keep me warm.

November 13, 2009

Brrr….wasn’t it just June? I’m having to wear thermals under my clothes irl, and in world I want to look warm to feel warm, you know? The good thing is that one can justify wearing many, many layers in both lives, to compensate for the lack of sun/warmth. Lots of goodies in the mix, starting with Maitreya‘s scarf hair, which is just *perfect*- each of the 3 styles are executed so well…how could they ever let us down?! Tuli‘s Bella is definetly a right-angle turn for the brand, and in the right diretion! What a pretty face this is, so natural, matte lips, interesting makeups. It’s a little more mature of a face, but in the best way possible, and I just love freckles and Tuli is spot on with hers. I love this face!!

Niniko is another store that, again and again, turns out cute, comfy, creative items that one can’t help but love. Sometimes I wonder if I’d ever become ‘tired’ of a store, but no! Not this one! This Cape Cardigan is fantastic for cold weather layering and has a little big of Red Ridinghood/Storybook cuteness going for it. Love this older LAQ babydoll cardigan, so girly and layerable (bless designers that make undershirt layers for outerwear!). LeLutka‘s new items are great as well, love the new skirts, the african print one and this ‘Paine’ mini. So much volume in this look, it asks for some tightness to tone down the puffs and this mini is just the perfect shape for finish.

Anuenue‘s Secret2 mufbon is so pretty, with the wrapping and flowers! If you were lucky enough to get it on the first try of the gatcha-gatcha machine, then bravo to you! I had to wait a bit to get mine!! Anyone need an extra yellow scarf?? hahaha. I came across Fluffy a while back on one of my random tp sprees and it’s since grown a lot. I love their polkadot socks and multi-colored nail polish. Housed in the same store is Null, which makes this rockin’ take on the Hermès Birkin bag. It’s called the Gainsbourg, after Jane Birkin’s husband and daughter, it’s texture change and excuted so well. There are also some sexy men’s shoes there, for all the guys out there. I’d like to see them in a look!

I am off for the weekend, as soon as I finish my 50L Friday’s shopping, that is! xo, Abra

outfit details below.

*Outfit Details:
hair: Maitreya Voluminous Scarf Hair #2 in pure/almond
skin: Tuli Bella in Pale/Br/Natural

jacket: Niniko Cape Cardigan in black
sweater: LAQ Knit Cardigan in white
skirt: LeLutka Paine mini in black
leggings: DP*yumyum leggings in gray
boots: Gbberish La Jalousie in Bewitched

scarf: anuenue mufbon in secret2-flower (from Cioccolata Gatcha-Gatcha fest. now available @ store)
gloves: Pididdle in gray
bag: null Gainsbourg (color change!)

poses by VPoses, KS Creations

3 Responses to “keep me warm.”

  1. tomoyo Says:

    oh gosh i tried a while for those secret mufflers and it still won’t give me. Envy ur luck haha:) its super pretty! The flowers are like the best part. I saw the white secret muffler on flickr and i love tt too! Are they still gatcha items or can i buy them off the rack? Lol.. Anyways great look! <3 the colours are basic but u kept it interesting so yay! U talented babe hehe muah…

  2. ooh love that skin on you! very beaut!and cute outfit too! ;)

  3. Beautiful skin and I love the scarf…nice and cozy. Oh, I miss summer already.

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