May 7, 2009

Hello everyone! I’m back from my trip, it was so wonderful, completely unreal. I’m feeling so good, really inspired and totally (gleefully) overwhelmed by all the goodness that is new to me. Horray! (and poo to my poor wallet, poor thing.) This look was put together after I went to the farmer’s market this morning. I picked out the most gorgeous bouquet of spring flowers and set them on my desk so I could sneak peeks at them and smell their sweet petals as I put this look together. More “everyday looks” for you, :)) Personally, I think the best looks are the ones you can wear just about anywhere. They are the most ‘loved’ looks in the end. So I will try to serve up some ‘homestyle style’ with that idea behind it. This is one I could pull out on any good day and I will wear it until it’s ‘threadbearren’ (so I can tan with it on. ;)) The dress is actually two, the puffy part is from a different dress and I think that the finished dress is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Love when that happens!! Well, it’s good to be back. Travel is something I really cherish, but I also cherish my home and my ‘home’ here too. So hi hi hi and kiss kiss kiss! And I hope you enjoy! <3xoxo, Abra 


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Purple & Pink

January 2, 2009



I’m in a girly sort of mood. Blame it on Church of Luxe, what with all the cute, girly, hi-waisted dresses with puffly sleeves…I am enraptured by them. Marni Grut is on the brink of releasing these new “Slouchy Pouchy” bags over at (Royal Blue). I saw Dahlia with one and just swooned. The shape! The colors! Tell me, can a girl really have enough bags? And one more thing, Pig’s peacock stockings! They’re not new, but they’re fantastic!! I love the little feather in the back detail, a small surprise at the goodbye is always fun.

When growing up, my room was pink, purple and blue. My favorite colors back then. I’ve since branched out into bolder colors like rusty red and burnt umber and even yellow and green, but my love for the trio still remains. Here, I’ve subtracted out poor blue, but it’s ok because I’ve featured blue on it’s own before. I love this outfit. It’s a girly and a little posh. Cute, but not overly so. Not serious, but seriously easy to wear. A good way to start 2009, I think. xoxo

ps. This look can be worn a bunch of different ways, here are two to get you started. :))


a good day

 lean & sway


bag lady


Hair: “#10” in Chocolate by DP*yumyum

Skin: “Vivian” in Pale/Soft Pink by *REDGRAVE*

Eyes: “pink ocean” by Poetic Eyes

Earrings: “Pearl Earrings” by paper.couture 

Necklace: “Pearl Necklace” by paper.couture

Bracelet #1: “Quartz Bracelet” by Serenity Day Spa

Bracelet #2: “Terra Bangle” in Opal by TOSL

Ring: “Everbloom” by paper.couture

Headband: “Flower Katsusha” in Gold *chicoco*

Dress: “Jenna” in Blueberry by Church of Luxe

Jacket: “Bolero” in Gray by *COCO*

Gloves: “Half Glove” in Brown by (Royal Blue)

Socks: “Pink Knee Socks” by en Svale. (freebie)

Stockings: “#3 Peacock Tights” by Pig

Shoes: “Richelieux” by (Polina-Kaestner)

Bag: “Slouchy Pouchy” in Pinky Purple by (Royal Blue)

Bon Voyage

November 13, 2008

Bon Voyage | One

Hello all. <3 This week has proven to be busier than I had imagined. Yours truly is going to be AFK until Monday. A lil, quick, spontaneous jaunt out of town that involves cute boys and the outdoors. Yeah, the outdoors. Don’t believe all the hype that glamour girls are afraid of getting dirty. No, no, quite the contrary. We just know how to clean up better than the rest! ;)) In celebration of my travels, I present to you my no-fail, fool-proof RL travel outfit. {Zaara} read my mind with the new release of pashminas. OMG! Such a classic, beautiful, practical, perfect wardrobe staple! They are gorgeous and so realistic, exactly how one would wear it in real life, draped perfectly around one’s shoulders. *le sigh*

These boots are also something to talk about. A few weeks back, a lil bird dropped me a hit about this store, located in a cute building on an obscure sim. I came to find that there is another, more popular (and wayy busier) location elsewhere. Nevertheless, to me, the thrill is in the find. I love new stores, especially when they house ultra-cool, gorgie boots. To me, I imagine horse stables when I wear these, due in part, to the fact, that I grew up riding. The back buckle detail and the metal work in the front couldn’t be better. Loove them.

