in Indigo by No Face
Shoes: ‘Porn Star Xtra Hi-Tops’ by Urban Bomb Unit (UBU)

Practical Girls

November 4, 2008

Practical Girls | Seven

Practical Girls | Four 


…know how to dress cute and keep warm.

…keep a good balance between sexy and cute and never look prudish or slutty.

…love a good pair of shoes that you can actually walk in.

…get their beauty rest.

…keep the makeup natural.

…explore bright colors with optimistic enthusiasm. 



Practical Girls | Two 

Practical Girls | Nine

Practical Girls | Six

Practical Girls | Three

Practical Girls | Eight

Practical Girls | Five
Practical Girls | One



Skin: ‘Sakura’ in Light Natural by Redgrave

Hair: ‘Rihanna’ in Dark Brown by [Aden]

Dress: ‘Omaha’ dress by Beauty Avatar

Sweater: ‘Knit Jacket’ in Dark Gray by Ce Cubic Effect

Leggings: ‘Argyle’ tights in Purple1 by BP*

Shoes: ‘Stella’ pumps in Extra Pink by =DeLa*=

Bracelets: ‘BH Bracelets’ by *UnTone*

Scarf: ‘Mraz’ scarf in Raspberry by [Decoy]

Nails: ‘Dark Purple/Black’ by Swallowtail

Smooth edges

October 14, 2008

10.14.08 | Three


I’ve had this outfit in my mind for a bit. I got this jacket ages ago, as far as SL time goes, and have been wanted to wear it forever. I was smitten at first glance, but somehow if I like something *a lot* I sometimes hide it away for a while. Psych Anal/ysts, go at it. My SL closet mirrors RL in that I have a bunch of gorgeous things I haven’t been able to pull out and wear because of time/weather/laziness/lack of coordinating shoes…

Of course any stylish girl has her favorites and any that say differently are full of it. That is part of it too, for sure. I’m stuck on this hair right now and loving it, completely a smitten kitten. (another packed away treasure, from hair fair no less…don’t laugh!) I was in such a dark and bloody phase a few weeks ago, now that all the Halloween stuff is here, blond feels right. haha. Clean, pulled back, sleek (but not too sleek, must leave room for a few fly aways), fabulous blond. Fashion is as much a reaction to the current condition/events as it is a personal expression. I wouldn’t say I’m a rebel, but I do get bored. 


10.14.08 | Five


With this outfit I wanted some edge, but without being masculine in any way. Been there, done that last month and it’ll come around again, just not now. Today I was craving a little sass, touches of color, texture…


10.14.08 | Six


I am a stickler for matching metals, I guess I’ll never own a trinity gold ring! ;P Well, it all depends on it’s style and the mood I’m in but..*ahem* oh yes… I modded my boots and belt to match my earrings. I am in a gold/warm metals mood for fall. These earrings are from my new favorite jewelry shop, *UnTone* (see below post as well). For me, good places/things seem to hide themselves in front of my face until the time is right. How I missed this place, right next to *MilcaHolic*, is anyones guess. ?!? Since I’ve been to the awesome *MH* 1,000 times. A funny thing it is. But all is fine, I have my earrings, they are gorgeous and I am happy.


10.14.08 | Four


Speaking of *UnTone* there are some gorgeous head pieces that I am eyeing. Ohhh…I have the perfect dress. I must gush, it’s not spoiling anything if it’s good right? They have some mismatched pairs of earrings too, I love the whole idea of ‘twins’ as Camper shoes has so perfectly presented it. Similar, matching, but individuals in their own right- they are lovely.


10.14.08 | Two


Oh oh oh, be proud of me, this is my first time wearing prim lashes. You’re surprised? Well, I didn’t like how they are static because it looks strange when one blinks. Snow Rabbit does have a special lash/face light/toaster HUD that removes that problem, but SL’s new upgrade created a bug so it’s off the market for a revamp. *le sigh* All that aside, my new skin needed some serious lashes to make up for the lack of liner/smokeyness. I must say the effect is gorgeous! I know, I know…prim lashes rock…big secret…not. But let a girl have her fun! They’re so pretty I’ll even excuse the looong arse time it took to adujst them (much too long) and the whole blinking issue. 

I’m in a chatty mood because I’ve missed y’all <3<3 Glad to be back, mah lil pumpkins. xo


‘La pequena chaqueta’ jacket in yellow by LeeZu Baxter Designs

‘Minden’ camisole #11 by Beauty Avatar

‘classic jeans’ in moss by Zaara

‘Azaghal female teeth belt’ by Husky GFX (modded a lil)

‘Tsubaki earrings’ in gold by *UnTone*

‘bloom boots’ in violet by Maitreya (modded a lil)

‘moscow skin’ in light/4b by Minnu Model Skins (MMS)

‘ribbon hair’ in gold blond by MMS (modded a bit)