warming notes.

October 1, 2009

Cold weather snap, oh snap! Fall is finally here, with no chance of denying it. I’m cold already, irl, so looking at myself nice and layered here gives me a warm feeling. Beetlebones released some cute chairs and a sky box! \o/ for cute furniture! I think one’s home tells as much, or more, about a person. It’s how you live, right? Marni from Royal Blue just made up some awesome leggings, my favorite being these zipper ones that were per my request. There aren’t enough leggings with zippers on them in sl, you know? I believe these will be part of Royal Blue‘s contribution to Fifty Linden Fridays, this week! Also, the skin I’m wearing is a beautiful prototype from Free Speerit. The full version is not yet out, but *cross my fingers* it will be out soon, and in a slightly paler shade. The facial features are heavenly!! xo, Abra

details below.

*Outfit Details:
hair: booN GIC128 in mat
skin: Free Speerit Maya Prototype (not yet available)

shirt: DP Serendipity Not your love toy tee in gray
dress: Kenzie & Co. Plaid Chola
bra: Church of Luxe Lace Bra (old subscribo gift)
leggings: Royal Blue Zip Up
socks: UnTone Quilt Mokomoko in Charcoal (unavailable)
shoes: Urban Bomb Unit Dunks

scarf: Miel Charcoal Plaid Scarf (old group gift)
gloves: DoMoCo Stub Gloves in black
cuff: Zaara Prata Silver Cuff in Onyx

lunch: Posy Trudeau‘s My Lunch! “Touch My Lunch and Die”
chair: Beetlebones Nouvel Living Armchair in Crimson
plant: Nocc. Rakugaki pot in red (from gatcha festival in cioccolata)

poses by {flowey} & Mocha

3 Responses to “warming notes.”

  1. Anemysk Karu Says:

    <3 lovely styling Abra!

  2. GG Sideshow Says:

    i love this tonnnnnes <3
    such a cute outfit.
    i can't believe untone shut down O_O </3

  3. maiandemma Says:

    love your blog :)

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