One other thing- these pants!! Pure love. The buttons, the back seam, the color. *le sigh* I saw these pants weeks ago and have since been putting together an outfit in my mind. (Yeah, it doesn’t always happen overnight people.) Victory is mine! It took ages, in fashion time, but I love what has come of them and would, and will, wear this outfit until it is (virtually) threadbare.

Have a good weekend everyone, see you next week! >_<

Smooches and cocktails, Abra ♥

Bon Voyage | Three

Bon Voyage | Two

Bon Voyage | Five

Bon Voyage | Seven

Bon Voyage | Eight

Bon Voyage | Six

Bon Voyage | Nine


Hair: ‘Pompadour’ in Blonde by *Shop Seu*

Skin: Custom by Soda Skins

Jacket: ‘Amsterdam’ jacket in Brown by Beauty Avatar

Shirt: ‘Dalini’ in Apricot by [Decoy]

Pants: ‘Sergeant pepper’ in Teal by TOSL

Scarf: ‘pashmina shawl’ in peach & cream by {Zaara}

Bag: ‘DS shoulder bag’ in Brown by [ICoN]

Ring: ‘everbloom’ by paper.couture

Earrings: ‘Marquise 1 pink’ by Beauty Avatar

Bracelet: ‘Eternity Bracelet’ in Tourmaline/Gold by {Violet Voltaire}

Boots: ‘Amazone’ by Storm Schmooz

Nails: ‘Dark purple/black’ by Swallowtail

Sunglasses: ‘Lifestyle Aviators’ in White Gold by [Armidi Gisaci]

Poses: Hiccup and *TorridWear*

Too much/too young

November 7, 2008

Too much/too young | Six

My RL friend laughed when he saw this post. He says this is spot on, my daily look. I would concur, and yet I love pearls, I love leather, I love sneakers, I love jeans. (And I totally need a pair of sunglasses on most days for reasons that will go undiscussed here..) I dig good accessories and for the most part, I like a lot of them. This can change at any time and usually does, but my general rule is ‘more is more.’ Hey, it works for me.

To me this is an easy to wear outfit, with a lot of great pieces and a ton going on. It’s almost busy, and how a person can save busy outfits from going over the edge is to keep everything in the same tonal range or pick items that really compliment each other. The tee is a new fav, from AyYaiYai. I also picked up their cassette tee which is equally fun and totally unisex. There’s also this burger one out there on the grid, and I’m kicking myself for not getting it, only because all the shops can get jumbled in my head. (A new mission, for sure.) For me, if I really like it and it’s at a ‘non-main’ shop, I buy it. Or else it’s basically pixel dust to me. The world is big, SL is bigger. Smooches xo

Too much/too young | One

Too much/too young | Seven

Too much/too young | Eight

Too much/too young | Three

Too much/too young | Four

Too much/too young | Five

Too much/too young | Two


Hair: ‘Yuka chignon’ in Brown by BP*
Skin: ‘Lyla Pale Natural’ by Redgrave
Jacket: ‘Short Leather Jacket’ in Brown by Ce Cubic Effect
Shirt: ‘Geisha Kitty’ tee by AyYaiYai
Jeans: ‘Classic’ in Charcoal by { Zaara }
Sunglasses: ‘Retro Shades.2’ in Neon by VINTAGEwear
Earrings: ‘Tsubaki’ earrings by *UnTone*
Necklace: ‘Pearl Strand Necklace’ by paper.couture
Gloves: ‘V gloves in Brown’ by Vett’s Boutique
Belt: ‘Key Belt’ single belt by Little Heaven
Bracelet (L): ‘Terra Bangle in Opal’ by TOSL
Bracelet (R): ‘Metal Bangle Bracelet in Fall Colors’ by Love Chic
Ring: ‘Everbloom ring’ by paper.couture
Bag: ‘Pochette’ in Indigo by No Face
Shoes: ‘Porn Star Xtra Hi-Tops’ by Urban Bomb Unit (UBU)