September 16, 2009

Eln made a keytar and I am in love with it!! Look how folksy yet modern it is! I’m wearing one of Emery‘s new releases, these awesome mini tops– soo cute. Milk Motion‘s my leather boots have been on my mind since I saw them in Marie’s ads…thank god they’re out for fall! Oh…one more thing…Dream Ink makes some beautiful skins. Really, really beautiful. My favorite being Alana, which I’m wearing here, and Lya. The only thing I’d comment on is the brows, which are sometimes a little wild for my taste- and I love thick, wild brows. (i.e. Natalia Vodianova) Really though, the features themselves redeem them a thousand-fold, if you can’t handle the brows or want more of an innocent look- wear bangs! Keep on rockin’ in the free world, peeps. ❤, Abra

details below.

hair: booN PYO902 in Black
bangs: booN hairpieces TANA01 in Black
skin: Dream Ink Alana in F6.6
nails: MAI in Black (free)
tattoo, chest: Aitui Sakura Night in Faded
tattoo, thigh: Aitui Cherry Blossoms in Red

tank: Emery Mini Top in Gray
skirt: Emery Florencia
socks: Maitreya Sloch Socks in Autumn Orange
boots: Milk Motion my leather boots

necklace: Sanu Pinned Heart
smoke by Gentlemen
keytar by El’n (get it here!!)

pose by {flowey}

*CURRENTLY: Starving.

*SL WISHLIST: Nox Diesel’s Attic Skybox as a non-skybox prefab. That would be pure heaven to live in!

{{by Abra Exonar @ Better Imagined by Abra }}

One Response to “el’n.”

  1. Esme Milena Says:

    playyyy a song for me.<3

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