sticky toffee.

December 12, 2009

Fade Lei of Lei/Ugly Duck has come out with 6 new skin tones, with reworked faces and new makeups. O MAN, are they pretty! First off, the small breasts are still there…thank god. lol. Secondly, the skin tones are less ‘various shades of caucasian’ and more ‘worldly ethnicities’- you have warm browns, olives, etc. All the tones are very natural and realistic, with that hand-drawn softness I’ve really been craving lately. My favorite of all the tones is ‘bella’, which is a super-pale, naturally gothly tone. Fade made a few versions, a ‘plain’, a henna and this ‘broken dolly’ version. I’m wearing the skin without the cracks on it, though there are a few options with cracks included, so you look like you’ve been dropped…or are a very old antique collectible. ;p The coolest part about her skins is that you get around 10- give or take- for $1000L. That’s a super fantastic deal if you ask me!! And the quality of them is pretty brilliant. I have to say, in ‘bella’, I feel more like me than I have in a long while. Sometimes you put on a skin and it just feels so right, you know? Now let’s all coerce her to make even more makeups for these faces, alright? ;P

booN released some hairs specifically made for the wearing of hats. aka. They’ll look really odd if you don’t wear a hat, because they’re quite close fitting to the head. Put on a hat and they are just fantastic!!! I can’t tell you how often I’d like to incorporate a hat into an outfit and just decide against it because I’m not in the mood to find or mod a hair to fit under it! Problem is now solved!! whoo!! All the styles are great, but I’m especially fond of the pigtail braids. Love, Abra


=Outfit Details=
hair: booN hairpiece YUME96 in chocolate
skin: Ugly Duck/Lei Bella Broken/doll lips-rouged cheeks
eyes: poetic color fairy eyes in cinderella bright
lashes: BP* Lashes of Toy (old group gift)

sweater: KiiTos!
tee: Tres Blah Merci Beaucoup raglan
bustier: Kurotsubaki Denim Bustier
skirt: DP**yumyum royal tartan skirt in red
boots: DP**yumyum Moccasins boots in flower

hat: Merkin Co. Leather hat in red
belt: wide waist belt in ruby

poses: {SMS}, esme for (pda), {flowey}

3 Responses to “sticky toffee.”

  1. Is the cardigan from Artilleri too?

  2. Abra Exonar Says:

    Lizzie, thanks for asking! That was a typo! It’s from KiiTos!! <3

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