all those bones.

January 16, 2010

Hi You,

I was randomly tping around the grid yesterday, and came across this great new-to-me skin shop, CStar Skins. I love the facial features of this skin! It’s super flattering and feminine. The makeup might be a tad overkill in most circumstances, as I usually go for a natural look, but I honestly love the heavy nude lipstick and mega lashes on this face. The cool thing about this shop is that all the skins are limited sale. All of them! I talked with the owner, Unico Solo, and expressed how cool this is. At one point or another, we all question our ‘identity’ here, what it actually ‘means’ and how to ‘preserve’ it. Certainly limited sale items are a good way of preventing an army of clone avis. The best way, of course, is to develop your own sense of style. Always. And to dress and buy items for your own style. (Eff trends, srsly.) I must note that although the facial features on these skins may sometimes vary, (there are a few different ‘faces’ at this shop) most of the variance is with the makeups. Which, I suppose, is what you would call ‘variance in style.’ The makeup that I am wearing, Obsidian, is apparently sold out at the main shop location. I purchased mine at a smaller location, here. Get it while supplies last! After that, it’s gone forever. Love, Abra

details below..

Details} Hair: Mustache (Mae Liamano), Limited sale skin: CStar Skins (Unico Solo), Eyes: Poetic Color (Lano Ling), Tattoo: Aitui (Jesseaitui Petion), Shirt: Thimbles (Apatia Hammerer), Winter CSR 2008 bra: LPP (aoimizuno Meili), Pose by Flowey (Flutter Memel), Location: Alchemy Immortalis


One Response to “all those bones.”

  1. moddishh gossipgirl Says:

    i think that’s a great concept on av identity, it’s ironic that the sl fashion community keeps growing and yet a lot of avatars are looking more and more identical and lack of character, which is really a shame

    that skin looks way cool on ya too :)

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