{Beautiful Girls} Nile Shape

 {Beautiful Girls} Nile Shape

As some of you know, in December I quietly started a little cottage shop called {Beautiful Girls} where I sell my pretty little shapes & poses. I’ve held off on formally introducing the line on Better Imagined since I was lacking a home in & out of world, but that has changed! {Beautiful Girls} now has it’s own blog, where you can find the latest news and preview the new releases. Since {BG} is a ‘nomad’ business at the moment, it’s great to have some sort of place to house the label. 

{Beautiful Girls} is pretty unique in that I’ve set out to make the prettiest shapes** I can and for the present time, am selling them as a ‘Pay what you wish or what you can’ item. I started making my own shapes from day one and found it fun to make them and pass them out to friends. This is the idea behind {BG}, my hope is that by having them for sale, I’m able to do what I’ve always done on a bigger scale. Which is pretty cool and exciting for me. :))

My first release was ‘Odette‘ and she debuted @ the now defunct Hotel Dare Free Shizzle Forest. (*tear.) This shop was put on by Free*Style and since I am a writer there I decided that instead of selling the shapes on OnRez, I’d offer them at the shop. Well it took a little bit for us to find a new place, but Apatia of the Starlust Hotel came to the rescue and offered Free*Style a stupendous spot @ Horst! You can’t believe the excitement we felt on move in day. For me, it doesn’t get much cooler than Starlust and I totally fangirl the place. lol. 

So now that we’re all moved in, I’ve again put Odette up for sale and I also have a second offering: Nile. I’m pretty pleased with this shape, she’s beautiful and thick and sexy. I think you will like her a lot, as she goes with many skins and style types. I’ve put together some looks with Nile, styling details below. I hope you enjoy {Beautiful Girls} as much as I enjoy creating them. :)) xoxo

Visit Nile’s release page @ {Beautiful Girls}

TP to Free*Style @ Horst & ‘Pay what you wish’ :))


  {Beautiful Girls} Nile Shape

{Beautiful Girls} Nile Shape

{Beautiful Girls} Nile Shape

{Beautiful Girls} Nile Shape


** Trust me, as I mentioned to Esme, even if I wanted to make them ugly, it’d be hard! xD

Outfit Details:
{Outfit #1}
Hair: “Glamour_Long” by Docomo (old hunt gift)
Skin: “Suzana” in Pale Freckles 22 by LionSkins
Necklace: “Amethyst Nest” by Paper.Couture
Shirt: “Eve” in Cornflowers In Me by Ornamental Life
Skirt: “Porto Cervo” by Beauty Avatar (part of outfit)
Shoes: “Studded Leather Sandals” in Brown/Brown by Boing Fromage

{Outfit #2}
Hair: “Ayase” in Dark Chocolate by Zero Style
Skin: “Jasmin” in 01 Fair by Laqroki
Lingerie: “Lily of the Valley” in Be My Honey by Ornamental Life

{Outfit #3}
Hair: “Eeka” in Black Cherry by Inorite
Skin: “Belina” in Cinna/Earth by Bebae
Dress: “Almada” in Sea by Beauty Avatar
Shoes: “Coron” in Aqua by (Luce) (I dunno if this shop is still around! =o)

{Outfit #4}
Hair: “Rita” in Pearl by AOHARU
Skin: “Double Shot” in Peaches 07 by Chai
Earrings: “Old School” in White Gold by Fabulous
Shirt: “Penguins and Wagons” in Pharaoh’s Girl by Ornamental Life
Jeans: “Classic” in Charcoal by {Zaara}

{Outfit #5}
Hair: “Ponytail” in Coffee by Revolve (tinted darker)
Skin: “Suzana” in Pale Freckles 10 by LionSkins
Dress: “Wrap Tank Mini Dress” in Gray/White by Ce Cubic Effect
Boots: “Ballet Boots” in Black by A-Bomb

{All Outfits}
Nile shape by {Beautiful Girls}
Eyes by Poetic Eyes



November 20, 2008

Brrrrr.... | Eight


Another weekend getaway, to somewhere very, very chilly. I’ll be out of my element for sure, but good things are to come! I’m excited about some RL layering opportunities I’ll have, as well as visiting a place I’ve never been before. In honor of weekend trip #2, here is a cutesy outfit featuring all the winter classics: gloves, scarves, sweaters, earmuffs, boots. And hot cocoa!! =(^..^)=

The pants are *BOOM* and I featured them a while back at Free*Style. It was actually an accident that I got my hands on them early, but ’twas a happy one as these pants are the best!! A favorite for sure! What with the rich colors, the tweed texture and the wide cuffs, they’re the perfect non-boring ‘basic’ for any girl’s closet. (Aranel you did an excellent job on them, and ty <3<#3) I hear that *BOOM* will be having a lil mini hunt for the pants this weekend, so keep your ears perked- you’ll definitely want, wait need, a pair!

I love this scarf because it wraps around the body so nicely, and the sweater is beyond cute. It comes with some seamstress cuffs as well, if you like to be more decorated. >_< Finding this belt made me excited because it’s cute, chunky and comes in a bunch of colors, plus it’s MOD! Ahh, being so small, it’s hard to find a good fitting, cute belt. Thank goodness for this beauty!

Well, wish me a safe flight. I’ll be back on Monday, safe and sound, newly inspired and filled with hot cocoa and marshmallows. xoxo

ps. Dahlia I am coming to your land, full of maple syrup and Tim Hortons. Horray!!


Brrrrr.... | Seven

Brrrrr.... | Four

Brrrrr.... | Three

Brrrrr.... | Five

Brrrrr.... | Two

Brrrrr.... | Six

 Brrrrr.... | One


Skin: ‘Sakura Light’ in Natural by Redgrave

Hair: ‘004 +L+’ in  cafe color / chocolate by Revolve

Sweater: ‘Ohariko Sweater’ in Black by =EkoEko=

Pants: ‘Fall Tweed’ in Cranberry by *BOOM*

Belt: ‘Chunky’ in Copper by Adam n Eve

Boots: ‘Brown Suede Ankle Boots’ by BAX

Gloves: ‘Wool Gloves’ in Red Omake by *+creo+*

Scarf: ‘Draped Scarf’ in Classic Plaid by Tyranny

Bag: ‘MN Bag’ in White by [ICoN] (part of set)

Bear: ‘Big Toy Bear’ by =Feather=

Earrings: ‘tsubaki’ by *UnTone*  

Earmuffs: ‘Bunny’ in White by Chapeau tres Mignon