tuli broke my heart.

December 20, 2009

*heart flutters* I just want to profess my love for Tuli‘s new skin, Eva. Her VIP group received a wonderful Christmas gift– a preview of this gorgeous new skin. If you love Bella as much as I do- which was a LOT- then you will surley love Eva as much or even more. I feel that Eva can be compared to Bella’s younger sister: smoother skin, younger/wider nose, similar but unique features. All I have to say is I am on my toes waiting for the full release. Pure love. Love, Abra


=Outfit Details=
hair: Tiny Bird Max in Dragees
skin: Tuli Eva in tone2/bl (December VIP Group Gift)
eyes: poetic color fairy eyes in cinderella bright
lashes: BP* Lashes of Toy (old group gift)

shirt: Beggars Banquet EX 008
jeans: Kenzie & Co. Ripped Simple Denim in Dark Wash
bare feets: Slink Jolie in High

hat: Urban Bomb Unit Bomber Hat
earrings: Muism Jewelled Studs
belt: END fret belt part deux

poses: {SMS}

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