laced friday.

January 8, 2010

Going away for the weekend, and I’m leaving you with a simple post! I really love this look, as simple as it is. Girly, very girly/feminine with a little edge. ;) Can’t go too long without posting, I love it so and I don’t wanna leave you hanging either. The big players in this look were found at this week’s $50L Friday. God I love that event.

I hope you have a great weekend! I’ll be back next week with a bunch of posts that are long overdue. Love, Abra

ps. Vega and I doozied up Dooze’s Shade Throne site. Have you seen it? Do you own some Shade Throne stuff? Add it to the flickr group!

pps. Thank you to Puma Jie for the very sweet compliment and hello to all of you who’ve found me through her. She’s pretty amazing! And to answer your question, Puma, sometimes a look can take me five minutes and sometimes it’s a lot longer. It all depends on my mood, the vision I have for it and how inspired I am. Oh, and how cooperative SL is being, of course! Love ya girl. <3

.Outfit Details.
Hair: Zero Style (Rei Gully), Hair Flower: Paper Couture (Polyester Partridge), Skin: Tres Blah (Juliette Westerburg), Eyes: Poetic Color (Lano Lang), Tattoo: Smudge (Haver Cole), Necklace: Yummy (Polyester Partridge), $50L Friday Dress: Surf Co. (Emma Gilmour), My Favorite Fishnets ever: Blowpop (Annyka Bekkers), Amazing DU3 Shoes: LMK (Polina Kaestner), Poses by Freya (kuroe Besten)

8 Responses to “laced friday.”

  1. Crap, I forgot to get those shoes! This look is lovely!

  2. annoyingjapanesechild Says:

    Those really are the best fishnets ever, blowpop is my favorite everything <3

  3. Vega Arida Says:

    ñamñam abrita i want to eat u!! u are sooo cutee.Love the dress with that tattoo and the shoes !

  4. Lauryn Arado Says:

    The flower, the fishnets, the dress and OMG those shoes!! <333 it's perfection Abra!

  5. corduroyshop Says:

    love you too lady <3

  6. Euni Kira Says:

    soo cute abra! :D

  7. Linka Says:

    very sweet look :)

  8. Ara Says:

    That skin looks way too cute on you!
    Also, I want that tattoo in COLOUR (specifically the back)!
    *crosses fingers that the creator reads this and makes it*

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