November 24, 2009

Hey all <3 I’ve really been missing posting here more regularly, but RL is omnomnoming my time up. I have loved a lot of the new things coming out, with Shoe Fair and Drowsy Autumn Fest, etc. So much good stuff!!! I don’t think I’ll be able to post much in the next week, we’ll see, but it’s doubtful. So here’s a simple and cute Thanksgiving look to share. Happy Thanksgiving!! I’m very thankful for my lives, I’m very lucky, and I’m very thankful for you coming to read Better Imagined. <333 Much Love, Abra

details below.

*Outfit Details:
hair: IrEn Paris in blacks
skin: Curio Winter in Moonbeam/Dark/Frex/Cashmere2 (omnomnom)
eyes: Tres Blah Violet

jacket: BP* Denim Jacket in wash (BPV is my hero <3)
shirt: BP* Bottan shirts in Bgreen
leggings: +Plus Strap Leggings in Red (group gift! how hot are these?)
skirt: Niniko Hickory Overall Miniskirt
shoes: Rawdolls Pitchbull Hi-cake

poses: Freya (I love these!)

2 Responses to “omnomnom.”

  1. Gidge Uriza Says:

    Oh so cute. Very fun look!

  2. Jesse Says:

    Wow I really like those shoes. Is this a new shop?

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