Hi all, I have an inspired look for you today, built on some new releases and a few favorites. I’ve been wanting to build a look with Milk Motion‘s pants since their release, and it took a bit of time for me to find how I wanted to wear them. I made a pact with myself, that I won’t force myself to post something because it’s new or popular, etc. Only if I’m ‘feeling it,’ if that makes sense. I do this for two reasons: 1) I’ll showcase it as best I can then and 2) This is a lookbook. I share this with you because, as a blogger, to bloggers and fashion affectionados alike, above all, I delight in seeing something worn well and creatively. I realize there are a lot of different types of blogs out there, some mainly do reviews and so the point of them is to showcase ‘fresh stuff,’ so them excluded. (And I thank them for all the hard work and notifying they do for us.) For the rest of us, who cultivate lookbooks, my message to you is take your time and do it how you like it. If your point is to showcase your personal style, nothing will ever be too soon or too late, so just have fun with it and remember to play! Of course, we all have excitement in new finds, that’s different. Just no pressure, this is all in good fun. ^..^

Moving on, by far my favorite new hair by 69 is Beni. I love the striped beret and the sassy, straight-haired bob. It’s one of those hairs that adds just the right dash of personality to a look, and it’s equally fitting when worn with a one-off minidress or pin-straight black jeans. I’m so happy to see 69 back, btw, it’s been ‘too long’ of a wait for me, as I really love Kumii’s work and she does a durn good hat hair!

Giana of GiGi Couture wore these awesome Italiano shoes in her new (fab) jeans ad and I had to find out where to get them! Good timing on our parts, as they were just released today. I love their leather covered platforms and studding and all the options that come with them. (The shoe changes to black/red/white/brown.) Definitely a statement shoe (but not obnoxiously so), and one that is just classically edgy enough to be ‘forever current.’ Also ‘yay’ for awesome new shoe brands! If this is the first release for this brand, I’ll surely want to see more from Italiano.

DeLa released this Chanel clutch recently, and I love it! A classic, hard-shell shape with a feminine bow. One of those things you can dress up or down and wear with both pants and dresses. It makes a great party clutch, but even more so, adds some femininity to my tomboy pants and hard-nosed shoes.

The Albero summer fest is going on and there are some great new items out from some of my favorite stores like Fishy Strawberry and RunoRuno. You can’t really see it, but under my shirt is Barbee‘s Albero exclusive bikini. The red color is refreshing, since most of barbee’s line is black and white. Also on offer are these great new loose, drapey cardigans and I love them! I’ll be featuring them in a look soon, for sure.

One last note, the Harajuku Box skin fair is going on until the 28th, so be sure to stop in and grab all the limited edition offerings from Curio, Blowpop, League, 5th & Oxford, My UglyDorothy (pictured) and more. There are some mega cute skins available and you have to check them out. I like fairs like this, because it really brings designers out of their box and you see a lot of makeups you wouldn’t normally expect. Wewt. <33Love, Abra

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Hi all, I’ve been meaning to do a post like this: easy-breezy, relaxed, pretty summer dressing. When I think of this idea, I think of a comfy tank, shorts and some flat sandals. My default summer outfit! It’s easy to dress this style up or down, and it can go girl-next-door or bizarro or very posh lady. Shorts + tanks + sandals for all! Here are some of my favorite tanks, shorts and sandals to get you started!

I could have really gone off on some tangents here, but I tried (as much as my little rebel heart could) to stay on track with mostly all denim shorts and tanks that were white or close to. Some of my favorite tanks don’t come in white, which is why there are some other ones mixed in. Why only flat sandals? Well, you try walking in heels in the sand! >.< It’s about as fun and graceful as getting your teeth pulled! I love collecting basics irl and isl, and I have accumulated a good collection of well-made basics. I’ve tried to include all my favorites, but some just didn’t make it in this time. I’m also curious if there are some favorite basics that I may not be aware of. Do you have a favorite basic I don’t have listed here? Feel free to leave your input in the comments!

