December 27, 2009

Less talking, more looks…<3 the new Lara Skin group gift, but I can’t find the store! Boohoo! Where’d it go? Anyone know? Love, Abra


.Outfit Details.
Hair: (Parvarti Monday), Eyes: DP**yumyum (toraji Voom), Group gift skin: Lara Skin (Lara Hurley), Possibly available glasses: Shade Throne (Undo Hermano), Group gift jacket: Muism (Icemocolo Voom), Free Winterfest sweater: Artilleri (Antonia Marat), Jeans: Gbberish (Girlspeedo Latte), Unavailable socks: Untone Quilt (chocolat Yifu), Shoes: Gbberish (Girlspeedo Latte), Gloves: DoMoCo (Scarlett Butler), Poses: @waffles! (Willa Whybrow) & KatzE (Erykah Lemon)


9 Responses to “shush.”

  1. Sileny Says:

    Isn’t that skin awesome!? I want it.

  2. Soo pretty Abraaa <33
    When i went before i just went from her picks and followed the red beam, the sim has probably just been put to a landing point, maybe tell her? :)

  3. Gabby McCullough Says:

    It is in the group notices.

  4. Bosabi Albatros Says:

    Hi all, this is the slurl, but you must fly up to 702 meters. There is the little shop

  5. clairedallin Says:

    I think it’s in her group?

  6. Abra Exonar Says:

    Ohh thank you all! Yes, the skin I have on is the group skin from Lara Skins. After trying it on (and loving it) I thought I would check out any new releases she might have out. (Seeing as group gifts usually come with new releases.) I tp’ed in to this odd sort of teleporter room and none of the destinations brought me to her store. I will check out the slURL Bosabi, thank you all <3333

  7. Uma Ceawlin Says:

    I had the same prob hun, and couldn’t figure it out (after flying up and reaching some other person’s skybox or something)…Gave up and just im’ed Lara (who was offline) so guess I’ll just wait. Great group gift though, I’m curious about her other releases.
    Muah!! (Hope you had an awesome christmas xxx luv joo)

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