fresh faces.

December 14, 2009

Some fresh faces I’m enjoying! Love, Abra

Bra: 5th&Oxford Lit. Miss in blush (part of set)

Skin: Black and Blue Alexxis/Midnight Onyx/Fair
Hair: Clawtooth Love Letters in Brunette

Skin: Black and Blue Jacinda/Shopaholic/Fair/blush
Hair: Clawtooth Love Cuddles in Classic Brunette

Skin: Mustache Skank/Sun/Freckles
Hair: Maitreya Green II Kala Jeera

Skin: Mustache Skank/Liner 02/Freckles
Hair: Maitreya Milla Kala Jeera w/bangs

Skin: AtomicBambi Sara Sunblush Lt/Siren ($1L with Holiday set at the mainstore)
Hair: Clawtooth You Say Tomato in Classic Brunette

Skin: Uzuri Jez in Dirty Smoky/Natural
Hair: Lamb Say in kitkat

Skin: Beauty Avatar Couture Daria (free gift)
Hair: hair shop nodoka Jashika-Umber*Present hair (free gift)

Skin: Bella Di Notte Mecca Light Aurora/Dark Brows
Hair: Junwave Rina/side/D-brown

Skin: Bella Di Notte Mecca Light Sunset/Dark Brows
Hair: Junwave Rina/side/D-brown

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