=one= Blowpop‘s Elizabeth N2 skin is rocking my world! I didn’t think I could love it more than the original, but apparently sequels can be better! (Read below for more of my Elizabeth review.) What can I say? I’m still gushing over Garage RH‘s tanks, which have great bordering on the bottom and a really realistic texture. A little bit dirty too. League‘s Booty Shorts, with the pockets all hanging out, perfectly compliment the slightly disheveled look of the tank. I’m a big fan of Lamb‘s Mister Sister hair, which adds the right amount of polish and edge to an outfit. Surf Couture‘s Freedom Flops are 2009’s it sandal. If you can’t decide amongst colors, get gold and silver- the sheen makes them special and they go with e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.
=two= Another favorite new skin, Misty, by League. League’s first skin release (along with the equally gorgeous Kate). I’m so absolutely enamored with this face, this body, this skin tone…and, and, and. ;)) Foam‘s the Valerie in this particular shade of brown, seems to both meld with and enhance the glow of this skin. Surf Couture‘s driftwood tanks are the thinnest, sexiest tanks around. If you don’t own at least one yet, I question your wardrobe’s intergrity…if only jokingly. Tres Blah’s freebie shorts at the Starlust are, imho, some of the best shorts ever- free or not free. And yes, I love the faux cameltoe.  I’m not sure how, it’s just complete tonal harmony. I dig these hippie chic Kalnins sandals!! A little bit masculine, definitely a pinch of hippie and in white, they ever-so-gracefully balance on the edge of feminine and rustic.
=three= Rockberry‘s Willow in freckles…arguably one of the most adorable faces on the grid. If this skin doesn’t make you look cute, come and see me and I will make you a new shape! lol. I really do hope you followed my advice and went to Miriel‘s closing day, the other day. If you don’t own Gibson Girl, I cry for you, as this style is such a fav of mine…in every color, with everything… The original perfect, goes with everything, basic tank- MichaMi‘s glam tank. Just as timeless and well made as ever, it rides the line of masculine and feminine like an acrobat. I love the play of Yui’s Favorite Things‘ shorts with the glam tank vs. the cuteness of Willow’s face. A perfect tomboy dichotomy!

I want to make mention of two of the most exciting new skins out there imho. First is Blowpop‘s Elizabeth N2. As you know, I’ve been a huge fan of Infinity by Blowpop’s line since Elizabeth’s first release. Now Annkya has redone the Blowpop faces (+ a new face, Maya) and the new version is stunning. Creamy, softly sculpted, glowy, well-toned skins, with sophisticated-yet-adorable faces, and the best red lip ever, imho. I’m so, so loving this new release and I hope you do check it out soon. It’ll be at your own expense if you wait! ps. There’s a current group gift in the Blowpop group, so clear out a space & join. And stay joined at that!

The second new skin release I’d like to gush about is League‘s skin release debut. I am so taken aback by how beautiful these faces are; they are seriously stunning. The body is well contoured while staying soft and dewy and the skin tones are perfect for summer and for our darker skinned sisters. There are two faces: Kate & Misty and they are equally beautiful, imho. Kate’s features are a little more mature than Misty’s, but as you see, depending on the shape of your ‘bones,’ both skins can leave you with quite a baby face. (Which is something I love. irl I have a baby face, so there you go.) I’m so deeply impressed with Nena’s work and really hope you get out to the shop to try on the demos. Breathe deep, shortness of breath is just a symptom when trying these on…

