real deal.

December 18, 2009

More things I love…especially these 2Real Diagonal shoes. Love them! Love, Abra


=Outfit Details=
hair: Tiny Bird Kissy Kissy in Brownie
skin: Curio Elf in Petal/Dark/Snug 2
eyes: poetic color fairy eyes in cinderella bright
lashes: BP* Lashes of Toy (old group gift)

jacket: S@BBiA A-Line coat in blue (modded a bit)
skirt: Oyakin fril miniskirt in denim 2 (modded a bit)
jeans: BP* colored denim open in red rose
socks: BomBon socks S003 (pack of 2)
shoes: 2Real Diagonal 01

hat: Fade Dana‘s Art Student Beret in Red
scarf: Truth Lygon Scarf in yellow stripe (subscribo gift)
bag: Couverture shoulder bag in chest 04 (gatcha prize)

poses: fine., Maitreya, So Many Styles

One Response to “real deal.”

  1. Uma Ceawlin Says:

    Aww, I love that skin on you and you look cute as a button! <3 Miss joo too. *steals hat*

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