snow gnome.

November 13, 2009

One more for the road…thanks to the mister for the title, since I am ‘looking like a snow gnome’ in this look…bahahaha…a few things to note: I love these metallic Goonie bags!!!, Curio‘s new Winter skin is just lovely with it’s blushy cheeks and beestung lips…like April, revived in a snowstormParanoid is a cool t-shirt shop with some nice, cheeky shirts and free things in the back room, and I love BomBon‘s new socks…there is a free pair of pinky colored socks at the shop as well. Check it out and have a lovely weekend all! <3, Abra

details below.

*Outfit Details:
hair: Maitreya Voluminous Scarf Hair #2 in teal/walnut
skin: Curio Winter Moonbeam/Frex/Dark/Pure 2

jacket: Niniko Soft Riders in Purple
shirt: ParanoiD HOODY SKULLoo
skirt: Niniko Chiffon Skirt in Green
socks: BomBon socks in L007
shoes: Redgrave Athlete Sneakers in Cyan/Pink (get them in the men’s section now)

scarf: anuenue mufbon in yellow (from Cioccolata Gatcha-Gatcha fest. now available @ store)
gloves: +plus Biker Gloves in Pink Snake
bag: Goonie tote_bag in gold & sweetpink

poses by Maitreya

7 Responses to “snow gnome.”

  1. icampese Says:

    so cute<3!
    do you know maybe the slurl or LM to this Goonie shop?
    Nothing pop ups in search:/

  2. Abra Exonar Says:

    hey girly, thank you :)) so Goonie is either in the Switch sim or Creator’s Pavilion, a couple doors down from 2g, in the same row. It’s right by the sim border, so I don’t remember which sim it is, but it’s pretty easy to find if you know where the border of the two is! If I were in world I’d post the slurl, but alas I am incapable of logging in on this comp! I hope that helps you! <33

  3. Uma Ceawlin Says:

    ooo, it looks so cute and soooo warm. *crawls inside your scarf* <3

  4. icampese Says:

    yay ty Abras for fast reply, u helped me<3 imma run to get these noww.

  5. Alexandria Says:

    this is super cute abra like always.

  6. I love how you work whit the colours in this outfit, soo cute so fun<3<3<3 p.s i love your blog!

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