=four= My sophisticated, exotic, sexy earth mama look. Again, I bring out the ‘I swear I’d never wear it’ Vive9 skin in Belle. Hey, it just goes to show all of us that any piece of fashion, so long as it’s well made, has a place in a stylish warddrobe. You never know where you’re going to be, or who you’re going to be from day to day…fashion helps facilitate it. I love Belle’s slightly asian look. It could go both ways, maybe I’m a hapa here? Not new, but DejaVu‘s Yuria hair is some of the sexiest weekend hair in my closet. EnSvale‘s macho tanks are the closest you can come to stealing your boyfriend’s…Miel makes good of rolled denim shorts! Such a well done classic, you can dress this pair up or down. Yabusaka‘s sandals are some of the prettiest slip-ons out there and they are so versatile! I won mine in fishing too, lol.
=five= League‘s second face, Kate. Just as dewy, sexy, stunning and sun-kissed as Misty. I can’t get over these skins…Anya made some tank tops (inspired by the one and only Umaaaz!) and I’m on the edge of my seat, waiting for more of her creations! Anya, I love them!!! Let’s root her on ok? &bean‘s shorts are some of my favorite, though I will give you a little tip. If you’re a lil girl like I am, have patience when adjusting the prim cuffs. It takes time to get them right, but when you do, you’ll have a roll cuff that’s unique unto itself. I haven’t seen this style anywhere else. BP* just sent out a group gift! A V2 of an old freebie ‘sprig’- this time in 3 versons and with a new, better texture. Seriously though, can Bettiepage do any wrong?! DP*yumyum‘s flip flops have a matching bikini and hat if you like to go matchy-matchy, if not, the flowers will sure sweeten up your toes!
=six= Beauty Avatar Couture‘s Ziva skin has either not really been covered on blogs or I have missed the coverage, but I hope more people discover this face as it’s really quite pretty. I love the pouty, rose-bud shaped lips! yum yum! Glitter‘s Polly hair is a new favorite of mine, especially since I got the pink pack. You’d be surprised how versatile this more ‘extreme color’ is. SUGARCUBE‘s milky tank is seamless in it’s tuck in and has enough detail to it to make it one of those ‘special basics,’ which goes to show you that grandma was always right- a little well placed lace goes a long, long way. Surf Couture….ok, you can do noooo wrong shopping here for summer. Another essential basic, the roll-top shorts, are perfectly executed in their laid-back versitility. Emma is brilliant. End of story. Lotta‘s frilly sandals match my hair and add a little interest to this gettup. Equally pretty with a long skirt or dolly dress…
=seven= Hehe, this is my fav quirky look atm! The lovely December of !Tarnished has made a perfectly tongue-in-cheek skin that’s both gorgeous and hilarious. Her newest line of skins is called Dot, and the face is so unique and the lips are so smoochable!! Another Lamb hair…I am smitten…this was the first group gift ‘way back when’ and I still love it. I love the color and I love the beret and if you don’t love berets, well, you should! Whippet & Buck‘s Hykova tank has three little buttons and comes in a million and one colors and layers. Think of it as an updated verson of MichaMi‘s glam tank. I love the Hykova…I just wish there were a fatty fat pack!!! Decoy’s Stevens shorts are basic and yet so sophisticated! It’s the big buttons in the front. You could easily dress them up with a belted tunic and heels and hit the clubs. And more prim feet! I know, I know, I am hooked. AOHARU‘s ethnic bijou sandals have the cutest lil feet and anything jeweled + a flat sole = heaven for me!
=eight= Curio’s June skin was a follow-up to the ultra-successful and uber-cute April release and I was durn skeptical about it, actually! Not that I’d ever doubt Gala’s work (read: genius), but I thought to myself, “how can you top April?!” Well, she did in my book. A bit more mature of a face, a little more glamourous. Although I love April to bits, I actually am leaning towards June atm. June has a little of that je ne sais quoi magic that only certain faces posess.. Hal*Hina‘s hair is so cute, sometimes I cannot handle it and only with this subdued brown. The longest, cutest pigtails around… more Tres Blah love, this time the plain tanks. The texture speaks to my mind as a soft, worn in cotton-knit. You can wear it under a blazer for sure, or layered up with a silk shirt…but you know how I wear mine… ;)) If you like denim cuffed shorts and want a little more character and decoration to them, En Svale‘s version has a little patchwork in the back and leather loops on the sides. Each pair comes with two versions and the small details really make them exciting for me. Not the newest kids on the block, but Detour‘s flip flops are classic, unisex and more beachy than most. At least to me! It’s the rubber texture…
=nine= Ok did I say that I was leaning towards June?! Really, really now, how can I decide?! That was a silly statement to begin with. Curio does no wrong in my book, never everrrr. If tomorrow God washed all the Curio out of my closet, I think Jesus would be talking to one sad little kitten named Abra. This Redbud makeup is crazy and on first glance would seem unwearable to many people, but trust me, I’ve paired it with everything!! Irollic‘s Mew ‘do is another obsession at the moment! I love these braids and the fact that each color comes with two different style options. The texture is really unique too, lots of colors blended into the base to create an ultra-hilighted look. You wouldn’t think it works, but it really does. Detour‘s abstract tank adds the perfect amount of visual interest, Milk Motion‘s rolled cuff shorts are a more worn in, loved style. (As you can see, I can’t get enough.) And Fashionably Dead‘s jelly sandals are a throwback to summers in elementary school. I’d wear them on the playground for recess in June, and then have to pick the gravel out of their soles when we got back to class. But there was fun in that too!
=ten= My boho romantic look. Had to be Surf Couture‘s beachy-keen skin, with it’s perfectly smudged red lips (it’s from kissing!) and soot rimmed eyes. Lamb‘s Dog Roses hair…I’ll save the gushing for below but <333 to it. Tart‘s half tank is just sweet/tart enough and basic enough to wear with anything. Gigi Courture‘s hippie shorts are probably my favorite on the grid, if only for their fantastic embroidery which reminds me of this Portuguese one. (I want it irl!!! Also, props to my Portuguese bunny friend Umaaz.) And Kookie‘s prim feet goodness!! Kiss my cute, chubby toes, pls!

I’ve been avoiding too much Hair Fair talk on here, since I know you’re already overloaded, but it would be a durn shame if I didn’t express how dumfounded I was when I first laid eyes on Lamb‘s new Dog Roses hair. I know everyone is talking about this style- how could you not?!- and I am no different. Bravo x 1,000 Lamb!!! Check out the Lamb booth at hair fair, for some of the most sexy/laid-back/long/hippie mama hair on the grid.

Hope you’re having a good week! <333Love, Abra

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