collarbones make nice hand holds.

December 20, 2009

Another Christmas-flavored post. ;P I can’t help it. I’m not usually the seasonal type, but so many creators have been really outdoing themselves with the holiday presents! Thanks so much to all of you, your hard work makes for much holiday delight and merriment! <3 This Truth Martini dress is fantastic, it’s been everywhere and yet, how could I not wear it here? Here is my take. It’s beginning to look like I enjoy patterns a whole bunch! This may be true… Love, Abra


=Outfit Details=
hair: Tiny Bird Chelsea Hotel in Dragees (my favorite color <3)
skin: Tuli Eva in tone2/bl (December VIP Group Gift)
eyes: poetic color fairy eyes in cinderella bright
lashes: BP* Lashes of Toy (old group gift)

jacket: The Closet Cropped Fur Jacket in Leopard (so cute, so lovely!)
cardigan: Boom Wrong Size Cardi in green (I looove the fit of this!)
dress: Truth Martini dress in Holly (December Subscribo gift)
tights: Fake Holiday Tights in plaid 1 (at store gift, under the christmas tree outside the store)
socks: Maitreya Slouch Socks in green/red
shoes: milk motion my leather boots in black

earrings: Muism Jewelled Studs
scarf: modern gypsy Gloriosa Lily Collar
bag: Kao Rabbit fur handbag (join the itutu group and tp to outside Kao to find the giftboxes)

poses: TorridWear, Imagen


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