all those bones.

January 16, 2010

Hi You,

I was randomly tping around the grid yesterday, and came across this great new-to-me skin shop, CStar Skins. I love the facial features of this skin! It’s super flattering and feminine. The makeup might be a tad overkill in most circumstances, as I usually go for a natural look, but I honestly love the heavy nude lipstick and mega lashes on this face. The cool thing about this shop is that all the skins are limited sale. All of them! I talked with the owner, Unico Solo, and expressed how cool this is. At one point or another, we all question our ‘identity’ here, what it actually ‘means’ and how to ‘preserve’ it. Certainly limited sale items are a good way of preventing an army of clone avis. The best way, of course, is to develop your own sense of style. Always. And to dress and buy items for your own style. (Eff trends, srsly.) I must note that although the facial features on these skins may sometimes vary, (there are a few different ‘faces’ at this shop) most of the variance is with the makeups. Which, I suppose, is what you would call ‘variance in style.’ The makeup that I am wearing, Obsidian, is apparently sold out at the main shop location. I purchased mine at a smaller location, here. Get it while supplies last! After that, it’s gone forever. Love, Abra

details below..

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miss baggins’ room.

January 14, 2010

Hi all! I’ve missed you, what with my weekend away and technical difficulties (read: SL has been so so SO slow for me!!) and I am glad to be back! I’m really loving this double bag made by BettiePage of BP*, just how cute & quirky is it?! It’s not released yet, but will be very soon. To make it even better, it’s texture change and sized small! I like small bags in both lives, as they allow you more freedom of movement. (I’d totally buy this irl too, as I love it so.) And honestly, as a lot of us nowadays are more of a RL size, hugely oversized bags (without resizing options) are really odd looking. Ironic/cheeky fashion statements aside (as some times do call for it, so this isn’t a rule), who wants a bag that bigger than your whole torso?  More comfy things to match: Reek‘s cute winter boots and Milk Motion‘s knit cardigan. I’ve found perfection in both items! Love, Abra

details below…

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laced friday.

January 8, 2010

Going away for the weekend, and I’m leaving you with a simple post! I really love this look, as simple as it is. Girly, very girly/feminine with a little edge. ;) Can’t go too long without posting, I love it so and I don’t wanna leave you hanging either. The big players in this look were found at this week’s $50L Friday. God I love that event.

I hope you have a great weekend! I’ll be back next week with a bunch of posts that are long overdue. Love, Abra

ps. Vega and I doozied up Dooze’s Shade Throne site. Have you seen it? Do you own some Shade Throne stuff? Add it to the flickr group!

pps. Thank you to Puma Jie for the very sweet compliment and hello to all of you who’ve found me through her. She’s pretty amazing! And to answer your question, Puma, sometimes a look can take me five minutes and sometimes it’s a lot longer. It all depends on my mood, the vision I have for it and how inspired I am. Oh, and how cooperative SL is being, of course! Love ya girl. <3

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raspberry window.

December 30, 2009

Been wanting to post about these boots since before Christmas! I love Doc Marten’s boots irl and now I can enjoy them isl as well! Gospel Voom of GOS has made a great rendition of this style of boot, and has pulled out all of the scripting stops! The boot can be worn three different ways: pristine, abused and loose, you can add more colors of ‘shoe polish’ to your boot as he releases them (just wear the boots and polish and it updates for you!), as well as colorful toe cap designs and laces. The sculpting and scripting work on these is out of this world! Gospel also makes amazing watches, sunglasses and furniture, all for sale at his shop. He also has some badass high heels in the works…

Just wanted to say how much I love Designer’s United 3 – Vaudeville heaven! Cheers to Nil, Lu and all the great designers who participated in this event! I’m really loving everything! Event ends January 6th! Love, Abra


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this isn’t a revolution.

December 27, 2009

…it’s just clothes!

I love beige…particularly Fishy Strawberry‘s sheeny, luxurious beige. I’ve been coveting this sweater and these leggings for far too long! I also love Viva La Glam‘s beige tone as well, and it matches Fishy Strawberry’s! I wish these two shops made more items in this color! Beige, when done wrong, is the most boring color in the world. But when done right, nothing is chicer than beige. No, not even black. And it goes with everything.

Also love Kookie‘s discounted holiday gift hair. We must have read the same fashion spread, because I’d been dreaming about offset, tipsy bun hair like this for months now. I should get out the photos which inspired me and show them to you sometime as they’re gorgeous! Yay! Love, Abra

ps. Viva La Glam is having a holiday sale!


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December 27, 2009

Less talking, more looks…<3 the new Lara Skin group gift, but I can’t find the store! Boohoo! Where’d it go? Anyone know? Love, Abra


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Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas & a very happy Holiday Season to you! I hope your holiday is fun and safe, full of holiday cheer and loved ones at your table. And maybe a few presents too! I know my loved ones will be receiving homemade cookies and caramel corn from me! Thank you for your readership, I really enjoy sharing my looks on Better Imagined and I would like you to know how much it means to me to have you visit here! :) Best wishes for you and may our 2010 be the best yet! See you soon. With Love, Abra