raspberry window.

December 30, 2009

Been wanting to post about these boots since before Christmas! I love Doc Marten’s boots irl and now I can enjoy them isl as well! Gospel Voom of GOS has made a great rendition of this style of boot, and has pulled out all of the scripting stops! The boot can be worn three different ways: pristine, abused and loose, you can add more colors of ‘shoe polish’ to your boot as he releases them (just wear the boots and polish and it updates for you!), as well as colorful toe cap designs and laces. The sculpting and scripting work on these is out of this world! Gospel also makes amazing watches, sunglasses and furniture, all for sale at his shop. He also has some badass high heels in the works…

Just wanted to say how much I love Designer’s United 3 – Vaudeville heaven! Cheers to Nil, Lu and all the great designers who participated in this event! I’m really loving everything! Event ends January 6th! Love, Abra


.Outfit Details.
Hair w/color change mask: Tiny Bird (Autumn Hykova), Designer’s United 3 skin: Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg), Eyes: Poetic Color (Lano Ling), Tattoo: Aitui (Jesseaitui Petion), Shrug: So Many Styles (Irie Campese), Limited Edition Euni HQ Brooch: So Many Styles (Irie Campese), Designers United 3 dress: Oyakin (kinbo Akina), Jeans: Madsy (Kimberlee Miles), Socks: So Many Styles (Irie Campese), Boots: GOS (Gospel Voom), Bag: Veschi (Alla Ruff), Designer’s United 2 & 3 poses by Nil Giha


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  1. You look lovely with that Skin :)

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